Ree-DrummondElana Amsterdam’s recipes are always beautiful and irresistible”
Ree Drummond

Elise BauerWhat a lovely site you have!
Elise Bauer

Kimbal MuskI love your blog! In fact, the ginger tea is a recipe I might borrow today. Very cool.
Kimbal Musk, Owner
The Kitchen

Frank LipmanI have loved Elana’s recipes for some time now-especially her Paleo Bread, which is not only delicious but has the perfect consistency, too.
Dr. Frank Lipman

Deborah MadisonFor many people, normal food becomes off-limits when they find they have an allergy or condition, such as celiac disease. To wrestle new limitations into food that are every it as delicious and appealing (if not more so) is a coup to be celebrated. Having tried the chocolate chip cookies, I speak from experience when I say there is nothing lacking in these recipes. They are truly wholesome and delicious!
Deborah Madison

Robert RountreeElana has a tremendous gift for creating classic recipes using healthy ingredients. Her high-protein, gluten-free treats are incredibly tasty! I highly recommend this book if you are looking for good food that is also good for you.
Dr. Robert Rountree

waylan h. lewisProfessionally speaking, I am in love with you right now.
Waylon H. Lewis, Editor-in-Chief
Elephant Magazine