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Lemon Rosemary Mini-Muffins

I’ve been slightly obsessed with rosemary lately.  I put it in everything and just can’t seem to get enough of this delicious herb.   My latest rosemary victim?  Gluten free Lemon Rosemary Mini Muffins made with coconut flour.

I find that rosemary almost has a buttery flavor.  It’s also power packed with nutrients including iron and calcium.  These gluten free muffins are more of an adult treat than something for children.  I’ve been in the mood lately for tasty snacking and dessert items that aren’t too sweet and are filled with interesting flavor.  These hit the spot!

Lemon Rosemary Mini-Muffins
Serves: 12 Mini-Muffins
  1. In a large bowl, combine coconut flour, salt and baking soda
  2. In a smaller bowl, blend together eggs, agave and oil
  3. Blend wet ingredients into dry, then blend in rosemary and lemon zest
  4. Scoop batter 1 tablespoon at a time into greased mini muffin pans
  5. Bake at 350° for 7-8 minutes
  6. Cool then remove from muffin tins and serve

I hope you like these Lemon Rosemary Muffins, I think they’re equally good for a gluten free breakfast or dessert.  Very sophisticated, yet homey and comforting.

This week was packed with action both on the internet and in the real world as well.

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Linda from Kitchen Therapy at the ADA Conference earlier in the week where I appeared to do signings for my gluten free cookbook.  Linda blogged about her experience encountering all kinds of gluten free people of interest at the ADA Conference and her post is a delight to read.

In other blogging news, Erika from The Stewardship Diaries honored me with a Best Blog Award.  Thank you so much Erika, your blog is fabulous and I appreciate someone like you who is dedicated to organics and the environment taking note of my blog!  While those themes are a sub-text on my blog, to food, they are important guiding lights in my life.

Finally, the amazing Paige of The Sister Project wrote an article called Don’t Blame the Blogs regarding the dismantling of Gourmet Magazine and how food blogs are definitely not to blame.  Thanks Paige, I love your writing and perspective.

The winner of last weeks Friday Freebie is Michelle. Congratulations and enjoy your Kroeger herbs and tea!

This weeks Friday Freebie is a Magic Line loaf pan from Courtney at benefityourlife.com.  Her website also sells a very high quality almond flour, that I have tested and can highly recommend, in case you are looking for another great place to order your almond flour. So, go ahead and leave a comment for your chance to win this awesome loaf pan.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Magic Line loaf pan was Lenee. Thanks to everyone who participated!

And in local almond flour news, something very exciting.  Helios Health Center at Broadway and Darley Avenue in Boulder is now selling a fabulous quality almond flour retail that I have tested.  Call them at (303) 499-9224, for more information, or stop by.  They are selling it out of their apothecary which also happens to have a great selection of herbs, vitamins and books.

Have a lovely weekend all and thanks so much for all of the wonderful responses, care, connections and advice to Nicole in this post.


  1. says

    Wow, Elana, another successful gluten-free baking recipe. Made these muffins last night and couldn’t be happier, the lemon-rosemary combo is outstanding. I used honey and light olive oil as my subs and cooked mine a bit longer to firm up the tops (closer to 10 minutes). Made exactly 12 savory mini-muffins that are yummy as a snack or in a “bread” basket with dinner. My first-ever Paleo baking effort was your Paleo Pumpkin Bread a couple of years ago – another success. You rock in the kitchen, thank you!

  2. Sheila Nixon says

    Dear Elana
    I just wanted to thank you for the recipe’s for Almond Flour and flaxmeal I feel empowered because now I have options . I do not eat any white or wheat flour and no grains or sugar. Thank u for liberating me in re to REALLY healthy eating. Peace Sheila

  3. Jessica says

    If you look at the ingredients Elana lists honey as an agave-free alternative to this and most of her agave-free recipes…

  4. says

    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe. It’s just heavenly. I have never had this blend of a simple herb and lemon for baking. Both my absolute favorites too. I couldn’t stop eating these muffins. So simple and and fresh and easy to make too. Thank you!

  5. 5Bitts says

    These were fragrant and had nice texture, however, I think they were way too sweet and the rosemary had to fight with the lemon instead of complement it. I would make these again with less sweetener.

  6. Kim says

    Hi Elana, Love your recipes! Can substitutions be made for the coconut flour and vegan shortening in the muffin/scone recipes. I don’t do well with coconut and would prefer to use another oil like sunfower oil.

  7. Kay says

    Dear Elana,

    I just made these muffins & unfortunately they were a flop…it was completely crumbly & didn’t turn out like muffins at all, nothing held together.

