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Nut Butter Cups

A healthier version of the classic peanut butter cup, homemade nut butter cups or balls make the perfect chocolate candy.

When I posted the recipe for Vanilla Almond Butter I had planned on sharing my Nut Butter Cup recipe with you shortly thereafter.  My children however, hijacked the Nut Butter Cups the night I tried to make them (with exact measurements for you all, of course).  They hacked my project, dumping loads of chocolate chips into the pot (for melting) and eating many of the results.  Because of this I lost all measurements and had to start over (not really a problem since everyone in my family is digging the cups).

Today I had a bit of time to repeat this project with better measuring success.  So here it is for all of you, gluten free, high protein vanilla almond butter cups.

Nut Butter Cups
Serves: 11 cups (depending on your mold)
  1. Stir flaxseed meal into Vanilla Almond Butter
  2. Melt chocolate in a small pan over very low heat; you can use a double boiler if you wish and temper the chocolate
  3. Using a small paint brush, coat the bottom and sides of a nut butter cup mold
  4. Place mold in freezer for 10 minutes to allow chocolate to harden
  5. Remove mold from freezer
  6. Scoop a scant teaspoon of vanilla almond butter into each chocolate lined nut butter cup (i use a mini ice cream scoop)
  7. Paint chocolate over the nut butter to cover and make final layer
  8. Place in freezer for 10 minutes to harden
  9. Remove from freezer, turn mold upside down and pop nut butter cups out of mold
  10. Serve (if any left)

If you don’t have a mold or just don’t want the cups there is an alternative. Nut Butter Balls.

Nut Butter Balls
½ cup Vanilla Almond Butter
2 tablespoons (or more) golden flaxmeal
1 cup chocolate chips
celtic sea salt

  1. Add flaxmeal to vanilla almond butter to make it easier to handle
  2. Roll Vanilla Almond Butter into balls
  3. Melt chocolate in a small pan over very low heat; you can use a double boiler if you wish and temper the chocolate
  4. Drop balls into a pot of melted chocolate and take out with tongs, laying on a piece of parchment paper
  5. Allow to harden
  6. Sprinkle with salt
  7. Serve

I was honored to be featured in the class notes section of my alumni magazine Columbia College Today.  If you are a Columbia University alum, leave a comment below to say hello.