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Peach Almond Ice Cream

Peaches are in high season here in Colorado and we are making the most of it.  This week I made a gluten free (of course), fruit sweetened, dairy free, vegan Peach Almond Ice Cream.

To increase the peach factor, I diced up more fresh peaches and mooshed them into the ice cream after it came out of the ice cream maker.

This is another recipe that is a bit more complicated than most, however, I found it to be well worth the effort.  As I ate this Peach Almond Ice Cream, I was pleasantly surprised that so few (and such healthy) ingredients, could taste so good.

Peach Almond Ice Cream
  1. Place soaked almonds and water in vitamix
  2. Blend on highest setting until smooth, about 1 minute, add a bit more water if blending is a challenge
  3. Remove almond mixture from Vitamix and strain through a strainer bag, discarding solids
  4. Place almond mixture in rinsed out Vitamix container, blend in peaches and dates on highest setting until smooth
  5. Blend in stevia, vanilla and lemon juice
  6. Place mixture in ice cream maker and process according to instructions

I decided to pair peaches with almonds since agriculturally speaking they are close cousins and have somewhat similar as well as complementary flavors.

I am busy having a lot of fun doing interviews and planning signings for my book, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, which is now out!

I just finished up a radio interview with the lovely Niki Guluchi of Page 2 Pantry, you can listen to the program below:

Elana Amsterdam on Page2Pantry with Niki Guluchi