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Halloween Candy

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Every year I receive countless emails requesting ideas for healthier Halloween candy.  Now there’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one –“healthy candy.”  Does such a thing exist?  Well, probably not.

Now, with suggestions from many readers, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list that is full of what I refer to as the “lesser of all evils” when it comes to candy.  Trust me, I will not be eating any of the items below.  That kind of sugary stuff –organic or not, doesn’t sit well in my body.

My children, on the other hand, are getting older (we’re pushing into the pre-teen years around here) and in an attempt not to be a total grinch I have compromised and chosen to give out decent (well, decent to them) treats that they themselves would actually want to consume.  When they were little (that would be the year before last) I gave out organic fruit leathers –back then they thought this was the greatest thing!  However, the times are a changin’ as the boys mature.

Thanks to your suggestions, this list is longer than I had anticipated and full of fun ideas for Halloween treats.

  1. Organic Milk Chocolate is what I will be handing out to my trick or treaters this year
  2. Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops were suggested by Elana, my doppelganger on the East Coast
  3. College Farm Organic Naturepops are a favorite of Jen’s
  4. Kind Bars are a delicious fruit and nut bar that Sandra likes
  5. Organic Gummi Bears -this idea was contributed by Kelly
  6. Organic Berry Patch Bunny Fruit Snacks -another gummy treat option

We’re all different, so see if anything on the list above meets your criteria.  If you have other ideas go ahead and leave a comment so others can hop on your Halloween bandwagon!


  1. Becky says

    Trader joes has some great “organic pops” lollipops, and I like yummy earth lollipops as well. While we can’t always avoid sugar, at least we can steer clear of artificial color.

  2. Jill says

    I can’t stand all the corn syrup and food dyes on top of my kids’ GF/CF challenges. We give out hot cocoa packets and snack size microwave popcorn. Both of these are not the healthiest foods, but you gotta choose you battles. Happy Halloween!

  3. Christine B. says

    This year we were going to give out non-food toy items like temporary tattoos, stampers, glow bracelets, etc. Kids still enjoy them while not having to worry about unnecessary sugar. Oriental Trading Company and the Dollar Store are good sources of these items.

  4. Aura says

    I just stumbled across your wonderful website while searching for gluten free Hamantaschen to bake with the kids tomorrow. I was not even hoping that I would find one that I could also eat because it is grain free and so low sugar! Yay, thanks so much Elana! I also had a few suggestions for Halloween candy, even though it is Feb…good ideas for pinatas, and party favors as well, right? I love to get honey sticks from our local beekeeper, and our co-op also sells agave sticks. We have to be careful with chocolates, because sometimes they are sweetened with a gluten malt syrup…always check ingredients…definitely earth balls are not gluten free.

  5. ~M says

    The all-fruit bars from Trader Joes are decently healthy (just the fruit, nothing more or less), prepackaged, and not too costly. I’d imagine that they would make good treats. I particularly like the pineapple – it’s sweet and slightly tangy, just like fresh pineapple!

  6. says

    Emily -Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I used to barter my children for candy when they were too young to know the difference –that was up until last year.

    Tracie -This would be a great question for the forums, you might want to post it there.

  7. Tracie Peschke says

    I am struggling to get the proportions right to make a gluten-free flour mix. I was wondering if anyone has one that works well. Thanks.

  8. Emily says

    What about organic sesame snaps? The coffee shop near my house sells them, and I for one am addicted!

    For people with younger kids: My neighbour “trades” her little ones’ for their treats. She pre buys stuff that is suitable, and when they get home they barter and trade in the more offensive candy for things she’s bought. They love it!! She also reads the labels with them so they know what is good and bad (who wants to let a 5 year old eat shellac??)

  9. says

    Paula -Yes, it’s true!

    Jenna -Yes, in the first or second week of November I will do a recipe round up. You can also look at last year’s if you want to get a jump on things :-)

    Kate -Thanks for your suggestion!

    Athy -Thanks for a great comment.

    Rob -Thanks, that’s so generous!

    Courtney -I like that idea.

    SDK -Couldn’t agree with you more.

    Jennifer -Thanks for your comment.

  10. says

    As a child, I can remember the lady in the neighborhood that handed out cartons of juice for Halloween. It was much different than what the other neighbors were handing out and it was also much appreciated after the rigorous running from house to house.

  11. says

    FREE SHIPPING – YummyEarth organic lollipops.

    Amazon.com ran out of our 5lb bulk bags running up to Halloween because the 5lb bag hit #1 on Amazon!!! So we are offering FREE SHIPPING until Halloween for all items at our online store until Halloween. thank you for your support and thank you for making YummyEarth the #1 organic candy company in America.

  12. kate says

    You may also want to check out sunspire organic ‘sundrops’…these are ‘m&m’ type treats that can be purchased in bulk section of the healthfood shop or food co-ops…again, wouldn’t want to make a staple but nice alternative for the childrens party scene or halloween

  13. says

    Hi Elana,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes and information. I made the whole Rosh Hashanoh dinner and what a hit! Got any plans for recipes for Thanksgiving coming up?
    Again, thank you, you do a wonderful job.

  14. Athy says

    There is a website out there that sells actual candy and lollies that are only fruit juice sweetened but I can’t recall the name. I was very curious about them!

  15. Athy says

    This is an area that I, too, am torn about. When it comes to sugar, what difference does it make if it is organic or not? It’s still bad and does the same things as regular sugar, so I never could understand to point. But all in all it is a better. I agree with you, it’s tough to not be a “grinch” so to speak, lol and hand out toothbrushes!

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