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Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes

You can ? Paleo treats on Valentine’s Day (as well as any other time of the year).

Here are my favorite Paleo Valentine’s Day recipes. I’m not much of a romantic, so I must confess that Valentine’s Day is not my favorite “holiday,” however, there is an upside, and that is chocolate. The gluten-free, dairy-free Paleo recipes below are full of healthy ingredients such as coconut flour, almond flour, coconut oil, and dark chocolate. So give your loved ones some higher-protein treats this year, and save them from the high-carb hangover of standard Valentine’s Day fare. Please note, that all of the recipes below use honey or other Paleo sweeteners; some may offer the option of agave nectar, and agave is not considered a Paleo sweetener. I offer this option for the numerous vegans that traffic my site. Please be nice to the vegans, and don’t yell at them about agave!

Of the Paleo Valentine’s Day treats above, my favorite recipe by far is the Espresso Fudge Brownies. I am a bit of a brownie-a-holic, as you may have guessed, and have a number of brownie recipes on my website. Since my delightful husband is also quite passionate about brownies, that will likely be the dessert we share on Valentine’s Day. We’ll probably eat dinner at home on Valentine’s Day, with our children, and it is likely I will make a nice big steak, Spicy Slaw and Roasted Broccoli. What will you be making for your sweethearts?