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The Culinary Institute of America

Here I am seated between Scott Uehlein, author of Nourish, Executive Chef at Canyon Ranch and Ann Whelan, Editor and Publisher of Gluten Free Living.

My last event in New York was a book signing at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) for the Gluten Free Culinary Summit that was held there. The CIA has a gorgeous campus right on the Hudson River and I was more than thrilled to visit.

Now I’m back home with a big pot of chicken soup on the stove as I caught a sniffle when I was in New York and my husband seemed to get one too while he was back here holding down the fort.

This week I’ll be back to posting recipes rather than chronicling my daily adventures, which were probably of more interest to my Mom and Dad than most other people.

Tomorrow night I do have a signing at the Boulder Bookstore.  If you’re here in Boulder I’d love to meet you, so stop on by and say hello.