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Paleo Easter Desserts

Healthier desserts for your Easter celebration.

Our holiday is Passover, and accordingly, I have a list of Paleo Passover recipes. However, since many of our friends celebrate Easter, I have put together a list of Paleo Easter dessert recipes. Of course, you may wish to be a super duper caveman and simply dine on ham and veggies for your Easter celebration. If that’s your preference, then just navigate away from this post right now.

For those of you looking for something sweet and celebratory, here is a list of healthier dessert recipes. I like to use healthy, Paleo ingredients to make modern, comfort foods and desserts. While many a caveman will shun this, there are plenty of others that embrace a healthier treat. Enjoy!

Serve the scones above with Green Eggs for a healthy spring brunch, or offer your guests the Paleo Coconut Macaroons at the end of Easter dinner. Whichever form of Pascal festivities you embrace –be it Passover or Easter– I hope you have a wonderful celebration.