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  1. ro,

    I appreciate all of your comments and questions! As you mention above, food has become complicated; I’ve really enjoyed simplifying things and getting back to food basics (with some good desserts of course).


  2. Elana, that all makes alot of sense…and my husband’s trainer pretty much told him the same things about food. Our bodies did not catch up to all the processing. We need to eat like our ancestors…like “cavemen”!
    We all would be much better off.
    I commend you for sticking with it!
    Thank you for all your ideas.


  3. Thank you so much!!! hope they come out as good as yours!!

    Also, Have you ever thought of encorporating other flours in your baked amaranth or quinoa…sorghum..I know they have more carbs, but they also have higher protein than…let’s say, brown rice.
    Would the other flours make the difference in the glycemic index that much higher?

  4. Elana, your recipes sound yummy! I would like to try the fig newton bars.
    Where do I find yacon? I am assuming it is a flour form. I read the answer to what it is, but I can’t find where to find it. Do most stores carry it?
    Thank you!

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