gluten-free pumpkin bread bar

Pumpkin Bars

In honor of fall, I spent several days last week in a pumpkin “trance,” experimenting with various iterations of gluten free baked goods containing pumpkin.

At first, I had terrible failures. Suffice it to say that my pumpkin cookies and pumpkin scones while edible, were not at all blog worthy. Next, I decided to make pumpkin loaves –while they didn’t look too pretty, they were delicious. Finally, I made these gluten free pumpkin bars, which my 10 year old declared “addictive.”  Every day last week, he brought our neighbor boys (Cole and Carson) over after school for a fix. I hope you enjoy these gluten free pumpkin bars as much as the boys did.

If you’re not in the mood for a bar, try these gluten free Pumpkin Pie Muffins.

Pumpkin Bars
  1. In a food processor, combine pumpkin, agave and eggs and pulse for 2 minutes
  2. Pulse dry ingredients into wet for a full minute, until well combined
  3. Pour batter into a greased 8 x 8 inch baking dish
  4. Bake at 350° for 30-35 minutes
  5. Serve naked or with Whipped Cream Frosting

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of this giveaway was Lanell. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Anita says

    I’m a juicer and used 1 cup carrot pulp, used 3 eggs plus 2 Tbsp coconut flour. I love cinnamon so increased to 1 tsp plus 1 tsp of organic vanilla. As with others used honey and maple syrup and 1/3 cup raisins and pecans or walnuts. No need to hide this under frosting.
    If needed a bit coconut icecream.

  2. Mandy says

    These are amazing! I followed the recipie exactly except that I used maple syrup instead of the honey. Served them at a dinner party, and everyone loved them (ages 1 to adult)!

    • Tess says

      I too wanted a diabetic friendly version and used Maple Grove Farms sugar free maple flavored syrup. 1/2 cup totals 2 net carbs. The bars turned out lovely. Hope this is helpful.

  3. B says

    These were very good! I put in a little pumpkin pie spice instead of nutmeg. I have quite a sweet tooth & I even think it would be good even without the full amount of honey in it. I topped with some homemade cream cheese frosting & it was just what it needed! My daughter loved them.

  4. Liz Coughlin says

    Made these tonight and didn’t want to have leftover pumpkin so I used the whole can and increased the other ingredients (ie… three eggs, more spices and almond flour). Oh, I used both agave and honey. It turned out great and as everyone has commented…they are so delicious, you could eat the whole pan in one sitting!

  5. Cindy says

    I made these last night with butternut squash! They were delicious!! :) They taste so much better than pumpkin bars made with white flour, and white sugar! Bravo!

  6. jami lowe says

    these are Delicious! this is the first time i made pumpkin puree instead of using a can and it was so easy! i’m going to add cranberry’s and walnuts nuts next time. yummy!

  7. Juliette says

    I tried it this afternoon. Soooooo good! That’s an easy and Healthy bar! Thank you very much for all your recipes!

  8. says

    I made these bars to use with the pumpkin bread pudding and it came out so moist and tasty. I don’t like a lot of “sweet” so I replaced the agave with honey and cut it down to 1/4c and added 2t molasses. I had to bake it for 35 minutes. Thanks for such a great recipe!

  9. Pauline Rosenberg says

    The pumpkin mixture did not rise uniformly. It sunk in the middle. The only change I made was to add some chocolate chunks. Any comments? Should I have used more baking soda?

  10. AnnaG says

    I know that you first posted this 3 years ago :) but we just made these yesterday — wonderful, pumpkin-y, spicy flavor — so easy and delicious!

  11. V says

    I love your recipes! It’s great to make healthy treats for the family that I can also eat too! For the pumpkin bars, I used an organic canned pumpkin puree–(BPA free can.) I use 1/2 the sweetener, as I do in most of the recipes and add in 1-2 tbsp. of almond milk to create a similar consistency. So far so good. Since I decrease the amount of sweetener by half, I also have to decrease the salt 1/2. The bars were moist, just sweet enough–perfect!

  12. Laurie says

    I just made this and it turned out really great! I used honey instead of agave, but I reduced the amount to 1/4 cup. I added 2 Tblspns of almond milk just in case it needed more moisture. Yum!

  13. Daphne says

    Just wondering if I can use a kitchen aid for the recipes that call for a food processor. The food processor that I do have, isn’t quite big enough to put all the ingredients in.

  14. says

    I LOVE your desserts!!! Good gluten free baking is hard to find and these PUMPKIN BARS are amazing!! I am dairy free as well so I found a can of coconut cream, got the can very cold from the refrigerator, then whipped it with my hand mixers (I added a few sprinkles of raw evaporated cane sugar). Decadent!! Thanks for your great recipes:)

  15. Tyree says

    I am excited to try these, no grains in our diet make it difficult to make an occasional treat. I will be trying several of these recipes. Thank you for using everyday items and not weird filler stuff! Thanks again!

  16. Stacy says

    These bars are AMAZING!!!!! The only bad thing I can say about them is that I could eat the whole entire pan!!!! I have just recently learned I have several food sensitivities. I would eat these over wheat flour based bars. They are good!!!! WARNING!!!! You will want to eat them all!!!!

  17. Amy says

    I had some frozen pumpkin purée in the freezer that I wanted to use so I gave this a whirl. Used my own almond flour and 2 T of organic grade b maple syrup instead. It turned out marvelously. Every recipe of yours that I have tried has been amazing! Thanks again Elana, I can’t get enough of your creations.

  18. Frederica Christ says

    Thank you, thank you for a great recipe. We are newbies at gluten free cooking and finding recipes that don’t use a lot of starches – and taste good and turn out and don’t use a bunch of expensive ingredients are a treasure. This is yummy.

