smoked paprika almonds

Smoked Paprika Almonds

I recently received this comment from a reader who subscribes to my email feed:

I’m not interested in non-raw food recipes–as perhaps many others who view your postings. Perhaps you could, to avoid wasting such people’s time, simply note that this is a cooked food recipe, and then people can make an informed choice.”

I laughed upon reading it.  Until I realized it was not a joke, it was serious.  I thought of unsubscribing the poor fellow, so as not to waste his time with the more than 100 free recipes I post each year.  Then I realized he could simply do that himself.

So, just to clarify things, folks.  This is not a raw food blog.  This is not a Paleo diet blog.  This is not a low-sugar blog. This is not a grain-free blog, SCD blog, or even a gluten free blog.  It is all of the above.  And more.  In essence, this blog is many different things to many different people.  If you find it a waste of time (and you know exactly who you are) then just save your time.  Unsubscribe.

For the rest of you, here’s a fun little cocktail snack that’s high in protein and quite tasty.  When I made these and set them out on the kitchen table the other day, they were gone in a couple of hours. These healthy nuts are one my favorite gluten free snacks.

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Smoked Paprika Almonds
  1. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat (I used my cast iron skillet, though any skillet will work)
  2. Add garlic to the skillet and saute for 3-5 minutes, until the garlic is almost brown
  3. Add the smoked paprika, salt, chili and cayenne and stir to make a paste
  4. Add the almonds and stir constantly until they are thoroughly coated
  5. Continue toasting the almonds in the skillet until they are fragrant, about 5 minutes
  6. Remove from heat and allow the nuts to cool in the pan
  7. Serve

If your garlic begins to burn at any time, be sure to remove it or the burnt garlic flavor will ruin this dish.

This delicious recipe is based on one written by Amy Culbertson.  I use basically the same ingredients as she does, though instead of expensive (and delicious) Marcona almonds, I just used plain organic almonds.  Otherwise (with the exception of my addition of chili powder and cayenne) this is her fantastic recipe for the most part.


  1. says

    I am a chef from the USA and I love your recipes. I have a lot of friends who are either on gluten free diets or a crossfitters who follow the paleo diet. You’re doing a great job.

  2. Katherine Stewart says

    Well that was not nice of him. I guess some folks think we should cater simply to them. I don’t eat sugar, honey, maple syrup or agave, do you see me complain, no. I love, love, LOVE your recipes and I just simply do a substitution. Happy New Year and happy, healthy eating to all!!

  3. Robin Miller says

    I could not believe the comment about “raw-foods”. Geez, “give them an inch & they want a mile”! I love reading your recipes as this is the first time on your site/blog. I will definitely be making the spiced season nuts for the mason jar gifts! I thank you for your recipes as “you could be not sharing at all”. I don’t understand some folks!

  4. Cottage Sue says

    Elana, I discovered your site a few months ago and I love it. It has a bit of everything for everyone. I love all the recipes I’ve tried. I recently joined the Paleo Lifestyle and you site has been most helpful. Thanks a bunch!

  5. says

    Elana … you are a treasure trove of yumminess and information … I came across your site while I was experimenting with a year long gluten free stint … Your recipes saved me from killing someone for the lack of baked goods that I thought I would have to live with … so I applaud you for BEing YOU … as well as being so creative and generous of your time as you experiment with creating recipes so the rest of us, (ahem, the ones of us who truly love your site) have a lovely resource for our taste buds.

    I just became aware that although I gave up wheat products, that maybe it’s grain in general that is causing the health story that I am wishing to heal … so Bless YOU … I sooo appreciate your blog and often sit here salivating at your beautiful pictures and as I read the ingredients I can taste it just by seeing the photos …

    I am curious tho … say about the almond flour … so is that a Paleo “item” … or is it considered a “flour” … my FAVORITE recipe is your black & white cake! and if you tell me that Almond Flour IS an acceptable Paleo food, I am going to love this food program!!!

    many blessings to you, my dear … keep up the great work … I have had your site on my resource page for over a year, since I first created my site … oh yeahhh baby!


  6. says

    I’m wondering if you keep the garlic cloves whole, and then discard them after everything is done, or if you mince or slice them? The recipe doesn’t say… so I’m assuming they are left whole. Thanks for any clarification. :) Love your blog, recently got your book and am making nut treats to take to the family Thanksgiving feast.

  7. Teya says

    Hi there,

    I’ve just recently obtained Elana’s cookbook and am really enjoying the recipes.

