UPDATE: please visit my updated Thanksgiving Day recipes post for 2008.

Thanksgiving. I find it challenging to write the word without giving some sort of gratitude. Each year, before we partake in our Thanksgiving feast, we go around the table and take the time to say a few words of gratitude, stating our thanks for things such as the food at the table, good friends and the roof over our head.

Thanksgiving and autumn in general seem to be such a good time to shed, simplify and return to basics. My favorite part of our Thanksgiving ritual each year is hearing what my boys have to say. My children ceaselessly remind me to be thankful for the most basic parts of my life and open my eyes to the wonders all around me.

With thanks given, I return to the topic of Newsletter #1: The Thanksgiving Menu. For those of you who are not signed up for my newsletter here’s what I’ll be serving this year:

The items above are recipes previously posted on my website. Just click the words and you will find yourself at the recipe. This is a year when I have had so much fun and have much to be grateful for. In that spirit, I wish you all a wonder-filled Thanksgiving!


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