  19. Eme says

    I just made these for our thanksgiving dessert, DELISH! I doubled the recipe and made it in a 7×11 Pyrex, still took 35 minutes. I also substituted the agave for 1/2 honey and 1/2 coconut sugar. I am going to serve it topped with a scoop of coconut milk vanilla ice cream. Who said gluten free & dairy free was no fun ;-). Love your blog, oh yeah, my stuffing is made with your Paleo bread too.

  20. Kristen says

    Wonderful recipe, I was not sure what to expect from the batter, but they baked up flawlessly. I subbed 1/4 cup of maple syrup for the agave. Making a second batch for my mom now.

  21. claudia says

    With pumpkin and squash season upon us, I just had to mention my autumn riff on Elana’s banana cake. I used a puree of kabocha and pears, seasoned with chai spices (including cardamon) for a friend’s birthday. The birthday girl declared it my best cake ever–gluten-free or not!

  22. Jamie says

    I just made these as a fall treat and they are FABULOUS!!!! So easy (I love that you can just whip them up in the food processor. Baked for 33 minutes and they are soft and moist! These are going to become a staple in our house because they’re so healthy!

  23. annazmom says

    I’m in a baking mood today. Just what I was looking for. Great for lunches, too! Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes!

  24. Jeannie says

    I was a little nervous to try this new GF recipe since I had company coming over and I’m used to just whipping up the good ol high sugar high gluten version! BUT I took the risk and it was AMAZING! SO moist and delicious, I will never go back to the old version! Thank you for sharing this delicious alternative :)

  25. Terry R says

    These look delicious. I’m thinking maple frosting, too… Will look to see if you have a maple frosting recipe on the site.. Thank you!

  26. Loes says

    Wow!!!! These pumpkin bars/cake are delicious!!
    I made these yesterday en they are so good…very light en sweet and a little bit spicy..
    My son, 5 years old, loved it!!
    Thanks for the recipe..
    greetings Loes from the Netherlands..:-)

  27. Soniya says

    These are are so good!
    For anyone who is curious about nutrition facts…
    I cut up one batch into nine bars.
    One bar has about 165 calories and 6g protein.

  28. Lara says

    I made these today, and they are awesome!! I have tried to find many a replacement for pumpkin bars without success…and now I have!! THANK YOU:)

  29. says

    This recipe is exciting… I am trying it with a kabocha pumpkin, with way more pumpkin, splenda and I added lemon juice

    we’ll see how it turns out…

    I toasted the pumpkin seeds and sprinkled those and cinnamon on top… so far it looks like it’s going to be delicious…


  30. Stephanie Steele says

    Delicious Pumpkin Bar recipe! I am new to your website. As a natural foods eater and advocate and vegetarian I love Elana’s Pantry and will return. Thank you for the amazing work you do!

  31. Marisa says

    I’ve been itching to make these and finally did tonight after my roommates and I devoured your pumpkin loaf recipe over a two day span! Like the loaf, these did not disappoint, Elana! Thank you! I wouldn’t even have this profusion of freshly roasted pumpkin to play around with had I not followed your directions.

    P.S. – I am the only one of my four roommate with celiacs or any food allergy for that matter and they have loved every single recipe I have made courtesy of your posts! I am a law student and baking is my therapeutic break.

    Big thanks for all the unique and delicious recipes and happy autumn!


  32. says

    These are the absolute best – whether you need gluten-free or not. I double the cinnamon and add chopped walnuts and dark chocolate chunks. Everyone loves these! Thanks for the awesome recipe.

    • SamMonks says

      oh man these are soooo good! but next time i’ll have to make a double batch. it did not last long inmy house =D

  33. Ann says

    I made these tonight, with the sub of grade B maple syrup for the agave. Deeelish! My first almond-flour-only baked good, and it’s a lovely one.

  34. says

    After a long day of running, I was feeling like I wanted a dessert this evening. The problem is, I am paleo right now and avoiding sugar. I had your blog up and came across these bars which was perfect since I had pumpkin in the fridge. I decided to make the bars, sub the agave out for more pumpkin & add a few drops of stevia. Results, they held together and tasted great. I was really pleased how the turned out and can only imagine that the agave would notch them up another level.

    I am looking forward to trying your paleo bread soon!

  35. Staci says

    I just had a pumpkin bread failure and i’m determined to make something that tastes good with pumpkin in it this fall!! thank you

  36. LesWilis says

    This turned out fantastic (and I seldom cook or bake)! If you served it to wheat-eaters, they would never know that it’s gluten-free, let alone grain-free. The almond flour gives it moisture and cohesion, so it doesn’t crumble as easily as most gluten-free baked goods. Used banana in place of pumpkin on my third batch. I grind raw almonds in a coffee grinder to make almond flour. It’s not blanched, but turns out fine.

  37. Tyler says

    Yumm! these look and sound great! I wonder if I used banana instead of pumpkin if I’d turn out with a lovely banana bread?

  38. Mary L says

    This was the second recipe I have tried. It was so good and was eaten as dessert and for breakfast the next morning. We used roasted butternut squash and I used honey instead of agave. Can’t wait to see what I make next!

  39. says

    This recipes is Awesome and I couldn’t find any Almond flour so i used Buckwheat flour instead. Does anyone know if buckwheat has gluten.

    The kids love love love these:()

    • cgilbertmt says

      Kat Duvall – Buckwheat itself does not have gluten. There could be a cross-contamination issue if you buy a product that isn’t certified gluten-free, however.

  40. Jeanette says

    I made a version of these yesterday using roasted butternut squash and dark maple syrup and I substituted cloves with allspice. They were absolutely delicious. My husband and I had them last night for dessert. There’s only a small piece left this afternoon. Thanks for this easy and tasty recipe. You’re my kind of gluten-free cook!

  41. Melanie says

    These pumpkin bars are SO simple to make and are delicious. Definitely pack your alomond flour when making this recipe to get the best consistency on your bars.

