Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Keto Pumpkin Pie

I've been working on this Keto Pumpkin Pie recipe for a couple of years. It takes a while for me...

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low-carb chocolate donuts

Low-Carb Chocolate Donuts

This Low-Carb Chocolate Donuts recipe is my first one here on the blog. My boys and their friends go gaga...

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3 Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding

3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding

I've been working on this 3-Ingredient Keto Chocolate Pudding recipe for quite some time. Creating keto desserts that have no...

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Keto Lime Creamsicles

Keto Lime Creamsicles

Made with 5 ingredients, Keto Lime Popsicles hit the spot when the heat is on! It's been pretty toasty here...

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Nut-Free Chocolate Hamantaschen purim recipe

Nut-Free Chocolate Hamantaschen

It's that time of year again --Purim. Which means time for Nut Free Chocolate Hamantaschen. This year because so many of you requested it on my Facebook page, I've developed Hamantaschen that are not only gluten and grain-free, they are nut-free as well.

Making gluten-free cookies without grains, nuts, butter, and sugar took quite some time to perfect. While I typically use almond flour to make cookies here, I use coconut flour --a very dense flour that is highly absorbent and soaks up tons of liquid and fat. In my experience, coconut flour yields fantastic muffins, cakes, and baked goods. This is the first time that I have developed a gluten-free cookie recipe using coconut flour.

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chocolate raspberry hamantaschen

Chocolate Raspberry Hamantaschen

This amazing Gluten-Free Chocolate Raspberry Hamantaschen recipe is made with only 5 ingredients. My low-carb Purim cookie is a chocolate...

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