spicy power energy gluten free bars

Spicy Power Bars

I’m eating one of these Spicy Power Bars as I type this.  I’m slightly obsessed with them.  Because they remind me of my past.

About 20 years ago, when I was living in New York City and had just hooked up with my adorable husband, I became very interested in Ayurveda.  One of the amazing practitioners that I learned from, Pratima Raichur, had created her own version of a healing tonic, referred to in Ayurvedic circles as chyawanprash.  Her product was called Bindi Chywangrans and it was delicious.  My friends used to ask me what it was and I would tell them it was a special, healing, energy supplement.  They teased me a lot about it!

Fast forward to the present.  About a month ago, I found some interesting looking energy bars in downtown Boulder.  I bought one and ate it.  It kept reminding me of a taste from my past, though I could not quite put my finger on it.  Finally, I realized that this bar tasted like Bindi!

Being the tinkerer that I am, I decided I would recreate the Nude Nutritionals Food Bars to taste even more Chwanpransh-like and my bindi bars were born thanks to Pratima (owner of Tej Clinic) and Nude Nutritionals (creator of the fabulous little grab and go bar).

Here’s my recipe for a super nourishing, delicious, tri-doshic power bar.

Spicy Power Bars
  1. Place nuts, dates and cherries in a food processor, pulse until well ground
  2. Pulse in vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and salt
  3. Remove mixture from food processor and press into a 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  4. Refrigerate overnight (6-8 hours)
  5. Cut into squares and serve

Note: You may want to try my other Power Bar recipe made with almonds!

Update: several readers have commented below that this recipe was not yielding enough to fill the bottom of an 8×8 baking dish. I remade this again today and realized that I needed to double everything, so that it filled up the entire pan –when I was testing this recipe I was smooshing different batches of each version into half a pan. So, you will find that every ingredient has doubled (except for the vanilla). Sorry for the mixup! (This is what happens when you write recipes at 2am!)

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the giveaway was Lisa Vance. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Greg says

    Does a food processor work differently than a blender?

    I tried mixing this up in my blender with no success, so I. Had to add some. Water. This made a very aromatic soup so I. Have it in the oven now baking off some off the water. It smells delicious and seems to be firming up. I put it in for 10 minutes and will check again every 5 after that.

    Any other recommendations?

  2. Karen says

    These look fantastic! I always have a batch of your apricot ones ready to go wrapped up in the freezer. My entire family loves them!

  3. Arleen says

    YUM! As soon as I can get some macadamia nuts I will be making these. Any recipe with dried cherries as an ingredient must be awesome! Thank you Elana!

  4. Leeza says

    I love this recipe (and I’m not fond of dates)! It has the perfect amount of spice and works great for my mid-afternoon snack.

  5. Ann says

    I made these bars and they are delicious! For the dried fruit I used dates, raisins and currents. For the nuts I used almonds, pecans and cashews.

  6. Teres says

    I made these power bars this weekend and BOY are they GOOD!! I used a little less ginger and left out the Cardamom, but loved them just the same! I only wish there was a less oily nut that I could use. The Macadamia nuts are very oily!

    Thank you. These are one of my new favorite snacks.


  7. says

    Omg I just stumbled over these, they look absolutely delicious! And no sugar either (I’m currently on the lookout for healthy sugar-free snacks). I can’t wait for this evening to make and try them! Thanks a ton!

  8. Kathy says

    Recipe for power bars sounds great. Will try it soon. Cookbook would be an awesome addition to my kitchen. For all you do….Thank You!!

  9. Andrew says

    Hi, I made these spicy power bars with a few substitutions (prunes for dates/cranberries for cherries/pumpkin seeds for macadamia nuts) and for this household, we found the amount of cardamom way too strong and overbearing, and we enjoy our spicy Indian food. We ground our cardamom from the pods and maybe ours is stronger than already ground? I’d say 1/2 teaspoon would be plenty. – That said, we’re loving this site and these recipes!

  10. Kavitha says

    I tried this recipe. It tastes awesome, but it crumbled really easily even after I kept it in the refrigerator with some weights on it. However, I found that you can use it as great trail mix or if you still want the bar, wrap what sheets you can manage to lift (I used a spatula to lift them out) in aluminum foil and freeze them for a few days. The stickiness from the dried fruit helps bond the pieces together. Hope this helps!