  42. says

    i’m on my third batch of these. i reduced the agave to 1/4 because it was too sweet for me. but yum. light and cakey. i was completely surprised the first time i made these. completely delicious.

  43. says

    I made these for a family gathering this weekend and everyone LOVED them! They were perfect! Thank you for this recipe. I will be making them again, many times over. :D


  44. says

    I have these baking in my oven right now!!! Another 10 minutes to go and they smell wonderful! :)
    Only changes to Elana’s recipe is I used grade B Maple Syrup instead of agave and I added 2 tablespoons of butter.

    • says

      I woke up this morning with a craving for more of these bars.
      There’re so easy to prepare and don’t take long to bake.
      I doubled Elana’s recipe and made the following variations:
      Instead of 1 cup of agave nectar, I used half a cup of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup + half a cup of light brown sugar
      I also added 2 rounded tablespoons of low fat sour cream and 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter.
      Came out beautifully and tastes divine!

  45. Melissa says

    i may not have access to almond flour here in Cape Town, South Africa (any other flours you can recommend). We do have lots of other alternative flours but not sure i have seen almond.

  46. Toni says

    So I’ve made these couple of timesand they are incredible. This last time I substituted 1/2 cup applesauce for the eggs to make them vegan. They needed to cook a tad longer, but yumm-o.

  47. Rachel says

    I tried these out one day when I had leftover pumpkin and I was frustrated with some of the GF baking recipes I was trying. These bars were a gift!! It was so delicious we ate then within hours I and made it again the next day. Thanks so much! I’m going to buy your book right away!

  48. carrie says

    This was my first recipe with almond flour, but they didn’t turn out nearly as good as they looked. They were too chewy and not moist at all. Maybe I cooked them too long! I will try again…

  49. Bomama says

    Made them this morning for my kids.They turned out beautifully even though I had to mix by hand.Yummy!My kids thought they were carrot because of the bright orange color of the pumpkin and were suspicious, but ate them quietly and all off what I gave them!
    True, they are addictive!!Next up apple cake…..

  50. Mary says

    Made this last night with egg replacer and honey. I also added an eighth of a cup more of almond flour – mostly because I though the batter was a little bit too runny and i was afraid of pudding bars.
    They turned out perfect!! They were requested again for tonight’s dessert so I’m going to try it with flax or chia. I’ll let you know

  51. Alycia says

    How fun to come across your site on this rainy Sunday afternoon! I was just thinking about making pumpkin bread and wondering how to cook fresh pumpkin for it. Thanks for this recipe.
    A note about Agave. I have food allergies, hypoglycemia and sensitive digestion. It seemed like agave didn’t work too well for me and I emailed and asked Linda Page, author of “Healthy Healing” about it. Her assistant wrote back and informed me that although agave works better than refined sugar for a lot of people, it is very processed. So I stick with maple syrup and usually cut the amount of sweetness that recipes call for.
    Also I have added some cooked butternut squash to my favorite pancake recipe and it was moist and delicious!

  52. Sheila says

    I made your yummy bars with the addition of 1/3 cup chopped walnuts, 1/2 cup fresh whole cranberries, and 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips (all added at the end after the food processing stage) and I decreased the agave to 1/4 cup. They were fabulous! Thank you!!

  53. Dotti says

    The Almond Power Bars were a hit at my place and at work….Delicious and satisfying. Thank you for this site …I make quite a few of your recipes….

  54. says

    I love fall and all the wonderful recipes. These pumpkin bars are the easiest to make and are Yummy. I used a blender because I don’t have a Vita mixer. I made two batches in one day because my daughter brought over her baking pan for me to fill. I believe the biggest compliment for the pumpkin bars were from my 9 year old granddaughter who took the bars to school for lunch. She was given an opportunity to have a piece of candy but she said no thank you, I have yummy pumpkin bars to eat in my lunch. How Cool!! Thank you Elana for your recipes!!!

  55. mindy says

    My favourite recipe~ made with the Vitamix ~ from Elana’s Pantry ~ is the Butternut Squash soup. It is SO simple. I add quinoa – b/c I need the extra protein & toasted cumin seed – for digestion….& a sprinkle of coconut on top, upon serving.

  56. Gerri says

    Elena, I cannot thank you enough for all of your wonderful recipes! Since I started to eat Gluten Free it’s been a challenge to find food that will satisfy my non-GF family. When I make things from your cookbook it’s always a success!! My favorite recipes of yours are the Carrot Kugel (but I don’t have a Vitamix, so I had to use just a regular blender). Recently I’ve been making your Pumpkin Bars!!! They have been incredibly popular! Thank you again for the wonderful work you do!!!

  57. Jenna says

    Mmm!! I am so grateful to you for these, Elana! I made them on Halloween and served them with your cream cheese frosting! My husband (who is not gluten free and is a lover of sweets) is just as addicted to these as I am! I’ve been hearing the tinfoil on the pan rattle at all hours of the day only to find him standing in the kitchen with another Pumpkin Bar on his plate and a smile on his face! I’m gonna have to make another batch if I want any! :) Thank you for the recipe!!


  58. Monica Pelletier says

    Used maple syrup instead and a mixer because I still don’t have a food processor. Super yummy! Will need to be made again for Thanksgiving.

  59. says

    I think that your pumpkin “trance” is contagious because I most definitely have it now! I made your pumpkin muffins. Then a few days later, I roasted another pumpkin to make these delicious bars that my family thoroughly enjoyed. With my leftover pumpkin, I cooked up some (in my opinion) tasty short ribs and pumpkin puree in my slow cooker. I’ve never cooked so much pumpkin before.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next : )

  60. says

    Elana, these are wonderful! I realized when I read the recipe, though it was nearing 2am, that I had all the ingredients, So I baked, using pre-prepared butternut squash. I had to amend spices and sweetener to much heavier doses as butternut is a very light delicate flavor, not at all the robustness of a good sugar pumpkin. Nonetheless, I could not be more pleased.

