Almond Flour

Why Almond Flour?

Q. Why do you use almond flour in the majority of your recipes?
A. Almond flour is amazing because compared to other gluten-free flours it is:

  • Higher in Protein
  • Easier to Use
  • Far Tastier

For more information on why I love Almond Flour, please see my 10 Great Almond Flour Recipes post.

Recommended Brand?

Q. What brands of almond flour do you recommend?
A. Please see my Almond Flour page for detailed information on the brands of almond flour that work in my recipes.

Why Not Bob’s Red Mill?

Q. Why don’t you recommend Bob’s Red Mill almond flour for your recipes?
A. Bob’s Red Mill almond flour has been tested in my recipes and the results are consistently poor. It has a coarse texture that yields runny results.

Homemade Almond Flour?

Q. Will your recipes work with homemade almond flour?
A. No, my recipes do not work with homemade almond flour.

Almond Meal?

Q. Are almond flour and almond meal the same?
A. No, they are not. My recipes call for blanched almond flour. Blanched almond meal, blanched almond flour, and blanched almond powder are all the same thing and will work. The recipes will not work with an almond flour, meal, or powder that has not been blanched.

Honeyville Dedicated Gluten-Free Line

Q. Do you know the official gluten free/cross contamination status of the Honeyville blanched almond flour you use?
A. According to Caroline Gonzalez at the Honeyville facility in Rancho Cucamonga, CA., Honeyville processes and packages almond flour at their California facility which has a separate dedicated gluten free line. They cannot label it as 100% gluten free because it is in the same facility as other flours that are not gluten-free. I have not had any problems whatsoever with the Honeyville product and I am extremely gluten-intolerant.