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Elana Amsterdam is the author of the New York Times Best Selling cookbook Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry. She gave up grains over a decade ago in 2001 and is known as a pioneer in grain-free cooking and baking, tempting foodies everywhere with her incredibly simple, yet flavorful recipes for dynamic, vibrantly healthy food.

elana amsterdam

Her unique knowledge base, which combines a background in the healing arts with an Ivy League education, has established her as a trusted source of information for people seeking to improve their health.

Elana shares her tips for wellness along with her mouthwatering recipes on elanaspantry.com. Her dishes are among the easiest in the world of special diets. With their refreshingly short ingredient lists, her recipes emancipate those with food allergies who fear that they have been chained to a never-ending sentence in the kitchen.

Elana’s simple recipes satisfy with nutritious food, and it is her knowledge and health tips that people seek in order to navigate the complex world that is healthy living today. Whether looking for an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe or dealing with a new medical diagnosis, people look to Elana for her knowledge, advice and insight on food and health.

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