    • says


      Thanks for your comment.

      The dried fruit in this recipe serves as a binder. If your fruit is to dessicated, this recipe won’t work. If your bars are not holding together I would try adding one tablespoon of water to the recipe to see if this helps.

      Please let me know how it goes.


  11. Barbara says

    I’ve made these 3 times and love them. I did tweek it a little and used cloves instead of cardomom, as I didn’t have cardomom. It’s a great taste.

  12. Connie Zinn says

    When we make the breakfast bar it seem to be to crumbly. We follow the recipe but must be doing something wrong. Any hints? The bar is delicious and would like to make it again>

  13. Beth Byrd says

    Elana – ok, I made these but don’t know what happened….They totally fell apart and it is now “granola” :-) Still tastes GREAT! Kids love it on their yogurt – but I don’t know what I did wrong :( Will try again.

  14. Roq says

    This recipe is perfect for me! I have been on the look out for delicious recipes for snack bars and this one fits the bill perfectly. I love your website. I just have to take care not to drool over the key board!!

  15. says

    I made these bars and they are absolutely wonderful! I love that I know every ingredient and can pronounce them all, unlike the storebought versions of powerbars! What a great healthy alternative to ones filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients! Thank you!

  16. Megan says

    These bars look amazing! Can’t wait to try them this weekend- thanks for the version with almonds. My boys LOVE almonds (2& 1/2 yrs and 16 mos!). Take care…

  17. Nancy Franklin says


    Have enjoyed reading your blog and cookbook on line. I am sensitive to cashews. Is there another nut you could recommend using in it’s place, in your recipes? In addition, I am also curious to know if you have come across another source for lentil pasta?


  18. Kathryn Bruch says

    These sound great but, would love to have the nutritional values. Have to watch the sugar with being diabetic. Will try and figure out on my own and try. Thanks.

  19. Hedy Harris says

    I made your cauliflower rice. I loved it…but I was afraid I would have to make too many explanations and the men in our Succah would not eat it. So, I added 2 small grated potatoes, chopped another onion and added two eggs, some salt and pepper…a made a cauliflower/potato kugel….calling it only a potato kugel,(since I knew that if I said cauliflower I would have only women takers). Everyone raved over it. I only told those who wanted the recipe what was really in it. Thank you so much.

  20. Jennifer says

    Wow Elana – what a treasure trove of information and recipes your blog is. My nine-year old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 11 months old and it is always a struggle to find good tasting, kid friendly food that is appealing. He is also deaf so sometimes it makes it even more difficult to explain the benefits of eating well to him. I have been so happy with all the yummy recipes I have reviewed on this site and just ordered some of the ingredients to start switching over to healthier eating. Thanks again for sharing all your discoveries and insights.

  21. Kimberley says

    Oh my goodness! Nobody around here had ever heard of chawanprash and we would get teased a lot for it as well! We used to bring back as much as we could afford when we went to a larger city center and could find it. Begged my dad to send it on the bus to us! My kids would eat it off of the spoon when they were little. We had to stop eating it because of the dairy ( I think) and I held a bottle in my hand just a couple of weeks back in an Indian market in the city. Reminiscing on that yummy flavour. I just made the bars… I used sour dried plums because that is all I had. They turned out so yummy and warming! Thank you so much for the recipe.

    • barb says

      hi – i just made these as well but must have missed something – i used the specified amounts and the 8X8 pan but the bars came out super skimpy thin… (i.e. i pressed mixture just enough to fill pan and it barely did) seems like it would take a double recipe to make bars in an 8X8 pan as thick as the ones in the picture look.

      any help on where i went wrong?


  22. Daniela says

    These look delicious! I recently moved into my college dorm, and have been entertaining the girls on my floor with your delicious recipes. I will have to give these a try!

  23. Stacey says

    Can’t wait to try these!!! I eat, and sometimes make, a similar tasting treat everyday, but I like the addition of ginger and cardamom. Might add some coconut in there!!

  24. Keri says

    These sound fantastic! Can’t wait to try them out, especially as we ease into fall and the warming power of the ginger and other spices becomes even more powerful. Thanks for tinkering so I don’t have to!

  25. Liz Dick says

    I will absolutely try these bars. They sound delicious. I’m new to your site, and look forward to browsing the site for more delicious recipes.

