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Memorial Day Recipe Roundup

Here are some easy recipes for a gluten-free Memorial Day barbecue.

This year we are laying low on Memorial Day Weekend.  The boys are going to run in the Bolder Boulder race and then we’ll probably hang out after that.  No big plans for a barbecue or any type of festivities, we are just hoping to recover from our little league baseball fatigue.  We have a game every night of the week (and weekend) usually during dinner time, so I am becoming increasingly flexible (and exhausted).

If we do have a few friends over, which is always a possibility, then this is what I will serve, otherwise, I’ll just make it for the family.

Stay tuned later this week for some cool and refreshing Gluten Free Memorial Day Desserts.

Oh, and if you are looking for a good gluten-free baking class this summer, I would highly recommend the June class at the Culinary School of the Rockies.  It will be taught by Sarah Blecher, a professional pastry chef and gluten-freer.  This class will be a bit different than the ones that I taught there during the past few months, it will utilize more standard gluten-free ingredients.  Check it out.  The space is gorgeous and I can personally vouch for this ace instructor.  I may just sign up to take this one myself in order to learn some new techniques!