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Cherry Arugula Solstice Salad

cherry arugula salad recipe

The boys were buzzed this afternoon –their hair that is. Now the little baldies will be nice and cool in the warm weather.

It hasn’t been all that hot though lately. In fact, we’ve had many cloudy afternoons and so far this summer haven’t made it to the pool yet. I have a feeling that once the summer solstice passes we’ll get a good dose of hot weather and go for late afternoon swims at the community pool before our dinner-time baseball practices.

On another note, because so many of you have expressed an interest in threads and conversations that might not be entirely related to one post, I have decided to launch a forum. Where is it? Just go to the navigation bar on the right hand side and under “main menu” click “forum” and you will be taken there straight away. This forum creates another step in the evolution of our ongoing discussions regarding recipes, celiac, organics, diy eco-cleaners and several other topics that have bubbled up over here recently. I hope we all have a lot of fun with it.

Cherry Arugula Solstice Salad


  1. Pit each cherry and then cut in half
  2. Rinse and spin the arugula
  3. Place arugula and cherries in a large salad bowl
  4. Place olive oil, vinegar and mustard in a small jar and shake well to create dressing
  5. Toss dressing onto salad
  6. Serve

Serves 4-6

My mother-in-law is having a summer solstice party on Saturday. I created this Cherry Arugula Salad in honor of her event. Although I know it will never surpass her all time favorite dish, Chipotle Orange Chicken, I’m just hoping that she’ll like it enough to serve it alongside.

posted on June 20, 2008, 9 comments

  1. sistermarymerlot

    Hi Elana. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing. I tried to join the forum but I never received a password. I tried with two different e-mail addresses in case of a typo with my first attempt. I used booklegger and sistermary merlot as forum names. Can you help me join?

  2. Laura @ Hungry and Frozen @ hungryandfrozen.blogspot.com

    That salad looks simple and wonderful – what gorgeous cherries :)

  3. sistermarymerlot -It looks as though you are all set and joined to the forum. Have you had a chance to access it yet?

    Laura -Thanks!

  4. Ya'ara @ bishulog.co.il

    Elana, congrats on the forum launch!!
    And the salad looks wonderful..

  5. Hi Elana,

    I signed up for the forum – but I didn’t recieved the confirmation mail yet.
    It’s been 2 days since..

    Should I try to sign up again?

  6. I love the simple salad dressing. dijon always works wonders and it’s so versitale. thanks for the terrific simple recipe.

  7. Ya’ara -I think we got you signed up, yes?

    arugula -You are welcome.

  8. Yael

    I am so sensitive to so many foods, I wish I can email you a quations or two.

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