  26. sarah says

    Hi Elana,

    I absolutely love your website! I just wanted to let you know that I made a batch of your chocolate chip cookies before my husband and I left for a 10 day trip in Europe. We rationed 2 cookies a day for our “tea time” and they lasted us the whole trip! We love them and are experimenting with different types (i.e adding cinnamon and peacans, etc). We are gluten free and processed sugar free so your website it a huge help.


  27. Marla Teyolia says

    Elena! this recipe looks soooo amazing! i am sitting in my kitchen and will make them right now….i only have raw ginger, so i’ll let you know how it goes.

    what a small world. my friend recommended that i visit Pratima Raichur’s clinic last year bc i was feeling very dehydrated no matter how much water i took in (clearly very aggravated Vata!). Pratima was booked months in advance and in the meantime I ended up healing myself by following a more O blood type diet. I’ve been feeling the dryness coming back, so perhaps a visit with Pratima is now in order.

    thank you!!!

  28. Karen F says

    These look delish, and so nutritious, too! Dried cherries and spices are lurking in the pantry, just need to go out and buy some macadamias. Yum!

    I would love to win the giveaway. Many thanks for your inspirational website.

  29. Eileen says

    LOVE these–made them with cashews and pressed them into a 9″x5″ loaf pan. I call them “cardamon candy bars” and my 2 & 3 yo love them for snack!!

  30. Gail says

    I made these last night, and I too had to really stretch the final ingredients to cover 3/4’s of a 8 x 8 in glass baking dish and they are only about 1/4 in thick. I was wondering if there maybe a discrepancy in the amount of one of the ingredients. The first three total 1.5 cups.

    They are delicious and the fragrance from the spices is absolutely wonderful–I think it is the cardamom as I have never used it before now. I used dried cranberries instead of cherries.

  31. Laura says

    Thanks for the inspiring recipes!! I’ve learned so much from you this past year following your website and reading your book. Much appreciated!!!

  32. lawrence says

    Hi Elana

    I really liked the look of these…but i have just made them and they fail to fill even a quarter of a 8 by 8 inch baking tray making a really tiny amount. the raw mix tasted good so i’m a little confused? Just checking you have the quantities right?

  33. Sarah Peaccok says

    It’s not every day that I have both macadamia nuts and dried cherries on hand, but today I do! Can’t wait to make them.

  34. winni says

    These look fantastic! I was wondering if they would work with soaked nuts…maybe if I re-crisp them in the dehydrator? I think I’ll try it. Great for my hubby’s lunch. Thank you!

  35. alisa joy says


    i’ve really enjoyed lurking around your blog–reading the recipes and devouring the photos. i think, what i most appreciate, are all your recipes for the high holy days. it fill both a niche and a void. thank you!

  36. Mark says

    I’m a newly gluten free athlete and I’m really looking forward to trying out a lot of your recipes, especially your energy bars!

  37. Dayle Halverson says

    Elana, I am so grateful for you and all the time and energy you give so graciously. I was diagnosed with Celiac last Spring and have found your website and recipes so helpful and refreshing. I especially loved the Rosh Hashana meals as they fed my soul. Many, many blessings to you!

  38. Alice says

    I was side-tracked by the reference to chyawanprash, which I had never heard of. I spent the rest of the day reading about it, seeking some out at a local indian market, and finally tasting it. Very exotic tasting to me, but it seems to help my tummy troubles. Thanks for sending me along this path. Ayurveda has always been interesting to me.

  39. jill says

    Any suggestions for substituiting the dates for something yummy? I’m not a fan of dates (the fruit-dates with boys are fine)….

  40. Susan says

    Those bars look alot like LaraBars! But it all sounds good! I hope you have a beautiful fall and NO MORE FIRES!
    I’d love to win the giveaway with your cookbook…
    : – )

  41. says

    Elana, your recipe sounds a lot like a Larabar. I love Larabars; they are my go-to snack of choice. I’ve thought forever about trying to create my own… now I think I will!

  42. Louise says

    I love your site! You have some amazing recipes! My daughters are gluten-intolerant. All your recipes are yummy and so pretty, Oh and healthy. I also want to try these bars. Will let you know how they turn out. Hoping to win your Cookbook. Thank-you for all the help…..

  43. Ayesha says

    Hi Elana,
    I’ve just discovered your brilliant blog – so much to explore here and I’m enjoying your style already. I feel as though I’ve found some real support at last – thank you so much for sharing all these nurturing recipes.