    I though the batter was a little strange because the coconut flour absorbed everything & it didn’t achieve that batter like consistency, but instead crumbly. I feel like some liquid ingredient was left out? Like 1/4 cup of coconut water or coconut milk perhaps?

    What did I do wrong?

    It smelled nice though…lemony rosemary.

    Very truly,

  8. Simone says

    These muffins are divine and moist!!! I substituted two tablespoons of applesauce for two tablespoons of oil. Next time I’ll bump it up to three as I would like to lower the fat as much as possible. Seriously, a fabulous muffin.

  9. Debra says

    I wonder if the ingredients are correct on the Lemon rosemary muffin recipe. As I was making the recipe, I was saying no way, but I always follow a recipe the first time. Sure enough they didn’t come out. They were an oily glob with a tasty top. I can’t believe the flour and the oil measurements are the same. That just doesn’t work. Is that a misprint?

    • says

      Not a misprint –just a coconut flour recipe! Yes, recipes using coconut flour look really odd in their ratios, don’t they?! Try it again and let me know how goes it :-)

      • Rory Mayer says

        I agree with Debra. We tried these muffins today for Christmas morning. They taste oily and weird. The ratios can’t be right they are definitely not delicious.

        • says

          Hi Rory,

          Thanks for your comment :-)

          Make sure you read the ingredients carefully for this recipe and use coconut flour, not almond flour. If you use almond flour they will taste oily and weird as you indicated.

          If you make them again, please let us know how it goes.


  10. jill says

    has anyone made these with just almond flour?? not a big fan of the sponginess the coconut flour leaves

  11. says

    These little gems are absolutely amazing. The batter made 12 mini muffins that rose beautifully with a light texture and delicate taste. I scooped and leveled the coconut flour, used 2 xlg. eggs and reduced the butter to 3 T. Baking time for me was 16 min. in a convec/micowave oven. Working with coconut flour was a surprise as it took so little compared to the amount of liquid, yet these rose high, just like your picture. I am always looking for “over the top” GF recipes for guests that visit our B&B and everyone, on any diet, will love these, definitely a keeper. I will explore other recipes made with coconut flour as I like the flavor and texture more than almond flour. Thank you for your website.

  12. Sharon says

    What can I use instead of coconut flour/oil/milk since I’m highly intolerant to these ingredients?

  13. says

    Just came across your blog and am enjoying reading the recipes. On the Lemon Rosemary Mini-Muffins, you call for only 1/4 cup almond flour – is this measurement right – seems pretty scant for all the liquid going in, but if you say it’s fine, then I will charge on and start chopping my rosemary. Have tons of it in the backyard. Thanks for a lovely website.

  14. drea says

    Hi interesting texture but I found that the taste of salt was so overpowering that i had to eat them with apple butter to cut the salt

    These were not too salty for you?
    -i used regular french sea salt
    but at only 1/4 cup flour isn’t 1/4 tsp salt a lot. also I could taste the baking soda so next time will half the amount of salt and soda

    also took more like 15 minutes to bake here on the east coast and the batch made 5 small muffins.

    wondering if that is correct.

  15. Beth L. says

    Mmm, this sounds amazing! I was looking for a recipe for gf lemon poppy seed muffins per my 9 yr old son’s request. This one sounds amazing and while I plan to make it exactly as it is here for myself, I am also going to tweak it for him by replacing the rosemary with poppy seeds unless you think this won’t work for some reason or in case you already have a lemon poppyseed recipe you could share… Elana? Anyone? Thanks!

  16. Tori Bennett says

    Hi Elana! I am going to get your cookbook this weekend. Thanks for faithfulness and talent as I have been pretty discouraged with gluten-free products. I tried a gluten free pasta last week and it was so slimy and disgusting I threw the whole pan out. That goes for bread that feels like a brick and everything else gluten-free! So glad you are providing good recipes! I miss pizza especially!

  17. says

    I would love to win the pan – I am looking forward to trying so many of your recipes. I purchased 5 lbs. of almond flour, my agave nector and grapeseed oil – now I just need to get a gym membership!!!!

  18. Laurel says

    I too would like to know how to replace the eggs in this recipe. I love coconut flour but eggs and I don’t get along. I do realize though that liquid content is essential with coconut flour. Do you think a half cup of flax or chia gel would work? I have to thank you for sharing so much. I just suggested your site to my Doctor who works with a lot challenged children. His nurse was telling me that her patients were always asking for recipes so I gave you to her as a gift because that is what you are.

