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I don’t wear makeup often, but when I do I’m asked what kind I use. I wear natural makeup products and probably apply makeup less than once a month. In general it’s for an evening out, though sometimes for a daytime work event. Although I don’t mind getting dressed up and wearing fun outfits now and then, I don’t particularly enjoy getting made up, so I keep my makeup routine incredibly short and sweet, and use only natural products.

Here’s a guide to looking your best using natural makeup products! I want to help you do so with as little fuss, and chemicals as possible. I hope you enjoy this peek at all of my healthy natural beauty secrets!

Natural Makeup


I like Juice Beauty’s Mineral Moisturizer (Sand) as it tends to be oily and I have very dry skin. It’s also fantastic because it has SPF 30, great for protecting my middle aged skin from harsh mountain sun rays.

I used to apply Alchemy Foundation Powder (Mt. Alice) for formal events when I was going for a matte look. I don’t use it much anymore, but I like to keep it on hand just in case.


I dot a bit of this RMS Concealer (Color 11) under my eyes to minimize the appearance of dark circles, though I find that when I adhere to a strict Ketogenic Diet, I don’t need to use it as the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes go away. I use triangular sponges to spread the concealer, and rinse them with soap and water after each use to extend their lifespan.


I’ve been using the Jane Iredale line for quite some time because it’s a non-toxic and fairly natural makeup. I apply this Jane Iredale Blush (Dubonnet) with this brush, then I blend it with a cute little kabuki brush.


First I apply eye liner right above the base of my eye lashes. I use the dark brown from this Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Trio (Triple Cognac) applied with an eye liner brush, or a Jane Iredale Eyeliner Pencil (Black-Brown). I use this eye pencil sharpener to sharpen my eye pencils when they get dull.

As an eye shadow base I apply this Jane Iredale Lid Primer (Petal). It’s moisturizing and makes a great canvas for applying a light touch of natural eye shadow. I probably have more eye shadows than any other make-up product in my make-up drawer. I love this Jane Iredale Eye Shadow Trio (Triple Cognac) in very natural tones that highlight my eyes. If I want to be a bit more daring, I use either of these shimmery metallic tones Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder (Gold) or Bare Minerals Eye Shadow (True Gold).

Finally, I apply just a touch of mascara to my lashes. I only use a little bit because my eye lashes are naturally dark and thick and I like to keep my look subtle and simply enhance my features. I wear Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening and Lengthening Mascara (Espresso). Be careful with mascara because many contain wheat or gluten.

I use organic cotton swabs to touch up the make up around my eyes after I’ve applied it all.


Finally, I brush on a smooth coat of lip gloss. I love Buxom (Dolly) for day or night. I also use Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie (Dare Devil) or Mineral Fusion (Glisten). Another fantastic and incredibly healing product is Rebecca’s Apothecary Lip Gloss (Citrus Pink) which has a castor oil base.


I keep all of my make up clean and organized in one drawer in the bathroom in these adorable bamboo containers. I use a p-touch to label my make up with the date in an unobtrusive spot, so that I know how old products are. I replace most items once a year.

Make-up is a very small part of my beauty routine. For me, getting a great night of sleep is far more important than any product money can buy. Gentle exercise and a clean diet are also at the top of my beauty tip list. Since I don’t like wearing make-up, I don’t own a lot of it, and all of the make-up you see in the photo above is all of the make-up I own. I’d rather spend money on good organic food than additional colors of eye shadow. In addition, I am a minimalist and I believe that less is more!

When you see pictures of me working out at the gym on Instagram my face is completely free of any product whatsoever. I will not wear makeup when I work out because it clogs my pores and does not let me detox properly via working up a good clean sweat! When I’m outdoors walking or hiking I do wear Vanicream Zinc Oxide (SPF 50+) to protect my skin against sun damage.

An important part of my health and beauty care is to go to the dermatologist every other year for a routine skin cancer check. Since I have the BRCA gene, I have an increased risk of skin cancer so this is important. I haven’t been to a cosmetic dermatologist, and I haven’t ever gotten Botox or fillers, but I wouldn’t judge people that use different methods than I do to look and feel their best. I do get a facial a few times a year and only go to spas that uses natural products from skincare lines such as Naturopathica, which is very pure.