  44. Marylyn, CT says

    Last night I made vegetable quiche with the savory pie crust. It has become a family favorite! I have recommended your Almond Flour cookbook to my sister in NJ who in turn has recommended it to several of her friends. I am not surprised that the book has gone to a fifth printing! Thanks for all your recipes!

  45. Dee says

    I love your recipes! I’ve gone primal in my eating and your web site has been a blessing in keeping my diet interesting! Thanks!

  46. Cindy says

    I am so glad I found your site! My son has Type 1 diabetes, and while he’s not gluten intolerant, the recipes with almond flour have a higher protein/lower carb content, not to mention they taste great and have more nutrition that typical white flour/white sugar recipes.

    Thanks for your work!


  47. says

    Hi Elana!

    These look absolutely wonderful.

    Congrats on your 5th printing. I love your book and have recommended it on my website, on my blanched almond flour review page. I hope you check it out!


    PS: I’m a friend of Sally Fenton’s and I hope to hook up with you when I’m out visiting my family in the Boulder area…

  48. madeline gonzalez says

    Oh wow. These look so good & we have plenty of dates too. Medjools are our favorites & we add them in our berry shakes. I would truely love to have a copy of your Cookbook w/ almond meal flour. We’re Almond-addicts :) We make the almond milk, at home, we make pancakes w/ almond flour, I even use it as a body scrub lol. We snack on almonds everyday & crush them in our salads.

  49. Cynthia M. says

    Your power bar recipe looks wonderful – I especially love dates and dried cherries! And, it’s easy, too. I plan to try these soon.

  50. Glynis Ward says

    My husband is addicted to Larabars. I like them too, they are delicious but this recipe is so similar, and so much less expensive! Imagine being able to make a bunch of these delicious bars and throw them in the freezer for those “must need” on the go days! Perfect.

  51. Gabrielle says

    Yum! These look great. As a newbie in the GF world I am amazed at how many yummy recipes are out there. Heres me thinking that I was doomed for a lifetime of cardboard tasteless concoctions!

    Would love to win the giveaway!


  52. Mary says

    We are new to the gluten free world but after looking thru your cookbook can hardly wait to get my almond flour! Sounds like your site was a fortunate find when looking up gluten free online! Would love to win your give away-

  53. Emily says

    Wa hooo 5th printing! I sold two copies of your book today at work! I like spreading the almond flour love. Just wanted to say, one of these days, I WILL email you back. It gets bits and pieces added to it every so often in between study breaks.

    These bars sound amazzzzing too! Xoxo

  54. says

    These remind me of another gluten free fruit and nut bar available in stores, although the spices you use here have to add a beautiful flair to the flavor of the bar. This seems like the perfect balance between my sweet tooth and the deterant I have for spending $3-$5 on a bar. Thank you for your brilliance!

  55. Nancy says

    Can I just say YUM? I love savory, spicy and sweet together and I can already imagine how these will taste. And sometimes it’s nice to have a recipe you can just assemble, and not have to cook. Which reminds me, I’m off to make the Chia pudding from your website before bed!

  56. Faye Suggs Gannon says

    Congrats on the 5th printing! Plan to try your bar recipe this weekend.
    Thanks for all you do for us! And I’d love to win your book!

  57. Kathryn Richards says

    I love your site and hope I get a copy of your book. it seems wheat is not an item my body likes and I am enjoying creating/baking things with almond flour.

  58. says

    YUM!!!!!! I’ve always been a fan of Larabars and started creating my own concoctions at home. Cherries are my FAVE!!!!! Thanks for the new ideas! I am excited to try them! And I must say, regarding the give-a-way: Yay to almond meal! I actually love how dense and filling it is because it keeps me honest with my portion sizes :) and tastes great and has good nutrient value – WIN WIN

  59. Lisa Sparks says

    I’d like to try this one on a chopping board. Trying to reduce my carbon footprint wherever I can! Looks super-yummy tho!

    It’s cool that you posted this now because I’m addicted to Larabars and this might be a good alternative to handing over $1.79 for one bar of those things. (They are really good though.) I think I’ll try the recipe now to get Larabars out of my mind. Oh, I said it again. Larabars! Ok, I’m going to go and try to make the recipe now. Tks! – L

  60. says

    Intriguing recipe. My 11 year old is a little hefty and has become interested in eating more healthily. These sound like a terrific idea for her — interesting tastes and textures. Thank you!

