Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

A completely Paleo Thanksgiving menu –all gluten free, grain free and sugar free, including many delicious superfoods. Ten recipes for appetizers, salad, dinner, dessert and more.

For decades my father has said “eat the rainbow,” and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do just that. Each year, we have a variety of gorgeous, colorful dishes on the table, from the green of kale and brussels sprouts, to the orange of Pumpkin Pie (page 70 of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook), to the bright red of cranberry dishes –so many deliciously prepared superfoods! Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a time of gorging/deprivation; it can be a time of grazing and enjoying.

Although I have been grain free for close to 11 years, this will be my first purely Paleo Thanksgiving. Earlier this fall, I went Paleo and gave up:

  • legumes -including peanuts
  • dairy -including goat
  • tomatoes –Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf indicate tomatoes contain immune disrupting lectins
  • agave -I noticed that I tend to retain water when I consume this substance
  • chocolate -accepted as a Paleo cheat; however, not sure if I can digest it, so cutting it for a bit

Still, this Thanksgiving will be one of celebration and abundance for us. We have eaten very well in the last couple of months since I went Paleo and we are all looking forward to a mighty hearty Thanksgiving feast.

Below are just some of the dishes I am thinking about making:

Are you staying Paleo or grain-free this Thanksgiving? What will you be making this year? What health challenges will you be facing over the holidays? Do you have a favorite recipe you want to tell us about?

Let’s chat and share strategies for surviving and thriving during the holidays.


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  1. This will be my second completely paleo Thanksgiving – it was a hit last year and I do a week long grazing of Thanksgiving food items instead of a huge stuff yourself day but Thanksgiving Day usually has the the turkey. Of course, I have already started on the desserts–gotta test those extra, how else are you going to get into the proper frame of mind???

    I have not traveled or hosted in several years so this makes so much more sense, I can eat and everyone who visits or stops by likes my food, whether they know it is paleo or not.

  2. I commend you for giving up chocolate for someone who makes so many chocolate treats!! Love your recipes!!! And your cook book! Perfect for this paleo family!

  3. I have been gluten free for 7 years due to a diagnosis of celiac disease and have been trying to be Paleo for the past year due to other autoimmune issues. I have had a lot of success with the recipes on this blog. However, it seems like everyday there is another list of foods not to eat. Most people who post seem to embrace this as an exciting challenge. Does anyone else mourn all the foods they can no longer eat? This is getting so limiting I find it discouraging.

    • I agree completely. I found myself teetering on the edge of an eating disorder, so unsure was I of what I *could* eat. It is very very frustrating!!

      • Trisha and Karen, I eliminated so many foods in 2001 and over the years have slowly added back in very dark chocolate, nightshades, cheese, and eggs :-)

  4. Hi Elana,

    I am eating “mostly” a Paleo diet. Dairy/wheat free and mostly grain-free, for example. I am having difficulty with some baked goods. I usually base cake/cookies on pumpkin and work from there. However, I have developed anaphylaxis to several nuts. Ironically NOT peanuts, which of course are a legume. So Brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, and almonds are absolutely out. I am giving my body a break from nuts for a while, hoping not to set off an allergy to other nuts. It was years from becoming allergic to Brazil nuts, then hazelnuts, then gradually almonds, etc.

    So, with all that said, what would you recommend I use in place of almond flour? I use coconut milk in place of almond or soy milk. Could I substitute a smaller amount of coconut flour for the almond flour?

    Your suggestions would be appreciated!

    Thank you,


  5. About chocolate: Do you know about a company called MXI that produces Xocai RAW dark cacao products using a cold process (done in Belgium)…retains nearly all its antioxidants, and most of their raw dark cacao products are sweetened only with berry blends, including acai, blueberries etc. Check them out on the web!

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