Below you will find all of my healthy Paleo recipes. The Paleo diet is the diet of our ancestors. The Paleolithic era occurred during the period spanning from 10,000 to 2.5 million years ago. During that time we werehunter-gatherers. Then things changed with the advent of the agricultural revolution.

Around 10,000 years ago grains were introduced into our diet. This has been a radical dietary shift for mankind. For 99% of our existence man has lived on a grain free diet. Therefore, grains are a “new food.” I believe that certain people such as myself are ill adapted to digest grains and that the consumption of grains can cause chronic “untreatable” health conditions.

Why? Grains contain certain antinutrients which prevent their absorption in the gut. The antinutrients in grains serve as an evolutionary strategy to protect the integrity of the grain so that it can survive. This same protection creates harm in the body of people such as myself. I have been grain free since 2001 and believe it has helped my health immeasurably.

Therefore I have composed this page with my best Paleo recipes. You can also check out my Weekly Paleo Meal Plan. As a lifelong athlete I have personally found that Paleo diet recipes provide superior nutrition for athletic performance.