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Nutrition Information

I like to cook. This is a website about cooking. I’m not a nutritionist. I don’t like to count calories. So imagine my surprise when I received this comment the other day:

Yes, we know you do not answer nutrition questions, but it would be helpful, useful, and simply kind if you would simply supply this information with the recipes you provide. Organic Valley egg nog has 180 cal. and 10 g fat, while Living Without vegan egg nog has 366 calories, 33g total fat, per serving! And Elana’s recipe? God alone knows. Elana– this seems a bit of a grinch like policy on your part.

I am not a big corporation. I’m a mom. I have celiac disease. I have multiple sclerosis. I also have two children. And, a husband. Just like all of you, I’m juggling my way through life every day.

I have 800 free-recipes here to share with you because it makes me happy. Sitting with spread sheets and calculators? That does not make me happy. That’s what I used to do that when I owned a big company back in 1995. I was 28 years old. I had lots of employees. I was in Fortune Magazine. I made loads of money. Lots more than I do writing books. But writing books is fun. So I traded in that old power suit for a power bar, and now I write power bar recipes.

People often tell me that they’re going to buy my books. “Stop!” I reply, “I have a website with 800 free recipes. Take a look at it first!” I love success, and of course I want to sell books. My overall goal, however, is to help people, and for me that priority comes before selling anything.

Check out My Fitness Pal! My fabulous readers use it to calculate and share nutrition information for my recipes!