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Paleo Spiced Nuts

With black pepper, chili powder and cumin, any nut lover will enjoy the supercharged flavor of these spicy nuts!

I’m always looking for high protein snacks to keep me going during the day, and especially after a good workout at the gym. I find this little Paleo snack (my favorite recipe for spicy nuts) slightly addictive and nicely satiating.

I like to eat nuts because they’re full of good fiber, fill me up and don’t leave me hungry and lagging. In fact, I keep a little tin of roasted almonds in my car at all times, just in case my blood sugar dips when I’m out with the boys or running errands.

Paleo Spiced Nuts
Serves: 4
  1. Place nuts in a large cast iron skillet over medium heat
  2. Toast until lightly browned
  3. While nuts are toasting, prepare spice mixture
  4. Combine chili, cumin, black pepper and salt in a small bowl
  5. Coat nuts with olive oil, then coat with spice mixture
  6. Serve

The idea for this recipe came from a wonderful new book called Paleo Comfort Foods; I just got my copy and have to say it is a gem packed full of useful Paleo recipes and other information.

I’ve followed a grain free diet for a full decade now, even though I don’t mention it that often. I imagine that many of you come to this site because it offers grain free recipes. I feel much better when I follow something that resembles the hunter-gatherer diet, some people call this Paleo, I’m not entirely sure what to call it –it’s just the way I eat.

Let’s have a little chat. Are you gluten free? Are you gluten free plus grain free? Are you Paleo? What type of diet works best for you?