    I am really keen on ordering the magic loaf pan 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.25 and when I tried to order from the website through Amazon, I was informed that it cannot be shipped to me here in Victoria, B.C..I was not happy about that, I can assure you.

    Anyway, I would sure appreciate knowing of any other way that I can order this loaf pan as I was so excited to try the bread recipes and now I’m not sure that I can unless I can resolve this issue.


  8. Abby says

    I recently found your website after first purchasing your cookbook. All I can say is thank you! I am loving your healthy recipes. I just made this recipe and love them, but I am also addicted to the Almond Butter Blondies and the Brownies. Thank you!

  9. ajane2 says

    Made these last night about 10pm, after reading about them on here at about 8pm…could. not. stop. thinking. about. them… I recently bought some smoked paprika and am in LOVE with it and have been looking for some interesting recipes for it. I love garlic and almonds too. I sliced a couple of cloves of the garlic up into chips also and added them in :))
    Love your recipes, thank you.

  10. Kimberly says

    Elana to the rescue!
    I’ve been looking for a recipe like this for over a year! And here it is! PERFECT! Thank you! I have come to rely on you for ALL my cooking needs. Thank you so much for your healthy, creative and delicious recipes!

  11. Jan Jones says

    Hi Elana! Love your blog and the terrific recipes with the best, healthy ingredients. With the holidays coming up, I was wondering if you have a recipe mandel bread. I would like to make it for Hanukkah and my traditional recipe is all regular flour. Any suggestions?



  12. says

    Hi Leanne,

    From what I’ve read (Sally Fallon) the best way to eat almonds is soaked and dehydrated. The soaking neutralizes the phytic acid that is contained in the skin.

    Thanks for your comment!


  13. Leeanne says

    I found your website only a short while ago, but have found the regular email recipes a real treat. They all sound so interesting & have tried a few to date, although I have to change a few ingredients to suit availability in SPAIN!!!. I also live on an ALMOND GROVE, so am particularly interested in any almond, & especially almond pulp (from milk)recipes, (one recipe I cannot perfect is almond pulp burgers – tasty, but they just fall apart!).
    I have one important question – after scouring several very interesting & informative websites, I am a little confused about almond skins. I have read they are very very good for you when eaten with the nut, but CAN also be toxic & should be soaked to release these toxins, but not everyone mentions this. It is so fiddly & time consuming blanching them, and I don’t want to dispose of this goodness. Should ALL raw almonds be soaked before use /consumption?. Also – How do you make almond flour? I usually just use almond pulp / add less fluid to recipe.
    ps: I don’t understand why people complain about silly things. I have read a couple on your website comments – for goodness sake – if they don’t like/agree with what they see, they should simply ignore it & wait for the next yummy recipe that you kindly share with the world, or they can simply ‘bLog off’!!!. Surely their time is not that precious to have ‘wasted’ a minute of their day reading the recipe?, or they can use their imagination & create something similar, as I have to.
    Keep up the good work & great recipes!

  14. wendy says

    what can I say that hasn’t been said ?
    i recently discovered your blog,and have never written on one! I know that is hard to believe. all I can say is you are amazing! I feel fortunate to have discovered your fabulous and beautiful work. keep on going!

  15. says

    This sounds wonderful, and could be easily translated to a raw snack. Simply substitute soaked almonds, toss with spices and dehydrate until crispy. I’m going to give it a shot!

  16. says


    Thanks for your comment. I really like “that lady” she is a regular reader and I often frequent her blog –sometimes a little conflict isn’t a bad thing. As for raw foods guy, well that’s another story.


  17. says

    You are so funny to publicly call out readers who are snarky with you, Elana! I remember you taking issue with that lady who didn’t like your almond bread. You tell ’em! :)

    Tried the paprika almonds, and they were delish. Keep up the gorgeous blog!

  18. says

    Elana–made these tonight and loved them. They are keepers. Also tried the almond butter blondies and tested them out on my sister’s family. They gobbled them up.

    I’m with everyone else. You do excellent, beautiful work on this site and you’ve been a lifesaver for me. Thank you for sharing your excellent recipes. We are lucky you do. Oh, and I can’t wait for your book!

    Also, I make your yummy chocolate chip cookies often and I get rave reviews. I cut the oil to 1/3 cup because my cookies tend to go a bit runny and this modification works out perfectly for me. I bulk order my almond flour from Honeyville every few months and I also bulk order the chocolate chips every few months. These are my go-to treats when I need something for a dinner party or have to take a treat somewhere.

