Chocolate Espresso Power Bars

Who doesn’t enjoy a good power bar?  One that is easy to travel with and renders a healthy snack on the go?

These gluten free Espresso Power Bars have a delicious espresso-chocolate-vanilla-ish flavor that makes them equally satisfying as a snack or dessert.  I found mine were just a tad crumbly, you may need to add a dash of water to help yours hold together well.

Chocolate Espresso Power Bars

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  1. Blend pecans, cacao and espresso in food processor until finely ground
  2. Add pitted dates and process until blended into dry ingredients
  3. Process in vanilla, stevia and agave until well combined
  4. Press mixture into an 8 x 8 inch baking dish, add a little water if your batter is crumbly when handling
  5. Freeze for 2 hours, then cut into squares

I adapted this recipe from one featured in a Daily Camera article on Pam Vaginieres and her protein bars.

I will be heading up to the mountains tomorrow to appear on Good Morning Vail (television show at 9:40am MST) where I will chat with Tricia Swenson and demo two gluten free recipes from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook (Smoked Salmon Leek Tart and Chocolate Chip Cookies).

Later that evening you can find me at The Bookworm in Edwards, Colorado at 6pm.  I will be holding a book discussion and signing from 6-8pm. Tickets are $25, which includes wine and gluten free appetizers from my book. Proceeds benefit the Gore Range Natural Science School.


58 responses to “Chocolate Espresso Power Bars”

  1. These look amazing! I wondered if almond meal could replace the ground pecans?

    1.5c of pecans would probably amount to 3/4 c of ground pecans. What do you think Elana? I’m only asking because I have almond meal on hand, and I need to make these right now!

    Thanks for all of your amazing recipes and ideas.

  2. I realize Elana can’t answer this question so I’m hoping someone else will.

    10 drops of stevia

    There are a number of different stevia products on the market – are they all the same “dosage wise”? I have a new powdered stevia product that you measure like sugar – how would I know what 10 drops is equal to?

    I’ve been experimenting with different sweeteners and haven’t yet found a liquid stevia that I like.

    I’d be grateful for any experience you have. Because I live in Canada we have different brands (sometimes) available.


    Miriam Kearney

    • In Canada (Alberta) i have tried 5 brands. The only one I have liked and found to be consistently the same in every bottle is called HERBAL SELECT liquid extract in a dark brown bottle with a rubber stopper for measuring drops that contains only vegetable glycerin and stevia extract. I purchase it at a grocery store in 60 ml. Glass bottles for $6.79. ( I have seen other brands such as Better Stevia for $9.99 and more at a health food store) I also avoid plastic or synthetic bottles or containers. They make a French vanilla flavor too and packets like sugar but I haven’t tried it. you can google and order it online also. Hope this helps! Also I use 5 to 6 drops in a cup of coffee which seems to be like 2 tsp. of sugar.

  3. Posted on nice anyone atnindetg the Baltimore con this weekend, these are the ideal item to print out and leave randomly on tables, chairs, bits of empty floor, etc

  4. Hi Elana (nice to meet someone else who spells it with an “E”)
    I make these all the time, i used almonds instead of pecans and completely leave out the stevia and agave, we call them toffees (or tomorrows – in hebrew date is “tamar” – tamarows), my kids love squishing the “batter” into different shaped candy molds that we keep in the freezer, this way they are also portioned-
    thanks for all the great recipes

  5. Hi I have tried to make this with walnuts instead and have found that the bars tend to be very oily and is diffucult for my husband to bring to school as a snack as the oil seeps all over after being out of the freezer for a while. May I know what I can do to reduce this oil seepage? Thank you for your advice!

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