  61. says

    Awesome looking bars, Elana! Glad to hear all the “good stuff” going on. :-) Not entering the giveaway as I’ve had one of your cookbooks from Day One and was lucky enough for you to give me one of your lovely bags! BTW, I actually had a gluten-free friend’s gift stashed in it recently, and she was so disappointed when she found out that your bag did not come with the gift. True. I felt so bad, but I wasn’t willing to part with your bag at the time. ;-) Must get her one for Christmas!

    See you soon, dear! xo,

  62. kathy soman says

    I just want to thank you for the great cookbook
    After having chemo treatments for cancer I can no longer tolerate wheat
    and it is a pleasure to make things without xanthan gum as well.
    I have been doing some raw and some cooked foods in my diet but when i need a great baked item i refer to your cookbook.

  63. says

    These sounds wonderful! I have a friend who is studying ayurveda and she introduced me to sesame date balls. Yummy! Your recipe is similar so I would probably like them too.

    Thanks for the recipe!

  64. Laura says

    I’ve been looking for some good snack ideas. I’m a nursing mom and it feels like I’m hungry ALL the time! Anyway, I would love to win. I’ve had your book on my wishlist for quite some time.

  65. Graciela says

    This recipe seems great! I also clicked on the Power Bar Recipe, which is an almond-chocolate based, and looks so yummy!
    Elana, thank you so much for your brilliant ideas about dient and gluten free recipes. :)


  66. KellyBelly says

    Just made my 1st recipe from your site today,the apple crisp. Yummy! Looking forward to many, many more! That 5lb bag of almond flour will be gone in no time (I love to bake) and need am always looking for new lunch box ideas. thanks

  67. nicole says

    Your site has helped me so much! It’s tough for little girls to be different and your recipes have made my daughter feel special. We love the chocolate chip cookies!!! LOVE them! (LOL) And I’ll be honest; I’m hoping to win your giveaway because I’d love to have your cookbook but can’t afford it right now (just had a baby and paying for that, BLAH BLAH BLAH). Thanks!

  68. says

    Oh my Elana these sound so good! I love the looks of them. I think I could even get my kiddies to eat them! I’ve always wanted to make my own Lara bar. I’ll start with yours. And I would LOVE an Elana’s Pantry prize pack :) Thanks Elana. You rock!

  69. Kristi Isak says

    Elana, thanks for this recipe! I love desserts with dates. I also love all your recipes as they use minimal ingredients and so quick to make. As a mom of three little ones and not having much time to cook, I use your recipes a lot! Thanks again.

  70. says

    These look great for the kids lunches! They can’t have any nuts at school but I can use seeds of some sort :) (and it will give me an excuse to try some cardamom, which I have been curious about :) ).

  71. Sarah D says

    Thank you for this great power bar recipe! I am so excited to make these for my husband, he is always looking for an afternoon snack to get him through the rest of day. Do you know about how long these will last in the fridge? Do you think you could store them in the freezer too?

    Thanks again for all the great give aways too!!

  72. Julie says

    These sound SO good! I’ve loved raw bars that my local nat foods store sells, but I’ve always wanted to tweak them to my tastes… thanks! Now I can! xoxo

  73. says

    Thank you Elana for another cool and fun recipe! I love cooking/baking your recipes! Hope to try these sometimes, though it’s hard for us to get dried cherries here in Eastern Europe, without them being really expensive, so I’d probably just use dried cranberries. Thanks again!

  74. Moriah says

    These bars sound great! Cannot wait to try ’em. And I’d love to win the book to give away to a sweet 16 y/o who was just diagnosed with Celiac and thinks the sky has just fallen. Thanks so much for your delicious and nutritious recipes that keep the world from turning upside down for so many of us with auto-immune illnesses!

  75. Heidi says

    These look great. I was a little worried when I read the title, but the ingredients sound fabulous, and I have them all on hand.
    I make your other power bars regularly. They are a staple in out house and one of the few things we pack with us when we go on vacation.
    I’d love to win a copy of your book.
    Thanks for all you do.