    The bars turned out sort of like a very light and fluffy omelette, in that the egg forms the netting gluten ordinarily would in a wheat flour bar, binding the bar together. I made an icing for them I’d like to share as we’re watching our weight while eating gluten-free and as healthily and as we’re foodie cooks – gourmet as possible.

    Applesauce Spice Cake Icing

    1 cup Greek (strained) yogurt
    1/2 cup applesauce
    1/4t. cinnamon
    2 drops vanilla essence
    agave or stevia to taste

    Beat all to smoothness and return mixture to refrigerator until stiff. Can spread either while just made, or when mix stiffens to provide a thicker coating. And on the stevia question, I like Truvia best for baked goods.

    I topped the pumpkin bars with this icing, then sprinkled with cinnamon and garnished with slivered almonds and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were heavenly! Thanks so much for this recipe, which will be added to my family’s fall lineup of healthy dessert treats. Now I can finally clean the kitchen and go to bed – curiosity satisfied!

  61. Jess says

    Made these last weekend for a Halloween party at my CrossFit gym. Everyone absolutely loved them and is begging me for the recipe. Wondering if you would mind if I posted your recipe on our gym’s blog?

    • says

      Hi Jess,

      Yes, feel free to repost this recipe according to the terms below, at the bottom of the site.

      Hello to all of the CrossFitters :-)


  62. Heather S. says

    Love your recipes. I went Paleo/Primal in the Spring and have found I do have a problem with gluten and refined sugar. Your recipes have been a blessing. Not missing the old baked goods with recipes like these. Thanks and keep them coming.

  63. Sue says

    Dear Elena,

    yesterday I found your recipe on “The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen” and immediately tried it out. I put the dough into a muffin form, and they turned out just great! I had to substitute the recipe with rice sirup and tigernut flour, but that had no impact on their delicousness! Thanks so much for sharing!

  64. says

    Thank you for this recipe. My daughter’s Waldorf pre-K was making pumpkin cookies and apple sauce for their mellow Halloween celebration. I brought your recipe to the teacher and she made ’em up for the kids and they were a big hit along with the homemade apple sauce from apples brought in by the kids. They also helped the teachers get the pulp from the pumpkins. Love your recipes.

  65. aziza says

    I made your pumpkin muffin and they were so goooood!!
    I will try to make these bars this week.

    Thank you again for sharing these wonderful recipe

  66. Sheryl says

    I look forward to trying this since I just acquired several squash today. Do you ever experiment with egg free in addition to gluten and dairy free? I seem to struggle to make anything edible these days but my guy is such a good sport…just add chocolate chips and top with sunflower butter and he will eat it!

  67. Cora says

    Just made this recipe, and it tastes amazing! Just like pumpkin pie filling…the only change I made is I use 1/2c. coconut flour and 1/2c. almound flour instead of all almond flour. Came out very moist and my picky eater son loves it! Thanks

  68. Amy says

    I have a big can of pumpkin puree to use up today and I’ve been scouring the internet for gluten-free recipes – this is perfect!

  69. says

    Just made these this afternoon and they are DIVINE. I thought I would leave a comment, because I was out of eggs and used 1 scoop of egg white protein powder + 1/4 cup water instead. Worked great. Probably even could have just used 1/2 a scoop and less water. Let’s just hope I don’t eat the whole pan before my son wakes up from his nap ;)

  70. Tracy says

    This is a wonderful recipe! We thought that putting cream cheese frosting on it would be good, but it actually turned out too sweet. You just don’t need that extra topping! We’ll try whipped cream like you suggested next time!

  71. Cindy Richmond says

    Just found this wonderful site. Beautifully set up with clear concise directions and nice pictures! Thank you for this information. Can’t wait to try roasting my organically grown pie pumpkins, to use in one of the recipes.

  72. Heidi says

    These look great. I love pumpkin anything and these will top my weekend baking. I happily have 4 pumpkins from the co-op begging to be used.
    I would love the hemp bags!
    So great for the bulk bins. I enjoyed the info on storing produce on their website as well.

  73. Natalie Calabretta says

    I love pumpkin anything.:) I subed allspice instead of nutmeg because I don’t like it. They are light, fluffy and moist. Perfect with tea in the morning! Thanks for leaving all these great recipes.

  74. Valerie says

    I made these last night, I used 1/4 cup pure maple syrup for sweetener instead of the Agave, and also added 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips. Fabulous! Thank you for the recipe, this will be a keeper in our home!

  75. Trudi Hastings says

    I’m going to fool all my Halloween party guests, they aren’t getting a lick of gluten or sugar! I’m just going to sit back and see if they even notice…

  76. S. Carter says

    I was so excited to see this recipe as it is very similar to an old family recipe for pumpkin bundt cake. I made this tonight and it was delicious!! I added 1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips and as I was short on time I used canned pumpkin puree from Whole Foods. The taste was great and I will definitely be making this for Thanksgiving. It was yummy with whipped cream. I think cream cheese frosting would also work well. Thank you Elena!!!

  77. Jenny Eliuk says

    Made these tonight using ground almonds in lieu of the flour since I had it on hand, and these were divine! They had almost a bread pudding flavour to them. Served with organic fresh whipped cream and organic raspberries… mmmm. My only complaint is that the pan ought to be 500% bigger! We’ll finish this all tonight… yum, thank you for sharing this recipe! Looking forward to trying it with flour next time.

  78. Ana says

    I made these tonight and they were delish! I am aslo going to save the left over roasted pumpkin and make something else. Thanks for the recipe!

  79. Leona says

    Oh, these look so good! I’m going to have to try them very soon. I, too, love baking with pumpkin. The fall just makes me want to be in the kitchen, and the kids have been begging me to make something pumpkin because they love it too! I will have to see how an egg substitute works though, as my middle child doesn’t do well with them.
    Thanks again!

