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Paleo 4th of July

If you are looking to celebrate July 4th with some fun, festive food; look no further. I have an array of quick and easy gluten free recipes that will satisfy family and friends.

For the most part, the menu below is Paleo –the Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies are more Primal than Paleo –still I included them for those looking for a healthy party treat.

I will also make some Sesame Salmon Burgers for myself as I’m avoiding nightshades (as recommended by Robb Wolf in The Paleo Solution for those with auto-immune conditions –see his wonderful book for more information on that). The burgers will work well given that it’s salmon season again. I’ve been gorging on wild caught salmon for the last couple of weeks since it’s so delicious and fresh this time of year.
While we probably won’t have many fireworks this year (it seems like most of the state of Colorado is on fire) we will enjoy having some friends over for the simple, nourishing meal above.