    I’m having fun going through your recipes. Thank you!

  19. says

    Darren -Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy making these recipes and keep coming back for more!

    Hannah -The Internet can be a strange place! I’m glad you appreciate the variety of recipes I have to offer :-)

    Amy -You’re very welcome!

    MsGourmet -Thanks! I’m happy this recipe could accompany your G&T.

    Caroline -Wow, that first sentence of yours really hits the mark. Thanks!

    Jenni -I’m so happy you have enjoyed using almond and coconut flour! Thank you for your raw adaptation suggestion. Please do let us know how it worked out if you do indeed try it. Thank you for your beautiful comment!

    gaile -Those garam masala spiced nuts sound divine. I love using smoked paprika to spice things up! Thanks for dropping by.

    Hayley -Thanks! :-)

    Emily -I’m glad most of you appreciate the variety of recipes on my site. It makes me smile knowing that I have helped people.

    Linda -Thank you for subscribing and being a part of this community.

    May -Thank YOU! xoxo

    Lynnette -I do try to keep the list of ingredients in each recipe to a minimum. Simplify. Satisfy. Thank you!

    Alisa -It caught me a bit off guard. I had to laugh. :-)

    VeggieGirl -Your comments are always amazing and much appreciated! Don’t worry, you’re welcome back anytime. I understand completely.

    katie -Luckily I have kind readers such as yourself.

    Karen -Yes, I agree, my recipes are pretty easy to scan. I promise you, more recipes are on the way! Thanks!

    Jenny -Thank you. I hope you enjoy this recipe (and many more)!

    Theresa -Wow! Thank you for your vote of confidence. It means a lot. I guess the more convenience people have the less they are thankful for what they receive, especially when it’s free! My book is slated to be published by Ten Speed Press in fall 2009. xoxo

    christin -You are safe ;-) thank you for your comment!

    Hänni -Let him eat cake?! You’re too funny!

    Lesley -Thanks :-)

    Penny -I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s up to us to eat right, it’s our responsibility. I would hope my readers understand the variety this site has to offer and take it upon themselves to sort through all the free recipes I share. Thanks!

    Rebecca -I’m honored. Thank you for your comment!

    Mary -That Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe is a favorite of mine. Isn’t it amazing how easy and tasty food can be even with cutting out certain foods? Have a great 2009!

    Tamzin -You are so very welcome! xoxo

    Kate -I really appreciate your comment! Thank you for spreading the word.

    Shirley -Thanks. I loved reading The Spin on Spelt post!

    Athena -Yes, very silly! Thanks for the comment.

    EmmaJane -I will continue full speed!

    Janet -Thank you for the heads up on the link! Your are correct and I removed it. Sorry! I had meant to link to a plain old balsamic, not a dressing.

    SherryQ -What a great comment! You’re too kind. xoxo

    Erica -Thanks! Your own version of my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe sounds yummy! Great photo too!

    Susan -Thank you. I love your website design and your recipes sound delicious!

    april -You’re welcome. Thank you for your support!

  20. says

    i guess it’s like that old saying “you can’t make everyone happy”.
    well i absolutely love this blog and am forever thankful for you!
    it had been a hard 6 months since i became allergic to gluten, but all that went away once i found this blog.

    so thank you!!!!

    don’t ever stop what you are doing, you are doing an amazing job!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Susan Jane says


    You are a gem.

    Adore your enthusiasm and inspiration.

    We want to see you on TV. God knows the general populace needs your advice and incorrigible enthusiasm!

    Keep up the good work for you are truly appreciated.

    Susan Jane

  22. says

    Oh my, Elana! Some people just do not know when to take responsibility for themselves… Please do not let that person’s comment put you off from posting to your blog. I LOVE your recipes and use them often. I truly appreciate your willingness to share your talents and efforts in a public forum – very accessible, easy to read and simple to follow. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for showing me how to have gf “fun food” that I can make on my own!!! :) xoxo

  23. Janet says

    In your spicy walnut dressing, your use Annie’s natural oil and vinegar dressing wih balsamic vinegar. In the fine print, it says that the distilled vinegar is made from corn or rye (I know the gluten should not be present after distillation). Also, the dressing is made on equipment that also processes wheat. You haven’t experienced any reactions from this manufacturer? You seem to be super sensitive (as I am) and I was just wondering. I tried their GF ketchup and reacted so I have not tried their other products.

