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Why Glass?

Eight days into the New Year and it seems as though the post-holiday blues have hit.

We’ve had more than our usual share of cold dark weather here in Colorado, and all I want to do is go into hibernation, sleeping day and night. Of course, that’s not what’s taking place in my reality.

This time of year I find myself spending a good deal of time cleaning and sorting. I cleaned out the pantry and fridge the day we returned from our holiday trip, figuring out what I needed to restock. Above is a picture of the bottom shelf of my refrigerator. I store nuts and seeds (which have oils in them that can go rancid if not refrigerated) in the fridge. There’s also a jar of homemade soup stock on the right side of the photo.

Why glass, you ask?

I have been using glass mason jars for storage for more than a decade. I dislike plastic for numerous reasons. Start with petrochemicals, then move to xenoestrogens. You get the idea.

On a more practical level, glass is gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing. Built to last. No stains on glass, no yucky lingering food smells.

Glass is practical. Forget about the struggle to find matching lids. No mystery foods concealed by plastic hiding out in the back of the fridge turning into a science experiment. You can see your food. And my favorite part? Good use of vertical storage space.

Last but not least and possibly most important, glass is cheap –costs much less than plastic.

Top 10 reasons for glass?

  1. healthier
  2. visible victuals
  3. vertical storage space
  4. aesthetically appealing
  5. easy to clean
  6. no stains
  7. no flavor trespassing
  8. won’t melt in dishwasher
  9. matching lids
  10. cost effective

I buy glass jars at my local hardware store, McGuckin’s, you can also buy ½ quart (1 pint), 1 quart (2 pints) and ½ gallon (6 pints) jars online.