  76. Gail says

    I don’t have Celiac disease but I’ve always ate healthy and recently came across your website by searching for good sandwich breads that were wheat-free. I immediately signed up for your newsletter. I have made your Gluten-free bread 2.0 twice now, and I just love the texture and the taste of the almond flour. That was the first thing I looked for as I really missed my bread after giving up the wheat. Since the first of August I have lost 10 lbs after changing to a gluten-free diet and I needed to lose a few pounds–I believe it was from no more bloating. I have also made your chocolate muffins, and I used almond flour instead of coconut and they turned out lovely. I just purchased the almond flour at our local “Bulk Barn” here in Canada. I have put your cookbook at the top of my Christmas Wish List and have been telling my family and friends about this wonderful, nutritious tasting flour that I am now using and with 20 grams of protein compared to only 10 gms in the wheat flour.

    Thank you Elana for your long hours of hard work at mastering these great tasting recipes that you bring to all your present followers and those ones yet to stumble onto your website like I did.

  77. Kim Keller says

    These power bars are amazing. I have been making your almond coconut bars for a couple of years now. Thanks for sharing your cooking talent.


  78. Karen says

    I can’t wait to try these bars. They sound wonderful….unfortunately I’m on a soft diet for a couple of weeks until some dental work can be finished. Almond flour is keeping me alive. I’m gfcfsfcrap and sugar free…and no starches or other high glycemic stuff so….almond flour to the rescue. I’m adding it to my smoothies (well, always have but more now), making muffins, etc… Can’t wait till I can really chew though. This recipe sounds so good!

  79. J Griewank says

    ps- for fast energy bars that do taste marvelous (and are GF) I recommend those at momsorganicmunchies.com. Delectable, fresh, more than the sum of their parts.

  80. Kristin Walukas says

    These sound great and like a good place to hide my ayurvedic herbs that I have a hard time choking down!
    Thanks. Kristin

  81. Ellen says

    these bars look great! i just created one myself with dates, coconut, almond butter, walnuts and flaked quinoa that reminds me of cookie dough but keeps me full for a long time. i’ll have to give this one a try too!

  82. Cindy says

    I would also like to try this recipe with figs instead of dates. I actually like dates but they don’t like me. If anyone tries this recipe with figs, please let us know how it turns out.

  83. Arthi says

    I am a fan of your recipies and your muffins are a staple in our house. We especially like cinnamon bun muffins. It funny, you should mention “Chawanprash” .We celebrate a festival called “Diwali” (its coming soon in oct/nov) and usually on that day we make a lot of sweeta and savouries. Chawanprash is also made that day, to help digest all the rich foods that are eaten in that period. Apart from digesion, it is good for overall well being. I will be making some of that soon.Nice to see the name mentioned here. :-)

  84. Kristy Law says

    Great recipe–sounds like the LaraBars my kids like to snack on, but homemade is even better than storebought! BTW, I just made your lemon kale chips recipe again yesterday–my favorite snack.

  85. Chris & Kate says

    We’ve just gotten back into the routine of making our own bars and granolas. Our 3-year-old can’t get enough of them–thanks for a new recipe to try!

  86. Beth says

    These spicy bars sound great, and will save me money by not buying Lara Bars from the store.
    Also just found a great price on 2 kg of dates. Woo-hoo!

  87. Rebecca says

    Wow this recipe looks great! I will only buy these kind of bars for my kids once in a while because they are so expensive and just laying in their plastic wrappers for I don’t know how long, yuck. Thanks again Elana!

  88. Lauren says

    Elana, your food is wonderful! I have recently become gluten-free and your website has become my go-to resource for recipes. I can’t believe how much I’ve come to adore cooking (and especially, baking). Not to mention, as a Fine Arts major, the eye-candy photos you provide with every recipe is great incentive :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  89. Shannon says

    Sounds fantastic and easy to make. About how many dates is 1/2 cup? We are always looking for “healthy” snack ideas for the kids and hubby…and I will certainly give these a try.


  90. Dominika says

    This combination of spices sounds amazing, I cannot wait to make these!!
    Thanks :)

    P.S. I love your cookbook, I get rave reviews no matter what I make.

  91. Sharon says

    I am new to this gluten free world which is easier than I thought but not using eggs to hold things together? Whatever I have tried, has remained crumbs. I have tried many of your other recipes you have posted and most are wonderful.

    • Paula says

      I’m having the same problem. My husband is on this diet, so I thought this would be good to take on our train trip. It is still crumbs even after 2 days in the frig. It will be a good topping for yogurt though.

