The Culinary Institute of America

My last event in New York was a book signing at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) for the Gluten Free Culinary Summit that was held there. The CIA has a gorgeous campus right on the Hudson River and I was more than thrilled to visit.

Now I’m back home with a big pot of chicken soup on the stove as I caught a sniffle when I was in New York and my husband seemed to get one too while he was back here holding down the fort.

This week I’ll be back to posting recipes rather than chronicling my daily adventures, which were probably of more interest to my Mom and Dad than most other people.

Tomorrow night I do have a signing at the Boulder Bookstore.  If you’re here in Boulder I’d love to meet you, so stop on by and say hello.


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  1. Hi Elana, Congratulations on the book and the tour!! I enjoy it all, the recipes and the adventures, it’s all good.

    I’ve only recently found yr blog and am ordering the book and some almond flour- the recipes look both interesting and good. I’ve been GF awhile now and like you,find even GF grains tend to affect digestion and energy levels,and I also try to get a lot of protein. I also make my own almond milk- I’m casein and soy intolerant. I add almond flour to most of my GF baked stuff.

    A question though- Ivé been worried about developing intolerance to almonds, since I drink the almond milk daily. Sometimes I make cashew milk and alternate (dont’like it as much tho). It sounds like you consume a LOT of almonds if you bake only with almond flour and drink the milk too- are you concerned about developing an intolerance to it? My naturopath talks about food intolerances developing as a result sometimes of over-exposure to one food daily over time, and rotation of foods. I definitely think I will use your recipes but for me this is a bit of a concern.

    Thanks for your innovative recipes – this is very cool stuff!!!


  2. I rather liked reading about your adventures, Elanda. I like the recipes, too. My interest in subscribing to your blog was for both and for your own perspective on living gluten-free. Hope you get over those sniffles real soon.

  3. glad you are home safe and sound, elana…i thought the tales of your trip were very exciting and interesting…aside from your talents as a cook, you are also a gifted writer…i love the fact that there is ‘more’ than just a good recipe here…
    i am sure your trip was very exciting for you and i think many of us enjoy sharing that and your feelings of accomplishment… please DO keep sharing whatever you wish to…
    i have been past the culinary institute many times- as i live in upstate NY- and have always dreamed of going inside to see it…i vicariously enjoy that YOU got to see it and i ‘get it’…
    for many of us- i think you are like a ‘friend we have not met in person’ and we like to know you as a person, aside from sharing in your wonderful recipes…
    feel better soon! there are lots of ‘bugs’ going around out this way…chicken soup sounds like a great idea!! ;-)

  4. I think it is fabulous that you are meeting new people. I know chef Scott and his work at Canyon Ranch very well. I hope that his work along with the others you met at the summit inspire your work in new ways.

    Jeannette: thanks for your response to Mir.
    Mir: I hope you find new perspective in the fact that Elana is reaching out to other professionals in the culinary field, you would not be enjoying the items she does post here if she was not inspired that way.
    Elana: looking forward to more of your inspiration!

  5. Thanks for sharing your adventures and glad you made it safely home!

    Mir: you will find your answer if you actually read the post you replied to.

  6. Well…do you think you’ll post other recipes in a near future or now that there is a book everything is over?
    I mean, if all you have to talk about is people nobody knows…I will unsubscribe. Staying just to see if you’ll restart the usual posting.

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