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Tis the season for kale.  Kale is one of those naturally gluten free super nutritious foods; according to my family it is delicious as well.  It is our green of choice for many a dinner as you can see from all of the gluten free kale recipes below.

Kelly over at celiacchicks.com just posted about kale chips (which I love) and inspired me to get this long awaited kale post launched.  Here goes…

For those of you looking for inspiring sites to introduce you to interesting, healthy new foods and products, I must recommend Renegade Kitchen. I met Dan of Renegade recently when we both spoke on a panel at the BOCO conference.  He is an enthusiastic food activist that was much fun to connect with.  Be sure to take a look at his site!

If you’re in Denver this weekend I will be signing books in the Ohgave booth at the American Dietetic Association’s EXPO this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Colorado Convention Center. Check out the book tour page for more info.