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Gathered Table is an incredibly dynamic electronic meal planning service that you don’t want to miss out on! Founded by my friend Mary Egan, (pictured above with Michael Pollan) it is the culmination of her Ivy League MBA, decades in the business world, and her experience as a busy, working mother of three children. Mary is the ultimate multitasker! Gathered Table is the brainchild of Mary’s creativity and efficiency all wrapped up in one incredible product.

I met Mary on the very first day of freshman orientation at Columbia University. Two dorky freshman, together we made our way through college, up and down New York City, and even traveled across Europe and the Middle East together. We were in each others weddings and share much in common, especially our love of food and cooking. We’ve eaten our way through many cities on our travels together. Among the numerous things that unite us, Mary and I have always loved to work hard and play hard, and my experience with Gathered Table is that it does the work of meal planning for you so you have more time to play in both your life and in your kitchen. Gathered Table will sweat out your meal plan so you don’t have to. Pretty cool, right?!

How does Gathered Table work? The moment I started using it I was thrilled. First, I signed up which took about 30 seconds. Then, I began to build my recipe library. I surfed the internet for my favorite recipes, clipped them into my Gathered Table library, and was off to the races! Next thing you know, I receive my customized weekly menu and grocery list from Gathered Table. Every week.

Another super cool feature of Gathered Table is its customizability. Gathered Table asks you a series of questions regarding food allergies and food preferences (just like a nutrition counselor or personal chef would) so that it can plan meals especially for you and yours. Finally, I was surprised to find out that Gathered Table also can source recipes from its own database if you don’t want to make your own library of recipes –it’s sort of like a mind reading service in that way. It will choose the recipes if you don’t want to –an unbelievable feature. And did I tell you that Gathered Table also generates your grocery list so that you don’t have to –just one more time saver!

The icing on your meal planning cake is that Gathered Table will soon have delivery service around the country so that the ingredients you need for your meals will be dropped at your door step by your local grocer. See, Mary is a genius and Gathered Table is the bomb. She’s thought of every little detail so you don’t have to.

When Mary asked me to be on the advisory board prior to Gathered Table’s launch I was thrilled. I hope you enjoy Gathered Table as much as we do here at Elana’s Pantry headquarters. It will make your life a whole heck of a lot easier, and take the stress out of meal planning! Click this link to set up your Gathered Table account.


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  1. The way I understand it, a little to late because I deleted my recipes from my own file and put them all on gathered table, is that it is only a free service for 6 months, then they are going to charge you $10 a month. I had to go digging for that though. No up front about it. Kind of sneaky. :(

    • Hi Brenda –

      We are offering the service free for 6 months to the public, but we set up a special offer for Elana’s readers that includes the first 12 months free! Just click on the link at the bottom of Elana’s post above to to get the offer.

      And I want to apologize for the confusion – we weren’t meaning to be sneaky at all! In fact, we made an error by only listing $10/mo after 6 months on the final registration page – it should also be listed upfront on the home page. We’ll be fixing this in the coming days.

      If you have any questions or want more information about gatheredtable, feel free to get in touch with me –

      katin from gatheredtable

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