Paleo Mug Cake

My 5-ingredient Paleo Mug Cake is the perfect single sized treat. Make this when you’re craving dessert, but don’t want to take time to bake a full cake. This simple recipe calls for almond flour, cacao powder, egg, maple syrup, and baking soda, and will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way!

We love mug cake! It’s so cute that I had to make my own gluten-free Paleo Mug Cake so that we could indulge in this fun trend. Many mug cakes are baked in a microwave. I don’t like to microwave my food, let alone my body, so I bake this cake in the oven. Yes, finally a no microwave mug cake!

I think it’s funny that so many of the same people who wouldn’t ever heat their food in a microwave, hold a phone (which uses the same technology) to their head all day. For more on how I’m reducing my exposure to microwave radiation, also known as radio frequency radiation (RFR), you’ll want to see my write up on Simple Steps to Reduce EMF’s.

But back to fun stuff, like this Paleo Mug Cake! I used a 10 ounce mug to make this healthy little cake and bought these cute cat mugs online. If you use a mug that is bigger, it will seem like your cake did not rise enough. Really though, the issue with using an oversize mug, larger than the one I recommend, is that the batter will not fill it.

Paleo Mug Cake

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Servings 1



  • In a mug, combine almond flour, cacao powder, and baking soda
  • Mix in maple syrup and egg until thoroughly combined
  • Bake at 350°F for 20-25 min
  • Serve
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Total Time 35 mins
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Since this is an almond flour mug cake it is the moistest you will ever have. My Paleo Mug Cake is not dry like all of the other mug cakes out there. I worked on this recipe for over a year to get it just right for you.

Serve my Paleo Mug Cake with these amazing toppings!


133 responses to “Paleo Mug Cake”

  1. I just made this for a late night fix. It was great! Like another commenter, I added in some chocolate chips–bit of a fondant effect while eating it warm.

    Thank you so much for your recipes. I know you put a lot of work into getting them right so we can enjoy on the first try.

    • ARS, what a sweet comment! I do put a lot of work into getting them right so you can enjoy them on the first (and every) try :-)

  2. This also worked perfectly in the microwave! Thanks so much for a delicious cake that doesn’t taste grainy or odd! Super moist and my son even saud taste exactly like regular chocolate cake. And that’s really saying something!

  3. I love the look of the cake recipes but I can not eat nuts or coconut. What could I substitute for almond meal and coconut flour please? I have just reintroduced cream to my diet and have tons of energy again. Im loving the look of the butter frosting and want a cake to put it on!

    • Hi Nikki, thanks for your comment and nice to meet you! I haven’t tried making this (or my other cake recipes) with substitutes for the almond flour and coconut flour so not sure :-)

  4. I just made this. Is it suppose to be bitter? I used trader joe’s organic cacao powder. While the cake is moist and it has no sweetness all. I followed the recipe to a T. Maybe I should use dark chocolate powder next time? Thank you.

    • Bonfei, this is a very low-carb recipe, if your palate is more adapted to high-carb treats it may not be sweet enough for you :-)

  5. I just made this little cake and I have to say I’m quite delighted even though I had to make some modifications. I cannot eat eggs so I substituted chia seeds. This did work quite well although because I do not have a coffee grinder I couldn’t grind the seeds which gave it a bit of a crunchy texture. :-) But I think if one were to grind the seeds first this would be an excellent replacement. I also replaced the maple syrup with agave syrup which worked great! I spooned some thick coconut milk over the cake and sprinkled some organic palm sugar on top. I was surprised at how good it was!! I will make one of these for myself to enjoy at my son’s birthday while everyone else is eating “normal” cake! Thank you so much, Elana, for all of the recipes and information. It is all so helpful to me!

  6. Hello Elana,

    I hope this finds you feeling well! I have MS, Celiac ( Crohn’s disease as well). I have stuck to SCD with NO cheating for 8 years, In the last 2 years I’ve gone Keto (in the moderate 8.0 range) I’m convinced it is what has allowed me to be pharma-free. The one thing I have desperately missed is chocolate. This is my first cheat and so very worth it! I deeply appreciate your work and kindness…It really has made my life better!



    • Susan, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this cake and happy that we are on this healing journey together :-)

  7. Dear Elana,

    This is just a lovely recipe! Thank you! I have two of your books and love them as well. I suffered a digestive injury a few years back after being on an antibiotic that killed all good and bad bacteria apparently–and your dairy and grain free recipes have been such an inspiration and healing for me. I especially love this recipe because I can make it quickly while my oven preheats and it is a lovely treat! Thank you.



    • Margaret, I’m so sorry to hear about all that you’ve been through, but glad that we can connect here! Thanks for letting me know that this mug cake is a lovely treat that you enjoy :-)

  8. Has this been tried with chia seeds subsitute for the egg? I love your recipes!! It leads to interesting kitchen time! As our house is a bit simple….if i can say. No dairy, wheat, soy, corn, egg, peanuts, citrus or strawberries and no chocolate for the 2yr old with a few others but you get the idea. So i try and make it work sometimes it does and others….well we dont even want to mention!! Thank you for insperation to even step in thr kitchen!

  9. Hi, would you be able to tell me the sugar grams per serving? It doesn’t look like much but I’ve never used maple syrup before so IDK.

    Many thanks,

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