Keto Pumpkin Pie

I've been working on this Keto Pumpkin Pie recipe for a couple of years. It takes a while for me to perfect a recipe. I stay awake at night thinking about the ingredient ratios, then test all the different combinations the next day. In the last week I've made this rich and creamy Vegan Pumpkin Pie nine times. It's fabulous because it's not only keto, it's vegan, and the filling is no-bake too!

Our friends Chris and Larry recently went on a Vegan Diet. So when they come over for Thanksgiving dinner with their son and daughter, both now in college, I'll make this pie with my Nut-Free Vegan Pie Crust. Old friends, they landed in Boulder when we did in 2002. We met through our older boys, who went to pre-school together back when we all lived in Manhattan.

Low-Carb Pumpkin Pie

While most vegan dessert recipes are super high in sugar, this low-carb pie is sweetened with only 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and thickened with a full cup of coconut milk fat. That's the stuff you scrape off the top of a can of coconut milk. With still more fat from coconut oil, this Vegan Pumpkin Pie is the perfect healthy dessert recipe. If you're on a low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet Keto Pumpkin Pie is for you!

Sugar-Free Keto Pumpkin Pie Recipe

For a perfectly keto pumpkin pie simply omit the maple syrup from the recipe below. I often make it for myself this way and transfer the filling into 1 cup mason jars turning it into crustless mini-pies or individual servings of custard. Sugar-free pumpkin pie will let you stick to a strict diet while indulging in something decadent during the holidays. For more very low-carb recipes see my Ketogenic Recipes page.

Keto Pumpkin Pie

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  1. Place pumpkin on a plate and set aside
  2. In a medium pot, melt coconut milk fat and coconut oil until liquefied
  3. Stir in pumpkin and maple syrup until mixture is very warm
  4. Transfer mixture to a vitamix and puree on high speed until very smooth
  5. Blend in vanilla stevia, pumpkin pie spice, and salt
  6. Transfer mixture into Paleo Pie Crust
  7. Refrigerate for 2 hours to set
  8. Serve
It was the easiest most delicious dessert. Loved the crust and the filling.

No Bake Pumpkin Pie Filling

This egg-free, dairy-free, vegan Keto Pumpkin Pie will save you both time and oven space on Thanksgiving. First, with only 7 ingredients total it's super easy to make. Second, given that this pie filling sets in the fridge you'll have one less item occupying your oven on turkey day. I make the crust Tuesday, let it cool overnight, prepare the filling Wednesday, pour it in the crust and refrigerate it until Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. Then voilá it appears like magic at the table!

Egg-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I have so many readers who are allergic to eggs. This pie for you! Traditional pumpkin pie is simply a pumpkin custard thickened with eggs, then baked in a crust. My rich and creamy low-carb Vegan Pumpkin Pie is thickened with fat, so no need for eggs. Yes, the egg-free pumpkin pie of your dreams has arrived at last! And if you suffer from egg allergies take a look at my Egg-Free Recipes page.

Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie

Most pumpkin pie recipes contain dairy in the form of heavy cream, evaporated milk, or the like. Because so many people that have Celiac Disease also have dairy allergies I've created a dairy-free pumpkin pie.

Vegan  Pumpkin Pie

My Vegan Pumpkin Pie pairs perfectly with my Nut-Free Egg-Free Pie Crust which is also 100% vegan. Yes, I've created a nut-free, egg-free, vegan pie crust recipe which will work well for anyone with a food allergy at your Thanksgiving table. Check out more egg-free, dairy-free recipes on my Vegan Recipes page! You can use this special vegan pie crust to complete your Vegan Pumpkin Pie at Thanksgiving or make it in my Paleo Pie Crust! I've tested it in both and it is fantastic either way!

This post is an oldie but goodie. I first shared this recipe in 2017.


127 responses to “Keto Pumpkin Pie”

  1. Your website has been my go to for years. Thank you! My family is celiac. My boys cannot have dairy and I just found out that I cannot have coconut! I am going crazy trying to find a dessert for Thanksgiving. Any suggestions? The no coconut thing is the worst!

    • Amy, thanks for your sweet comment and I’m so sorry to hear about the coconut allergy! Are you looking for a pie, or would any type of Thanksgiving dessert work? To start, here’s my Paleo Pumpkin Bread which does not have ANY coconut in it at all:

      LMK if you need other ideas, happy to help :-)

  2. Made it yesterday. Tastes amazing.
    I made it a bit differently tough.
    I used honey instead of maple syrup as there was none at home then after blending the home-made puree I poured it into half-baked crust and baked for another 20 min at 180 degrees. After it cooled down I put it in the fridge.
    It holds perfectly tastes and looks fab.
    Thank you Elana for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I made it and if I loved how easy it was and how much better it turned out than other vegan recipes as far as texture goes, etc, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t get past the taste and after-taste of stevia. Can you please (or anyone else whose tried it) give me the amount of cane sugar I should use as a sub for for the stevia in this recipe? I’d appreciate it, thanks!

    • Laura, you’re welcome! I haven’t tried making this with sugar so not sure how much would be needed for this recipe. Feel free to experiment and if you do I hope you’ll stop back by and let us know if it worked :-)

  4. I’ve read the last paragraph three times and I’m still unsure of one thing: when you make the pie keto-style do you use the crust or skip it?

  5. Can you explain how you do the pumpkin part? Like a real pumpkin?? I’ve never baked or done anything with a real pumpkin before. Any tips or tricks would be awesome!

  6. I made it yesterday for Canadian Thanksgiving and it was the easiest most delicious dessert. Loved the crust and the filling.

    • Gloria, I’m so happy that I was part of your Thanksgiving celebration with this pie! Thanks for letting me know it was the easiest and most delicious dessert :-)

  7. Hello
    had to go back to smaller amounts of real sugar
    any amount of sweetener including natural honey gives me SIBO and terrible symptom including Right lower quadrant issues and night sweats ” sibo”
    very miserable so if anyone else wonders why they are up at night sweating etc this may be the reason
    It has happened in cycles when I reduce sugar a lot in the summer and have had many seasons to test my theory.

  8. Mmmm I made the filling and put in over a raw base from the unconventional baker, instant pumpkin bars no oven required!! thanks !!!

  9. Hi Elana!
    Strange question, but could I use your picture of the pumpkin pie with my students for a fraction activity? They would divide into halves. fourths, etc. Thanks!

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