Product Review: Tube Wringer

I am addicted to my tube wringer. It drives my husband crazy. Even though we have our own toothpastes, I get out the tube wringer and squeeze every last drop out of his tube before I let him throw it away. I use it as well for ointments and other products that come in a tube. I don’t like to waste!

I found out about this from my friend Mary whose husband is a painter. He had one of these metal tube wringers and I decided to get one for home. Try it and see. The manufacturer claims you’ll get 35% more product out of each tube. What I know is that my kids think it’s a pretty nifty gadget and argue over whose turn it is to wring the tube.


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  1. I just saw this post about the tube wringer and I am so excited! (Maybe a little too much…) I love our tube wringer! We bought a plastic one several years ago at Whole Foods and use it for all kinds of tubes. For anyone reading this, I totally agree with Elana – it is well worth purchasing!

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