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Mocha Mousse

Dairy free Mocha Mousse dessert recipe served in individual cups is elegant, yet is easy to make.

You can whip up this primal-friendly chocolate Mocha Mousse in just a few minutes. All you need is a food processor and the gluten free, dairy free ingredients below.

I plan on serving this Mocha Mousse in little ramekins to our New Year’s Day guests. As always we will have an assortment of people with a variety of food allergies and food restrictions. For those that cannot have eggs I will be serving my Vegan Nut Free Gluten Free Brownies. For those that cannot have chocolate, I will make Gingersnaps. I will be sure to have something for everyone at our little New Year’s Day dessert gathering.

Here’s to a wonderful 2012 for everyone, filled with fun, food and good health!

Mocha Mousse
Serves: 4
  1. Pulse eggs in food processor for 3 minutes until fluffy
  2. Pulse in chocolate chips for 2 minutes, until well ground
  3. Pulse in shortening, espresso, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut sugar
  4. Then process for another minute
  5. Mixture will be consistency of mousse
  6. Spoon into 4 small ramekins or dessert cups and serve

A call to all the Paleo experts out there. Would you eat this mousse?

Do you think it’s a Paleo dessert, or is that term an oxymoron? How do you define Paleo and what are your Paleo health goals for 2012? Leave a comment and let us know!