  24. EmmaJane Adams says

    Don’t let empty-headed comments deter your dedication to this website and blog, Elana. I, too, am a celiac and have found your website to be a God-send. Thanks so much for terrific gluten free and just down-right healthy recipes. I applaud your efforts and hope you continue full speed ahead!

  25. says

    Gosh Elana, how silly is that!! Some people have such nerve it’s amazing. Clearly that person could have very easily just looked at your recipes on their own and realized what you offer and use what they like or not instead of demanding that you change your blog to suit them. Silly, silly people. Oh the shame, Elana, of making them take 2 seconds to read through your recipe.. lol.

    Love your blog, don’t change it!!

  26. Kate says

    Elena, add my family to the list of those who have no special dietary needs but want to eat/live healthy and love your recipes! Thank you for helping us re-think our eating habits.

    Ever since we came across your site, we’ve been recommending it to people for all sorts of reasons, even in Christmas gifts. We gave the cranberry nut bread, the sesame truffles, and the chocolate orange truffles to a health-conscious aunt, with the recipes printed out with your website–she was thrilled and plans to make more!

    Please keep up the good work, despite the ubiquitous fault-finders. We appreciate you!

  27. Tamzin says

    Hi just to let you know I absolutely love your blog and all your recipes you have saved my dinner party’s many a time with your quick and easy foods.You have opened my cooking world to so many new foods and ideas its great! It makes my day to look in my inbox and see another new recipe from you.
    So thank you x x

  28. Mary says

    I am grateful for all the free recipes that you post. I have learned so much from your website. Thank you. I found your website several months ago. The chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of mine and my non-gluten free husband. He actually raves about them. I tell everyone I can about your FREE website and the great recipes and blogs you write along with the terrific photography of the food! I ordered my sister the Honeyville Almound Flour for Christmas so that she too can experiment from your website. You have made a difference in my life and have given me hope that there are tasty foods I can make on my restricted diet. A diet that I thought no one else had, but am learning through you that I am not the only one! Best to you in 2009.

  29. Rebecca says


    After I found out my son had autism, our family all went on the GFCF diet. We started with many packaged (crap) items. I was lost in a world of not knowing what to feed us (without too many complaints). It was like our diet had to regress. I stummbled upon your website and felt like our family had been given a great gift. I don’t have the time or energy to waste on recipes that have too many ingredients. I don’t think rice should be eaten everyday. I now feel good about what we eat-thanks to MANY of your recipes! Thank you so much for your help.

  30. Penny says

    That was such a ridiculous thing to ask you to do not only because it was rude but, also because it would be very careless to leave the responsibility of our convictions re: our personal diet choices up to how another person “labels” a recipe! Everyone needs to take responsibility for what they choose to buy/make/eat!

  31. Lesley Prince says

    Good answer to the confused reader who doesn’t know where he/she is. Thank you for your wonderful site that embraces all kinds of recipes. Thank G-d most people are courteous!

  32. says

    Elana I follow none of those diets, but like you, I have a way of eating that incorporates all those. Keep up the good work with your blog. As to the hater–let him eat cake–raw, dehydrated, chewy cake!

  33. Theresa Watson says

    Wow Elena — some people never cease to amaze me. I have been visiting so many sites since having to go dairy and gluten free and I absolutely love yours the best. The information is accurate and thorough, the recipes are easy and don’t use a ton of ingredients like the other sites do, and everything that I have made has come out perfect. Even my family and friends who do not have to be gluten free love your recipes.

    Just to share a quick story — my church Club Zion in Cocoa Beach runs a free surf camp each summer for four days. We provide the attendees (last year over 200 teenagers came) with surf boards, breakfast and lunch, snacks, t-shirts, evening entertainment. Do you know, that every year some of the parents actually complain about the Free shirt or the Free meals. It just amazes me.

    Well enough said — thanks so very much for all that you do — keep up the great work and don’t waste another second thinking about Raw Food Guy he isn’t worth it.

    Also, when is your book coming out — will it be available to purchase on your site?

    Love & Laughter,
    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island Fl

  34. Karen Bean says

    I agree with all the words above. After all, how hard is it to quickly scan a recipe to see if you want it? But then, some people want everything in the world to rotate around them rather than doing what we can do to bring unity and appreciate each effort. Just got to love him anyway! Elena, just keep giving us the great recipes and ideas. Most of us appreciate your hard work and labors of love. It helps all of us.

  35. says

    People can be soooo rude. Especially over the internet. It’s almost shocking. But what can you do?