  80. Sue says

    Yum! I made these this morning and they were very tasty. I used acorn squash and a bit more than half the amount of sweetening in the form of honey. I’m glad I tested them before putting them out for the kids though, or I’d not have gotten any!

  81. Kristin says

    i’ve made these twice now and can’t keep them long enough for the older kids to get any! Can these be frozen?

  82. Ana says

    Oh my goodness! Delicious! I’ve actually made two batches in a matter of hours since my kids devoured them. They had no idea they were actually good for them. I used canned pumpkin and the texture was great-house smelt nummy and wow! I also used a substitute for the agave, trying to watch my carbs, and so I used a Xylitol syrup and it was perfect! We served ours with stevia sweetened whipped cream. Love em! Thanks for helping us welcome in the fall! xo

  83. Daphie says

    I’m looking forward to making these. I was looking for something like this and it sounds like it will be delicious.

  84. Trish Lopez says

    I love the pumpkin pie muffins and these pumpkin bars look absolutely delectable – can’t wait to make them! Thank you so, so much for all the great recipes. You’ve literally changed my life. My husband and I started a diet free of gluten, casein, sugar, corn, peanuts and soy several months ago due to medical reasons. The first few weeks were miserable. I’d always “cooked” with instant and pre-packaged foods so I had no idea what to do. Our food was so austere and bland that I’d decided we’d never enjoy a meal or have a yummy snack again. I found your site in a desperate search for ideas and now your recipes are the basis of my entire menu plan. I actually enjoy cooking with real ingredients and love that not only is our food delicious and satisfying, it’s healty and good for us. A million thanks and much love for all you do! By the way – I’m giving out all natural, no sugar added fruit leathers for Halloween (my second choice – toothbrushes was my first choice too).

  85. says

    these look good enough to serve to my non-GF friends. I’m hosting a party, and have a mix of people coming and I’m always looking for seasonal favorites that are delicious enough to serve to guests. I’m also glad to have found your site and noticed that the reason my almond flour creations were not turning out was because of the brand not my baking in general. I will have to order some better baking almond flour.

  86. Rin says

    Elana, another delicious recipe!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I love love love anything with pumpkin in it! Although, I think I would change the name to Pumpkin Pudding Bars (I don’t know if this was due to the fact that I substituted the eggs for 2 T ground flaxseed and 6 T hot water….stir well and let sit til thick and stir well again….or perhaps our oven is off, either way it was DELICIOUS). They were a hit, none leftover from last night! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  87. says

    Made them with maple syrup instead of agave but I also have to say that the word that comes to mind to describe them is… addictive. I am afraid I will gobble the whole batch down by myself.

  88. says

    My daughter is always famished after her swim team practice. Each week I bake her hearty, nutritious bars for her to inhale after a hard swim. This week I made your pumpkin bars. She gave them two enthusiastic thumbs up. I doubled your recipe and reduced the agave a little. Turned out wonderful! Thanks Elana.

  89. Jeanne Marie says

    I went out and bought some pie pumpkins, from one of our local organic farms, just to make these!! They look delicious and I can’t wait to make them!

  90. says

    I just made these and have to say I LOVE them. I don’t have a gluten intolerance, but I just had to make them. They are so indulgent you would never think they were healthy! thank you!

  91. Shanna Pace says

    Making these right now! I can’t find an organic pumpkin anywhere so used organic canned pumpkin BOOOOO!! I am certain they will still be delish despite the canned pumpkin ;-) Thanks Elana!

  92. Brenda Berry says

    These look wonderful! For those of you a bit intimidated by roasting pumpkins, its VERY easy if you just let it be! I grow them, and roast them whole, by just washing them and chucking them in the oven (I cook in a solar oven, but you can do them in a regular oven at 300 for about 2 hours, or until a fork pierces it easily. Once cooked, its easy to slice the pumpkin in half, scoop out the seeds and fiberous bits with a spoon, then scoop out the pulp. (You can get more of the pulp close to the skin if you do this while the pumpkin is still very hot) There is no need to try to cut through a hard pumpkin before roasting-just cook it whole-super easy! If you have a slow cooker, you can also do it in that if the pumpkin will fit. Freshly roasted pumpkin has MUCH more flavor than canned…worth the extra effort. For something like these wonderful bars, they sure would be nice with fresh pumpkin!

  93. Victoria Gabrielle says

    Hi Elana,
    I stumbled across your site from google looking for gluten and sugar free recipes. So glad I found you! I’ve just recently started on my gf/sf journey, not because of allergies, but because of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Nothing else has worked better at relieving my symptoms than this radical change in my diet. There’s so many more of us out there than I realized…and doing a beautiful job blogging about it to boot! You’re definitely at the top of my list now, and I really appreciate all the experimenting you do to come up with such wonderful recipes. You’ve made my life (and countless others I’m sure) so much easier. Thanks so much!

  94. Amy says

    Pumpkin bars…very clever! I love pumpkin in the fall, and will have to try these.
    Thanks for this blog, I love the good food, your candor and the beautiful pictures! It’s refreshing to have a grain free blog that offers so many nourishing and delicous baked goods. I make your coconut flour chocolate cupcakes at least twice a month. A girl needs her chocolate fix, ya know? ;)

  95. Zoe says

    I actually made these (looking at the comments everyone is promising to but hasn’t got round to it). My mixture looked a bit sloppy so i added some fine oats to bulk it up along with some pumpkin seeds. I didn’t have quite enough agarve so had to use a couple of teaspoons of honey as well. The mixture didn’t rise much but the resulting albeit flat cake was moist, light and tasty. Should make a handy pre-run breakfast for those mid-week runs.

  96. Stefanie P says

    I was just searching for a new GF pumpkin goodie to make for my youngest’s fall party — 3 of 24 kids have Celiac (my son included). I bet these will be a hit with everyone — going to add choc chips, too!