    • says

      There are several egg substitute versions but what I am using for my son is 2 heaping t flax meal mixed with 2 T. water and microwaved for 30 seconds for each egg you are replacing. So far it’s working well for recipes with up to three eggs. Hope that helps! I made the pumpkin pie muffins and the honey cake using this substitute and they both turned out great. I’m new here and just loving these recipes!

  19. Debbie says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this loaf pan, anything for the kitchen is always cause for celebration! Happy cooking.

  20. Jude Stirts says

    Since I bought your book I’ve made a dozen of the recipes already and love the good food! Your chocolate chip cookies are wonderful. The zuchinni bread: YUM! Today I am making banana bread and pistachio coated chicken. Thank you for all of the delicious recipes and turning me on to blanched almond flour. I’m from Boulder, so I plan to check out Helios’ almond flour soon.

  21. says

    Hi Elana. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with your post, but I have a challenge for you if you can find the time and are interested? I have a recipe for a healthy fudge that used turbinado sugar to setup, I would love to be able to find a way to use agave nectar rather than sugar but have no clue what to use to get it to setup and have a fudge texture. I was thinking maybe agar? I’m not to sure how well that would work out though. The recipe for my fudge is in the link to my site…Thanks for considering!

  22. Kristin says

    I just wanted to thank you for such a great blog and cookbook. I have made more than half the recipes in the cookbook, and every single one has been a hit!

  23. Annette says

    Perfect! I’m going to make these next weekend as a thank-you for some helpers at work. Keep on Cookin’ & Inspirin’ us Elana! :)

  24. Ali says

    Elana, I love your site. I was diagnosed with severe food allergies to all grains over a year ago after being ill for many years. This site has been a life saver because not only are you gluten free, but corn, oat, and rice as well!! Thanks a million. I’ve recently purchased your recommendation for almond flour and coconut flour. I can’t wait to try the coconut. Your almond flour recommendation is saving me over $60! for 10 lbs. So for people who normally buy at their supermarket, listen to Elana!

    Thanks again!!

  25. Stephanie says

    Love your cookbook!
    Love your blog!
    Love to win a good bread pan!
    thank you for all your great recipes and tips!

  26. mindylee irvine says

    Yum! Savory and Sour..yum yum!!
    I will try them out tonight, my husband is out of town so maybe this is what the kids and i will have for dinner. :)

  27. Spud says

    I love going to your site each day. I’m a rosemary lover as well. I really started using it 3 or 4 years ago for just about everything. I even put it on my pizza. Almost every day I have it on something. I especially love it on my haddock or sole with a bit of dill as well. I put it on sweet potatoes when I bake my sweet potato fries in the oven. To me they are out of this world. I love rosemary. I’d love to have a new loaf pan. Please enter me for a chance to win. Have a great weekend. God bless.

  28. says

    I am hosting dinner tonight and think these will go very well with the roast that I am making! I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had “bread” with dinner!

    As for the giveaway – that would be a nice early Christmas present as new kitchenware is going to be at the top of my list this year since I’ve been spending more and more time in the kitchen trying all of your fabulous recipes!

    Thank you again for sharing the fruits of your labor!

    • says

      Elana – how do you measure your coconut flour? I had read that it should always be sifted, then measured and is what I ususally do (sift directly into measuring cup by placing measuring cup in coconut flour canister). When I made this recipe, the batter seemed very runny. So I wanted to check and see if maybe you measure the coconut flour differently or if perhaps it was my other substitution that led to the runny batter (I can’t have agave). The muffins seemed to cook up fine (taste test yet to come!) so perhaps it is just a loose batter to begin with! Thanks!

  29. Cheryl says

    Rosemary and lemon zest are two of my favourite flavourings. I love that the recipe makes a small amount, so I won’t over-indulge!

  30. says

    I love rosemary and have been using it in a lot of new recipes as well. (I have an abundance in the garden, hoping it’ll survive through the winter!) These muffins look fabulous.

  31. says


    I have been enjoying your posts for months and want to thank you again for all you do.

    I love rosemary, in the garden and in recipes. I can’t wait to make these muffins, as I too prefer things not to sweet.


    Kara Sorensen

  32. Michelle Duhl says

    These sound so great! I am thinking of making with Thanksgiving dinner instead of my usual gluten free mini corn muffins. I also use the muffins in the stuffing…hmmm…I will have to experiment before the company comes. Might just have to eat a few batches on my own. Thanks for the great recipes.

  33. Diane says

    This flavor combo looks good! Thanks for sharing another muffin recipe. Love your cookbook and can’t wait for you to have another cookbook!!