Bottom line? I believe in feeling your best by being your best, and I use makeup as a tool to enhance my features, not to cover anything up.


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  1. Hi Elena,
    Glad I found out about you. My daughter has Epilepsy these last five years (8 yrs old now).
    We are going Keto/Paleo diet. Beans work very well and other supplements for detoxing waste in her body. She also is a very good Irish tapper and athlete.
    She has high mercury/heavy metals in her blood…. just found this out. Seizures started after well visit and getting vaccines at the age of 3. We see and alternative doctor now, since many neurologists are clueless about health.
    It’s a long journey, but always looking for super healthy/fat snacks for her every two hours since her blood sugar drops and “boom” we have a seizure. Any suggestions? I have been printing a few from your site and just love all that you are doing here. This mama thanks you! xo.

    • Janna, thanks so much for your fantastic comment. First, I want to say how lucky your daughter is to have a mother like you! Second, I think my Low-Carb Recipes page might be a goldmine for your family. Here you go!

      Good luck with your daughter and please keep me posted.


  2. Elana,
    You mention how going keto helped your looks and your health. I have looked at your keto recipe page and want to learn more. I am wondering what books and articles that you found to be most valuable when beginning your ketogenic diet? I have been looking at as amny of the books from the “experts” but I’m having a hard time finding real paleo keto sources. I don”t do well with dairy and most of the keto recipe books I found rely heavily on dairy.
    Maybe you could add the resources to your “Keto Diet” page!
    Thank you,

  3. Dear Elana,
    I am having a delicious time discovering all your wonderful recipes! Thank you for all the good work you are doing in this regard.
    I was reading your article about natural makeup, and wondered if you have heard of Paula’s Choice cosmetics?
    Bronwen Gill

  4. Love this! It absolutely matters what we wear on our skin just as much as what we ingest in our bodies. I am definitely going to check out some of the products you use, thank you!

  5. I read several reviews on the Jane Iredale mascara, & most stated you needed the base coat product as well. Otherwise it was a pricey product that was similar to many other mascaras. Elana, did you buy/use this base product as well ? Thank you in advance for reply.

  6. I have been wondering what to order for gluten-free new mascara & this post was my answer, thank you so much. Your website/Almond Flour cookbook was my first introduction/resource when I went GF 3 yrs ago. I have never stopped learning from you & still get excited when I see a new email from ElanasPantry !

  7. Hi Elana, you’ve done amazing work helping not only yourself but others through the years and WE Thank You! My question is which deodorant do you use??

  8. Elana, curious about your hair products. Can you share what shampoo and conditioner you use? Your hair looks so healthy.

    • Kevelynn, I take a high dose of biotin which is helpful for skin and nails. I also use a natural shampoo and conditioner and will be doing a post on all of this soon!

      • I am really looking forward to your post on hair products! I have tried so many homemade and store bought natural hair products and am so disattisfied I am almost tempted to go back to the chemicals. But I have a feeling your post will prevent me from needing to do that!

      • I’d love to know about your hair care products too! Also, do you color your hair? I have lots of gray hairs coming in that I affectionately call my “sparklers” that I’d love to color but I hate putting all those chemicals on my whole scalp! I’d really love to find a safer option. I just got the Mother Dirt line of friendly body bacteria, shampoo, cleanser, and moisturizer and am excited to see how I like it.

        • Lori, thanks for your wonderful comment. I don’t color my hair. I will be sharing the products I use on my hair in the near future so stay tuned for that :-)

  9. Thanks for sharing these! Quick question about the sunscreen: does it blend in well? I’ve been looking a for good sunscreen, but all the sunscreens I’ve found are incredibly hard to blend and leave me looking ghost-like. Thanks!

  10. Hi Elana! I’ve been following you since 2009. Just wanted to comment from my physician side, why not yearly derm exams? I typically recommend that to my patients, especially if they are at higher risk for skin cancer. Hope all is well and thanks for such a wonderful website.

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