Creamy Cranberry Dressing

This super tart Creamy Cranberry Dressing recipe is the perfect gluten-free addition to any fall meal, and is ideal for Thanksgiving.  Cranberries are a superfood, rich in antioxidants.  I like to sprinkle fresh cranberries on my salad when I use this dressing.  Because they are so mouth-puckering and tangy, I spare my husband and children, by using fruit sweetened, dried cranberries as a garnish on their salads, rather than the fresh ones.

I found this recipe in an old Sunset magazine and adapted it, replacing white sugar and some of the other ingredients with ones that I prefer.  I hope you enjoy this gluten free salad dressing; it’s autumn in a condiment.

Creamy Cranberry Dressing

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  • In a vitamix blend cranberries, stevia, orange juice, lemon juice, and agave until smooth
  • Blend in the thyme, mustard and salt, then drizzle in olive oil while motor is still running
  • Serve over mixed greens
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins
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  1. Hey Elana,
    For xmas I’m getting my daughter all the essentials she needs for cooking(kids measuring set, cute apron, a hand mixer, mixing bowls, baking pans and a cookbook) I’ll give her, her own cupboard in the kitchen dedicated to just her stuff. While doing my shopping online I came across all kinds of childrens cookbooks. I got to thinking it would be really AWESOME if you had a cookbook directed towards children. The way you include your boys in so many of your recipes and they help you out in the kitchen, I bet you have tons more recipes that would be good for kids! I love the fact that everything you make is healthy, and none of the ones I found have healthy recipes in them :( Even your most of you regular recipes are extremely easy to make. Anyway, thought I would put it out there so maybe you can consider it for your next cookbook if you’re planning to put another one out :)

  2. I was very interested in trying the Creamy Cranberry Dressing. I don’t know how you prepare food in one of these Vitamix Blenders and how it is different from a regular blender. I would like to win one to try.


  3. Well, your site won’t let me leave a comment on your Vita mix contest post, probably due to the large number of comments! But I am excited to try this recipe, and my favorite recipe is Aguas Frescas–made it all summer, so delish!
    THANKS Elana!

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