  92. Jenny B says

    Elena, I love watching how much fun you have with food. It is one of my passions, as well. I have never heard of these healing tonics before, so I am looking forward to finding out more, and trying these bars!

  93. Lynne says

    Oh, these look delicious! I’m trying to figure out how to make these low carb. (Love dates and dried cherries…but just not able to eat the fruit quite yet). Thank you for the marvelous recipes and ideas, Elana – the fruits of your labor are obviously a labor of love and they are a blessing to so many, including me. (Your website and recipes have helped me gain vibrant health back and loose 95 lbs since Nov. 5 , 2009. Thank you again!

  94. Sally says

    I would love to win this package! I love you site and am so thankful for this great recipe! I have all ingredients and I’ll go make them right now.

  95. Ellen says

    I haven’t been able to find unsweetened dried cherries in stores, so I dehydrated cherries in my oven this summer. I can’t wait to use some of those dried cherries in this SCD-legal (not just gluten-free) recipe. Thank you very much, Elana, for developing and sharing this recipe with all your faithful subscribers.

    Because I live in Canada, I am not sure whether I am eligible to be chosen to win the prize package.

  96. Jodi Summit says

    Cherries AND cardamom! Can’t wait to try these. Hopefully my little local grocery store will have some macadamias, I have everything else at home.

  97. Susan Curry says

    Just wanted to say that I love your cookbook! Everything I’ve made has been fantastic. In Minneapolis it is hard to find blanched almond flour. I now order it on line as you suggested but in a pinch I use Bob’s Red Mill almond flour. If I put it in my Vita-Mix and grind it down a little more it seem to work fine. I especially like it in your wonderful chocolate chip cookies. To be fair I have only used it in your cookies and muffins, I can’t seem to stop making them. Thanks for the recipes they have changed how we eat.

  98. Nirinjan says

    Yum! I remember eating Chywanprash off a spoon when I was at school in India. Haven’t thought about that in a long time. Thanks!

  99. says

    Dear Elana,

    Thanks for this recipe. One question is can you give
    us the nutritional values please?

    I loved your recipes for breaking of the fast.
    Just bought the nectarines.

  100. Katie Bottoms says

    I wondered what the nutritional value is? Calories? Fat? I only ask because these look and sound wonderful, I LOVE dates but know they have a lot of calories in them. I need to do portion control… :-)

  101. says

    I’d love to win the package, just to give to a friend who has just started the gf diet and needs a reassurance! Your easy & healthy recipes have been so perfect for me and helped me so much along the way!! Congrats on the fifth printing! Now, I want to run home and check out which printing my book is… I’m pretty sure it’s the first! :-)

  102. Deborah says

    We will be trying these!!! We are snack bar addicts and have a hard time finding something we like (and can eat). As soon as we settle on something, the mainstream grocery stores we frequent discontinue it! So frustrating. I hadn’t even considered making our own, but why not! These look just like our most recent favorite (recently discontinued) bars! Would love to win your latest giveaway – but finding your book and getting ideas and recepies made us winners months ago!!! Thanks!

  103. Rachel Wendt says

    I’m always on the lookout for healthy, delicious power bar recipes–for breakfast on the go or a quick pick me up mid-day. I love the combination of spices for this recipe. I’m vegetarian, but always interested in good vegan recipes!

  104. Babs says

    These look wonderful and love all the ingredients, except the dates. I am not a date fan. Do you think this would work with figs? Or what would you suggest? Have you tried other dried fruit in it’s place?

  105. Jennifer Stephenson says

    I would love to win your giveaway today.Love your site; have an auto-immune disease and it has been an encouragement to me to stay creative and be hopeful!

  106. says

    I follow a lot of Ayurvedic principles – I’m a vata, through and through.

    LOVE the sound of those bars! Great ingredients. You never cease to amaze me with your stellar recipes, dear Elana.

  107. says

    i’m a huge fan of your website and love that you create vegan desserts. i have a crazy sweet tooth and i just recently became a pescatarian that doesn’t eat dairy or eggs so i’ve been super depressed because most desserts contain them. thanks to you, i can now make vegan desserts and have new seafood recipes! i’ve been going through your blog page by page and, thankfully, you have so many posts that i haven’t reached the end yet. happy friday!

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