    I love your recipes and your blogging style and I’m an avid reader. Keep posting away! :)

  36. says

    Ew, I cannot believe that someone left that comment!! What idiots. You KNOW I love your blog, so keep featuring ANYTHING that you want, Elana!! Here’s to raw, cooked, vegan, carnivorous foods!! :-D

    **Just as a heads up: I will not be able to comment on blogs as often now, during this semester, due to work overload (I’m stressed already) – PLEASE know that I’m still loyally reading, but just won’t have time to comment. I hope you understand!!

  37. says

    haha! I laughed when I read this. I get insane comments emailed to me like this from my website too sometimes!

    BTW, thanks for continuing to remind me to roast some darn nuts. I think you have posted up others, and I keep forgetting, but these sound soo good!

  38. Lynnette says

    I often wish for relief of reading every list of ingredients on every recipe I read every day. But I do and I must or dire consequences result. I share the dissenters wish to just once have my needs described in bold at the top of a recipe. I am forewarned !

    Thank heavens Elena’s lists are short, easy to read, and the results consistently worth it! And usually meet most or all of my wheat/corn gluten, dairy and sugar avoidance needs.

    Bless you Elena.

  39. says

    Dear Elena,

    I am not a vegetarian, nor do I follow any diet, but I still use your recipes to make delicious healthy meals at home.

    Thank you for this lovely blog.. =)

    May xoxo

  40. Linda says

    How about wasting your time reading their silly comments. Perhaps they need to go look for another blog that better suits their taste. What is up with people these days??? Blahh!

    I look forward to getting an email indicating that you have a new posting. The chocolate chip cookies are to die for. :)

  41. Emily says

    Girl! It’s your website and you post/do whatever you want with it! I love the variety and simplicity of your recipes and cooked or not, they are always healthy (and quite delicious!).
    I highly doubt most people who frequent your site are exclusively looking for raw food recipes. I think it’s a mixture of everything; especially readers who need to avoid allergy-causing foods and also keep it healthy in doing so. I think you do a wonderful presentation and appreciate that you have recipes for people who feel alone in a world that does not cater to restricted diets and healthy eating. It’s also a great place to connect with others dealing with the same struggles. You have several readers who greatly appreciate the time you take to post all your recipes! He’s just a party pooper!

  42. says

    Wow, pretty ballsy of that raw food guy. Why take the time to write a nasty comment, when he could unsubscribe with one click? Speaking of nuts, these sound delicious.

  43. says

    I would have been tempted to post his email address with his snotty comment, and remind him he was wasting your time with his comment. ugh. people are so rude sometimes. That said, this recipe looks awesome! I love to serve garam masala spiced mixed nuts at parties, and this will be a fabulous change of pace. Plus who doesn’t love a chance to use smokd paprika! yum!!!

  44. Jenni says


    Amen! You said it so well! I too don’t know what I would have done without your blog! You introduced me to coconut flour and almond flour which has kept me sane and happily baking! Thank you again!

    Also, for those looking for a raw adaptation I think this would be really easy! For example, if you soaked the almonds over night like most raw foodies do to begin the sprouting process, make the sauce, pour sauce over (drained) soaked almonds and then dehydrate at a temperature below 115 degrees to dry them and make them crunchy. I bet it would be yummy! When I get a dehydrator I will try it and let you know if it worked out OK.

    Thank you again for your work!

  45. says

    I love this blog for the variety of dietary conditions you address, and because it’s full of good information presented both beautifully and pragmatically.

    Moreover, can’t you often guess whether something is cooked or not by its title or, barring that, the photo? Sorry, raw food guy, I guess you’ll never get that twelve seconds back.

  46. says

    Wow, I’m shocked at that comment from someone, such a strange world sometimes. And I will add that the best thing about your site is the variety to people who could at times feel lost in the world of food allergies.

  47. Darren says

    I expect that readers like the one you mention in your post make you wonder why you bother but, whilst I only discovered your blog about a week ago, I think it’s excellent and greatly appreciate it. Upon first discovering it I spent a good hour going through back posts and shall be trying many of the recipes after my next shopping trip. So, please don’t let one ill-mannered individual put you off as he surely must be greatly in the minority.

    • Robin Miller says

      I could not believe the comment about “raw-foods”. Geez, “give them an inch & they want a mile”! I love reading your recipes as this is the first time on your site/blog. I will definitely be making the spiced season nuts for the mason jar gifts! I thank you for your recipes as “you could be not sharing at all”. I don’t understand some folks!

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