  34. Penny says

    Hi Elana,

    Yay, another recipe to enjoy! It is Saturday morning, and I am pulling out your cookbook to decide what we will enjoy from it this week. The cracker recipes have been hit here, really good, as well as the snickerdoodles. And yes, I would love to win that pan. :-)

  35. says

    Those muffins looks great. I saw coconut flour in the health food store the other day and almost bought it. I’m just now almost comfortable using almond flour so I’ll be moving onto coconut flour soon!

    Great contest, btw!!

  36. says

    I love all your recipes and hope to try this one soon. Looks yummy :). The magic line pan looks awesome, something that would be very useful in the kitchen!

  37. Diane says

    I am simply amazed at the number of innovative & tasty recipes you create, I can’t even keep up with trying out all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Brandae says

    Thanks for the contest to win a pan – very neat! This recipe looks delicious. I’ve been baking from your cookbook for the past couple months and have enjoyed every single recipe. I tell everyone I can about your website and book. Thank you for all you do!

  39. Linda says

    A recent switch to gluten free, and I already am finding favorites! This sounds like it’ll be fun to try, just imagining the flavors.

    Your enthusiasm fills a great need, thank you!

  40. Kim says

    Elana, I love your site. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago and have already bought your book and made many recipes. Everything has been delicious. I am looking forward to making some of your breads in the magic line loaf pan! Thanks for the great site and inspiration.
    p.s. I cannot wait for the Marcona Almond Mayonnaise recipe.

  41. Ruth Hirsch says

    Dear Elana, Friends, Fans, Fellow Kitchen Folk,

    Elana, many thanks for your truly YUM and absolutely brilliant work.

    Your recipes are, I just realized, sort of a modern Alchemy. From what are considered food restrictions to some, you spin golden foods. Really, many of your recipes are real creativity at work. Creating something beautiful where nothing appeared possible.

    I thank you deeply!

    And, a loaf pan is something I do need and would delight in a gift from you.

  42. Romy Fogel says

    You are a true Lifesaver! A couple of months ago I bought your cookbook because my husband loves desserts but he has high bloodsugar and is off sugar and grains. I am allergic to gluten, dairy, soy and yeast.
    At first I put a star on the ” keeper” recipes. Now half the book is full of stars, and that is because insofar I only got halfway through the book!
    The Chocolate Pie is my husband’s absolute favorite!
    I would love to win a loaf pan for all the good bread recipes.

  43. Nicole says

    thanks again for the information you were able to provide for me. It helped immensely.

    And so will those mini muffins. I have a mind to devour the whole batch now, and I haven’t even made them yet! :)

    Yay to the magic line loaf pan! I’ve being dying to purchase that. What a cool idea for a freebie.

  44. says

    Hi! This is such a good idea!
    What do you recommend as the best egg replacer in your recipes? Usually I can make a good guess when veganizing, but I’ve never worked with coconut flour! Thanks!

  45. Rebecca says

    I would love to win the loaf pan, too. I made your shrimp cakes last night and my hubby loved them! Great flavor. Thanks!

  46. Konnie says

    I love your recipes! I don’t think I have ever made a single one that my family and I did not love. I will be making these for my little muffin man this weekend. :o)

  47. laura balsley says

    I would love to win this loaf pan! I enjoy trying many of your recipes! One of my favorites is the flax seed foccacia!.. Thank you for your fascinating blog!


  48. says

    Wow, thank you for mentioning my blog! I feel just a little bit giddy that my very favorite gluten-free recipe writer knows my name!

    I’ve been making my way through your cookbook for several weeks now. Your pancakes and blueberry sauce have become our new favorite special morning breakfast. And your Southwestern Salmon Burgers and Black Bean Burgers have both replaced my old equivalents. Yours are simpler, healthier, and tastier than my previous versions. Same is true for your Banana Blueberry Muffins – it’s my new go-to recipe for when we’ve built up a nice stash of black bananas.

    And of course, there’s the sweet stuff – cookies, cakes, etc. Oh what fun lies ahead as we explore more, tasty treats!

  49. Lenee says

    Thank you for this site! It is really great to make your recipes knowing that every ingredient is safe! I enjoy learning how food affects our bodies. It makes sense to eat clean to feel the very best! I appreciate this community of people who have come together to share ideas. These muffins look yummy and I can’t wait to try them!

    I would love to win the pan so I can make the breads in your cookbook! Thank you and have a great weekend!

  50. Brenda James says

    I really enjoy experimenting with your recipes and this one sounds especially good since we grow our own herbs. I’d love to win a pan.
    Thanks for all you do to help our community.

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