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Nut-Free Egg-Free Pie Crust

Nut-Free Egg-Free Pie Crust

I went on a grain-free diet in 2001, giving up corn, rice, potatoes, and more. In 2009, I wrote and...

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apple blackberry crisp

Apple Blackberry Crisp

There's nothing like using baked fruit to make paleo desserts during the summer. This gluten-free Apple Blackberry Crisp uses seasonal, fresh,...

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Paleo Pumpkin Spice Cookies Recipe

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Studded with rich dark chocolate, these nut-free, egg-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies are crispy on the outside and have an...

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cherry berry syrup

Cherry Berry Syrup

If you're wondering how to make pancake syrup from scratch, I've got you covered. This healthy pancake syrup recipe is...

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paleo apple fritter recipe

Apple Fritters

All of the Jewish holidays have fabulous culinary traditions, and Hanukkah is no exception. During Hanukkah, we celebrate the miracle...

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Upside Down Apple Tartlets paleo recipe

Upside-Down Apple Tartlets from Paleo Cooking

Although I did not make a big fuss when it came out, I remain beyond thrilled with my third book,...

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asian stir fry

Asian Stir Fry

Today I want to share a deliciously healthy recipe from my latest book . I'd also like to thank all...

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paleo graham crackers

Paleo Graham Crackers

Paleo Graham Crackers are gluten-free, and made with just 4 ingredients. All you need is almond flour, yacon syrup, arrowroot,...

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Apple Tart

Paleo Apple Tart

Cold weather means apple pie (or some version thereof) in my house.  Our favorite is this cinnamon-spiked apple tart encased...

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Gluten-free Gingersnaps are a deliciously addictive Christmas cookie that's super easy to make. My healthy version contains a nice dose...

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apple crisp with xylitol gluten-free recipe

Granny Smith Apple Crisp

Here's a lovely seasonal treat –gluten free apple crisp that's simple and easy to make with very few, and very...

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lemon almond biscotti gluten-free recipe

Lemon Almond Biscotti

These Paleo friendly gluten free treats are a great addition to a high protein breakfast and also perfectly suited for...

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