Gluten-Free Diet

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1998 I went on a gluten-free diet. Back then when I tried to order gluten-free food in a restaurant people looked at me like I was crazy. Now millions of people around the world are on the gluten-free diet. It is used to treat everything from Celiac Disease to thyroid disorders and a variety of autoimmune conditions.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find gluten-free recipes that are healthy. Most gluten-free breads and baked goods are made with high carbohydrate flours such as rice flour, potato starch, or corn meal. I have found that using high-protein flours that are full of healthy fat is a better solution. I use almond flour and coconut flour in my gluten-free recipes. I wrote the book on almond flour, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook in 2008 and it contains some of my best recipes.

I’m also sharing healthy gluten-free recipes with you below for everything from dinners to desserts, and bread to ice cream!


Gluten-Free Diet Recipes