  97. Theresa Picoriello says

    Hi Elana,first, this pumpkin bar recipe looks so yummy! i will be making it soon! I have been a fan of yours for some time now. I have you’re cookbook,(Gluten-Free Almond Flour) I LOVE IT!!! you have simplified gluten free cooking for me as well as many others. my hat’s off to you. keep up the great work. your site has become an addiction to me. i check it out everyday!!!! Thank-you Sincerely, Theresa P.

  98. Maria Margarita says

    I’ve already made two batches of these (that’s how good they are). With the first batch I followed the recipe all except the the spice part, I added about a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice from trader joes instead of each individual spice. The second batch was full of add ins, walnuts and dark chocolate chips. These were also amazing, personally I liked the plain ones better. This is a MUST try recipe if you like pumpkin.

  99. Karen F says

    I’ve been eating lots of (savoury) butternut squash lately. Now you’ve tempted me with this sweet treat. Thanks for your beautiful blog and giveaways, Elana.

  100. kathy says

    I was just looking for a new pumpkin bar recipe – decided to see if you had one and viola, it was staring me in face when I opened your site. Now I know I will make these tomorrow!

  101. Mary says

    I LOVE pumpkin baked goods! <3 This will be the next one I try. I already made your pumpkin pie muffins (using flax instead of eggs) and they were yumma yumma!!

  102. emily says

    Thank you for posting this, (as well as 10 steps to pumpkin puree), I made them this afternoon, my first time using a real pumpkin… AMAZING!!

  103. Mindi Ellicock says

    I’ve been looking for something easy and yummy for all these pumpkins we have. This looks perfect! I can’t wait to try it.

  104. Lisa Graham says

    These pumpkin bars sound great! I would love to try them as written but also to try them with almond butter instead of the almond flour. I just love the gluten free brownie recipe that you put out that uses almond butter! Worth a try!

  105. Stephanie says

    Tis the season and I’ve got plenty of pumpkin to go around. The giveaways sound useful and interesting. Count me in.

  106. says

    The bars look amazing! Just this evening I was walking around the supermarket looking at the pumpkins and contemplating whether or not I should buy some. At that point, I couldn’t come up with what to bake – now I know!
    Can’t wait for the recipe for pumpkin ice cream!

  107. Barbara says

    I’m going to try these bars today, and probably add nuts. Is there a substitution ratio going from using almond flour to using coconut flour. I would love to start using coconut flour as it is much easier to find in the stores. Thanks for all your great recipes.

  108. Tereva Paris says

    Yum, I’m going to run downstairs and whip up a batch of these bars right away. Thanks for the recipe Elana!

  109. jessica hyatt says


    Being a “newbie” in the gluten and dairy free world I wanted to express my appreciation for all you have done! i stumbled across your site and have found your ideas and recipes wonderful inspiring! You have made a difference in my life right now!

  110. Sheila says

    Your recipe is inspiring–I’m definitely going to try it. Years ago, when I could eat flour, I used to make pumpkin-chocolate chip-cranberry-walnut muffins and wow, were they good. I’ve just seen cranberries come into our grocery store, and started dreaming about those muffins. Now, I’m inspired to add a few cranberries, chocolate chips, and chopped walnuts to your recipe. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  111. Katie says

    Thanks for the Pumpkin recipies. I just bought a little more winter squash than I really know what to do with. My son is allergic to eggs but I think I’m going to try these out with ground flax seed.

  112. robin says

    While the pumpkin bars do look tempting, oddly enough I am not much of a pumpkin fan…I do however LOVE pumpkin ice cream. Ever since I was young, come Thanksgiving dinner everyone would be sitting around eating pumpkin pie (ewww!) & I’d be in the kitchen, scooping my pumpkin ice cream from our local hand-made ice cream store!!!!
    Have you experimented making a pumpkin ice cream? If so, I’d love the recipe…I’d also love those hemp bags.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  113. Rhonda from Baddeck says

    I’m using roasted pumpkin (per your directions) — so how much of that is equal to “1/2 can” of (commercial) pumpkin? I’m assuming approximately 1 cup, but don’t want the batter to be too wet. I’ve made the pumpkin muffins twice so far (more tonight), and they’re delicious!

  114. Lynette says

    This is my favorite time of year partly so that I can eat all of the wonderful pumpkins and squashes. I’m always looking for healthy delicious recipes to make the most of them!

  115. Arleen says

    Elana, I love your recipes. They are so simple to put together and always oh, so yummy! Can’t wait to try the Pumpkin Bars!

  116. Tracy W says

    I just bought my first Cinderella Pumpkin of the season and cooked it up yesterday. It was so huge that I could only cook half of the pumpkin at a time. My preschooler and I made the pumpkin pie out of your cookbook last night, which was a HUGE hit at my house. My husband gobbled it up so fast and raved on and on about it! A few weeks ago I made your pumpkin pie muffins with a sugar pie pumpkin that I bought, which were also hugely popular at my house. And thank you for posting this recipe for the pumpkin bars. I absolutely can’t wait to try them! My preschooler know exactly what we’ll be doing after lunch……we’re just a little crazy about pumpkin at my house!

  117. Bomama says

    wondering if this would work with another gluten-free four if someone was allergic to almonds or nuts?bean flours or rice??would that work?how about corn?Thanks!

  118. Graciela says

    OMG! Those pumpkin bars look sooooooooo good!
    I’ll try them for my son. I’ll tell you how he reacts to them. He is a very picky teenager :)

  119. Elizabeth Brett says

    I am absolutely making this when I when I get back from the laundro-mat (washing machine just broke). I have been craving these flavors!

  120. Leah says

    I love this time of year when all the pumpkin goodies come out again. Just found myself some pumpkin tea from TAZO and it is the perfect late afternoon drink.

