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I recently received a copy of a Paleo cookbook called Paleo Slow Cooking by Chrissy Gower. Like me, Chrissy is a wife and mother of two wonderful children. Her goal as stated in this book is to “use the slow cooker as a tool to cut food costs” while not compromising on the core ingredients that make up a healthy and wholesome Paleo diet. Revealing her down-to-earth sense of humor that makes this book a very fun read, she also writes:

With slow cooking, you can take an inexpensive rump roast and transform what might otherwise be best used to re-sole a shoe into a delicious, solid meal.

My favorite recipes in the book are the Pesto Chicken and Chipotle Chicken Stew, both of which my family loved, and the Berry Crumble which my boys and their friends devoured. The great thing about a book full of slow cooker recipes? There’s nothing like throwing a bunch of ingredients into a crock pot and opening it hours later to find the magic of dinner (or breakfast, or dessert) at your fingertips. Additionally, slow cooking keeps ingredients moist and delicately tender so that these dishes taste delicious.

I’ve been a big fan of my crock pot since my Ayurvedic training a couple of decades ago. So it’s wonderful to have an entirely new tome of crockpot recipes. With basics like Bone Broth and Chicken Stock to classics such as Old Fashioned Beef Stew and Stuffed Arttichokes, as well as an introduction that is more than perfect for those just getting started, this is a wonderful book in so many ways.

Paleo Slow Cooking is filled with colorful photos that will inspire you to try Chrissy’s creative and delicious recipes. Good laughs, great ideas for healthy slow cooking, and a foreward by Paleo pioneer Robb Wolf (best-selling author of The Paleo Solution) make this cookbook a wonderful addition to your collection.


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  1. Oh how I love making broth in my slow cooker. After roasting a whole chicken of course. It’s soooo easy!

    I’m interested in checking this cookbook out. I’m looking to move towards some freezer cooking style meals and I’m often frustrated finding ones that aren’t paleo (or at the very least GF).

  2. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Gluten free Almond flour cookbook. I just made the chocolate almond crust out of it again this weekend and bakes it in a tart pan, slathered it with passion fruit curd, topped it with strawberries and shaved chocolate and WOWZA! I just want you to know I appreciate that cookbook so much. Thank you.

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