Product Review: Rigoni di Asiago

These delicious jams by fiordifrutta Rigoni di Asiago are made with 100% organic fruit. They’re juice sweetened –no cane sugar, fructose or other forms of processed sugar in disguise. This is the only organic jam I have found with no added sugar. The flavors are great!

My favorites are orange and raspberry jam, though they come in a large variety including rose hip, which is quite tasty as well.

Update: This product has been renamed Rigoni di Asiago. It is still the same product and I continue to enjoy using it. However, the Italian company bought out their American subsidiary and are using the Italian name for the product.


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  1. ~M -What a great idea. I often do this with water –add some drops to the jar to get the last bits out, however, I like the idea of using oil and making the instant salad dressing. Thanks.

  2. One tip that I wanted to pass on since I know you like using the last drop of your toothpaste :)…whenever I finish a jar of something (jam, mustard, BBQ sauce), I add a bit of olive oil and some acid (lemon or lime juice, balsamic vinegar, etc.) and shake it up and put it back in the fridge. Later, I shake it up again, and it’s instant salad dressing – and I get to use the last drops of the jarred condiment.

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