  121. Emily says

    This looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try it. This is my first time baking with fresh pumpkin and it’s easier than I thought it would be. I made the Pumpkin Pie muffins Sunday night and, well, they became my dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. I have a feeling that may be the fate of these bars.

  122. Joanne says

    I have three grand-daughters who like most young people today are very much aware of how important it is to ‘go green’. A gift of a hemp bag to each of them would be something I would like to do if I would win this prize. Thank you so much for all your advice and recipes in being gluten free. They too are following food allergy diets including gluen free and sugar free and more. Blessings, Joanne

  123. Jennifer R. says

    I’d love to win your giveaway — thanks!
    And the pumpkin bars sound awesome — a definite must make at my house. I know my 3 kids will love them!

  124. Amy Klein says

    couldn’t be happier that I am getting these posts, I have a challenging birthday eater coming up and she’s been craving pumpkin, it would be nice to garnish it with a hemp bag as well.

  125. Melissa says

    Can’t wait to try these, I have been wanting to make more bake goodies with pumpkin, so I have to try these. YUM!!!!

  126. says

    I don’t have a food processor ( I know…who doesn’t have one, right?) so I guess I’ll try this out with a mixer. I’m over-run with pumpkins from our CSA and needed a new recipe idea!

  127. Barb says

    These sound great although I wondered if you could substitute applesauce for some of the sugar source. I try to use low glycemic sugars as much as possible. What fo you think?

  128. Rebecca says

    Awesome! I was trying to figure out what to make for a good friend with Celiac at this Sunday’s Halloween party, and I think these bars will be great. Thank you!

  129. Beth says

    These look so good.
    Coincidently, I have a pumpkin sitting on my counter that is saying “roast me”. I’ll happily oblige it this evening, and use it in this recipe.

  130. Joan Meador says

    I had a can of pumpkin on my counter waiting to be used! I am going to make the Pumpkin Bars right now! Thanks.

  131. sas says

    Hi Elana! I’m really getting into squashes of all kinds right now, since we’re getting an abundance in our weekly CSA! I haven’t made anything with pumpkin yet, but I’ve got my eye on your pumpkin custard and those tempting muffins…. these pumpkin bars look delish, although I’ll have to figure out a sub for the eggs, since I’m not doing those now….

  132. Kieran says

    Wow this looks amazing! for the girl with not strong arms is there a way to soften the pumpkin/squash before you slice it?

  133. Martha says

    This looks like something that would work for us. I am just entering this world of gluten-free baking and cooking and am grateful for the inspiration.

  134. eileen says

    Thanks for all of the great recipes!! And thanks for the giveaway. As someone who is interested in community gardening, this is perfect!

  135. Marsha says

    I am new to Gluten Free and finding your website is an incredible find. I feel very fortunate to have found you. Thank you Elana for bringing in the sunshine! : )

  136. says

    So excited to make these! Ivé been trying to find a good pumpkin gluten free recipe. Do you think egg replacer would work well with this recipe, or do you have any suggestions to make it egg free? Thanks so much Elana!

  137. Karen says

    Thank you! I was hoping for a nut flour based pumpkin recipe….besides the pumpkin pie from Beth’s blog…

    Now I have it. This will be my next treat! :^) Fall is definitely here!

  138. Pagan Overton says

    I cannot wait to make these on Halloween! Yummy baked good to go along with homemade spiced apple cider, yum! Also, those bags you are giving away look awesome, very interested in those!

  139. Mia says

    Thank you for the yummy pumpkin bar recipe! I am looking forward to giving it a try. I am thinking of making it with kabocha.

  140. Diane Dailey says

    I can’t wait to try these pumpkin bars! They look yummy. My 10 year old son is sure to try and eat the whole batch, he’s a pumpkin monster.

  141. says

    Your give-aways tempt me to leave comments even though I usually prefer to remain anonymous when I visit blogs! These pumpkin bars look delicious and I’m planning to try them with our sugar pumpkins after the halloween display.

    Thank you for the inspiring recipes.

  142. Jae says

    Has anybody tried subbing eggs and almond flour? These look awesome but allergic to eggs & almonds! I may try experimenting when I find some motivation to venture down that road again! lol

    • Britt says

      Yep! It’s super yummy. I actually sub honey in all of Elana’s recipes because I am allergic to agave, and they always turn out beautifully. My recommendation is to use the lightest colored, clearest honey you can find so that the baked good isn’t overwhelmed by honey flavor. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, of course!!

  143. Kathy says

    My husband brought home 6 pie pumpkins from the country when he went on a job there, These sound very easy and tasty! I’ll try em’ tommorrow

  144. debra says

    lol… i’m totally digging the “serve naked” bit. hemp bags sound neat – i tried crocheting with hemp once but it didn’t turn out so great. not the hemp’s fault though, i’m just not so great at crochet. :D

  145. Caroline Bull says

    I cannot wait to make these!!!!! I’m so excited to be baking again – with some guidance!!!! I hope we get a pumpkin in our veggie box this week.

  146. christina I. says

    Pumpkin anything tastes great this time of year..thank for creating this wonderful site. I was recently diagnosed with celiac and had almost lost all hope for a decent sweet. Faith has been restored.

  147. Sara says

    I’m not normally a pumpkin person, but these bars sound delicious. I’m about to roast my first spaghetti squash tomorrow, so I will have to make my next project roasting a pumpkin so I can make these treats!

  148. PAT says

    I have a little friend who sprained her ankle in ballet last week, so I am going to surprise her with these bars for Halloween.

  149. Stephanie says

    Elana… I will be making these TOMORROW!!! They look yummy!!! I made your tropical chocolate chip cookies (from your cookbook) yesterday and they are all gone!!

  150. says

    Once again, perfect timing Elana! We just harvested our sugar pumpkins (they are smallish pumpkins grown specifically for pies and baking) and I’ve been looking for new ways to use them.

