Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes

A completely Paleo Thanksgiving menu –all gluten free, grain free and sugar free, including many delicious superfoods. Ten recipes for appetizers, salad, dinner, dessert and more.

For decades my father has said “eat the rainbow,” and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do just that. Each year, we have a variety of gorgeous, colorful dishes on the table, from the green of kale and brussels sprouts, to the orange of Pumpkin Pie (page 70 of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook), to the bright red of cranberry dishes –so many deliciously prepared superfoods! Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a time of gorging/deprivation; it can be a time of grazing and enjoying.

Although I have been grain free for close to 11 years, this will be my first purely Paleo Thanksgiving. Earlier this fall, I went Paleo and gave up:

  • legumes -including peanuts
  • dairy -including goat
  • tomatoes –Dr. Loren Cordain and Robb Wolf indicate tomatoes contain immune disrupting lectins
  • agave -I noticed that I tend to retain water when I consume this substance
  • chocolate -accepted as a Paleo cheat; however, not sure if I can digest it, so cutting it for a bit

Still, this Thanksgiving will be one of celebration and abundance for us. We have eaten very well in the last couple of months since I went Paleo and we are all looking forward to a mighty hearty Thanksgiving feast.

Below are just some of the dishes I am thinking about making:

Are you staying Paleo or grain-free this Thanksgiving? What will you be making this year? What health challenges will you be facing over the holidays? Do you have a favorite recipe you want to tell us about?

Let’s chat and share strategies for surviving and thriving during the holidays.


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  1. I am working my way towards paleo again. I was before I got married, then fell off the wagon. I didn’t know how to blend my food with my husband’s tastes for the SAD diet and simply was tired of cooking two meals every night. Thank you so much for making a thanksgiving menu! It just might work for him ;)

  2. My family loves sweet potatoes and in the past I’ve always made a sinfully delicious recipe loaded with marshmallows and brown sugar. This past week I experimented with mashed garlic sweet potatoes. They were very good. I think I will be making them for Thanksgiving. All I did was microwave the sweet potatoes to cook them. Then I scooped out the potato and put it in a dish mixing them up good to mash them. I added a half cup of coconut milk, 2 tablespoons of butter, a half teaspoon of salt, and about a tablespoon of minced garlic. Mix it all up good, and they were yummy!

  3. Hello Elana,

    I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. I love the cooking very much. I like to cook many new thing for every occasion. Now learning some recipes for thanksgiving occasion.

  4. Hi Elana,

    I am on the same page as you regarding diet for the most part and thus love your abundance of recipes and frequently pull up your site on my Iphone in the kitchen when needing a certain dish.

    Recently, a local nutritional teacher (who has helped many folks around here with chronic illness including cancer and inflammatory conditions), has been warning about the effects of all nuts on our liver and pancreas as they are lectins and not meant to be eaten in excess. Knowing that you do extensive research on these things, I was wondering if you have some positive news on almond flour that would help legitimize it for me? Did I mention I LOVE your recipes and don’t want to give them up? He says nuts can only be eaten in very, very small amounts only now and then and only with coconut oil to help get it through our system, if we must have them at all.

    Help. I will say that I have a good diet, exercise well, but still cannot seem to get rid of some pain now and then in my upper stomach so I am curious if this is the issue!

  5. Hi Elana!

    I just found your site through a Swedish Internet book store :) (just got your books) and I think it’s amazing! Thank you for sharing all the great tips and recipes.

    I read that you avoid agave since it tends to bloat you. I have noticed that agave is used in a lot of your recipes – is there a substitute one can use instead?

    Yours sincerely,

  6. What is there left to eat on the Paleo diet? I am gluten and dairy free. Please advise how to find out what to eat? Elana, do you have any other Paleo diet recipes available? Any help from anyone else is greatly appreciated, especially if taking out nightshades? I feel like this is too limiting. Why no grains or legumes either – they are supposed to be healthy food for vegans. Not sure which direction to turn. Please help! Thank you!

  7. I have suffered for many years being unable to eat wheat and gluten and having “gluten free” never worked for me, and then one day I found almond flour and never knew what exactly to do with it. So it was a constant struggle and disappointment to be eating healthy but no way of knowing how to make it taste good and wanting to always be “normal”. I often would eat things that would make me sick, just to seem normal. Thank you so much for your recipes! You gave me the first Thanksgiving ever where I could eat deliciously and not be harming my body and everything I made was so delicious my non-gluten free family was trying to eat my food over theirs. I will never go back to making myself sick again! You and your recipes are a g-d send! Thank you!

  8. My mother in law made the pecan pie…I tried it cold and then warmed up in the microwave. What a difference warming it up made. It tasted like the regular pecan pie

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