    Since I don’t do sugar, and don’t really crave it, I make my pie filling with just the sweet spices and vanilla, and sometimes a little bit of agave inulin or stevia, and I love it. This way of baking is great for diabetics. So I’m off to try this recipe without the agave. Since my pumpkins are sweet it’s probably not really needed. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  151. Yan says

    We miss pumpkin bread, now we can go ahead and make this just because it is gluten-free. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  152. Renate says

    These look yummy! Can you offer any suggestions on how to subsitute stevia for agave nectar in your recipes? Or will that not work well? I’m trying to go sugar free.

  153. Kathryn Richards says

    They look great! Can’t wait to try them. We’ve been so pleased with every recipe we’ve tried from this site. :D Yumm!

  154. Wendy Harrell says

    Pumpkin is one of my favorite foods! Look forward to trying your pumpkin bars recipe. I have enjoyed most of the recipes in your book and surely this one will be wonderful. Thank you, Elana!

  155. says

    I just got my first box of almond flour. Now I can give these a try! I wonder how they’d do with chocolate chips…
    (sorry if this comes through twice, having commenting issues tonight)

  156. Diane says

    Yea!!! I love pumpkin and I am so ready to make these. Thanks for the other recipe sites, but I don’t use all the other grain flours and I just LOVE your site and prefer to make your recipes. They are the easier, the most delicious and so healthy!You are the best!

  157. Kari says

    These sound yummy! I’ve already blown through 3 batches of your Pumpkin Pie Muffins in recent weeks! And I have to say I SO love the ease of your recipes. I checked out those other pumpkin recipes you linked to and as yummy as they sound, they are more complicated than I have time for. Almond flour ROCKS!!! Thanks Elana. :)

  158. says

    Can I say YUM! I absolutely love pumpkin but I have been disapointed trying to find healthy recipes for pumpkin items. Can’t wait to try this one!

    Thanks again for all your great recipes.


  159. says

    this looks a lot like my experimental pumpkin waffle recipe today! yum! i’ll have to try this out for my little ones, who want pumpkin everything simply b/c they like watching me clean and cook the pumpkins.

  160. Rebecca says

    Can’t wait to try these! I harvested 28 pumpkins this year, so I’ll take all the pumpkin recipes you can dish out. My boys LOVE the pumpkin muffins.

  161. Nancy says

    Just finished a batch of the pumpkin pie muffins, and will try these next! Maybe even tomorrow. I’ve been eating so many squashes and pumpkins this fall, already, I’m surprised I haven’t turned orange.

  162. Tiffany says

    I SO love pumpkin desserts but have a hard time finding good GF recipes. I am looking forward to trying these…yum, yum!

  163. Lauren says

    Yum! I made something like this recently, but considering my life revolves around pumpkins at this time of year, I’ll have to try these. Thank you!

  164. Kathryn says

    Your site and cookbook have really inspired me to become much more creative in my own gluten free baking. I have been playing with a similar recipe of my own lately. Because we can’t use cinnamon (allergy)for a traditional pumpkin spice I have been using chocolate chips or chopped dark chocolate in mine. My sons have even been enjoying them for breakfast occasionally .

    And by the way, your vanilla and chocolate cupcakes were a huge hit at a family birthday party this weekend especially with our non-gf family members.

  165. Anaquita says

    What I like is how this doesn’t look to be overly sweet. Over sweetness is why I don’t like lemon bars after all. Still I’m going to make this on the 30th to serve to a bunch of people. :3 I tend to make a lot of pumpkin and squash stuff around Halloween for friends.

  166. says

    I’ve also been in a “pumpkin trance” the last few weeks. Frankly, I’ve been trying it out in everything. Right now I have so many gluten free baked goods with pumpkin, drinks and other delectables (including soups!) that are so good. I love fall. :)

  167. Theresa Watson says

    I am on a pumpkin extravaganza – putting it in everything – I will have to share my pumpkin rice pudding recipe with ya’ll – just don’t have exact measurements down – I just throw a whole bunch of things together and it comes out wonderful.

    Thanks Elena – going to try those pumpkin bars for my church’s couples conference this weekend – if I could wait that long.

    Thanks for all the fun prizes!!

    Abundant Blessings,
    Theresa Watson

  168. Mary says

    These look AMAZING! I will have to give these a go. I have been craving pumpkin recipes! Thanks for sharing with us!

  169. Cindy says

    These pumpkin bars look great I got pumpkins today and will cook them tomorrow and then make the bars…We have been so hungry for pumpkin..And have been eating gluten free (actually free of all starches and sugar),using stevia mostly, so I’m happy to find your website and as soon as I can I’m getting your book… thank you so much for this…I would also like to know when you are scheduling more classes please….Cindy from Kansas

  170. Amanda says

    Thank you for another amazing recipe to try! These look perfect to bring
    to the family Thanksgiving dinner as an alternative to the plethora of gluten filled goodies.

  171. Amanda says

    I have been patiently anticipating your pumpkin creation. I can’t wait to try them. I have a Cole and Carson as well and I am sure they will love them just as much “your” Cole & Carson!

  172. Linda says

    These sound delicious. I think I may try them soon as my almond flour arrives! My second oldest daughter has a November birthday and she loves anything made with pumpkin. This may be a great ‘birthday cake’ for her.
    (She’ll be 24 and also has Celiacs)

  173. Ali says

    These look amazing! I will be trying this recipe soon, but will be using egg replacer when I do. I’ll update and let people know how it turns out… probably this weekend.

  174. Christine says

    Wow.. these look delicious! I’ve been waiting for something like this! I’m sure it will work just as well with a roasted winter squash?

  175. says

    We just tried to make pumpkin bread today! While it looked pretty it didn’t taste so good… This recipe seems much better than what we tried to cook! Thank you again for sharing Elana!

  176. Kelly says

    These look delish! I’ve failed miserably at roasting pumpkins before (I’ve tried more times that should be allowed), but this recipe just might tempt me to try again!

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