photo from Old Shoe Woman on Flickr

My husband won’t eat walnuts. Pecans however, are an entirely different matter. I guess opinions like this are why pecans are considered the elegant relative of walnuts.

Pecans add a sophisticated buttery flavor to a variety of dishes, though in particular desserts. They make excellent crusts and pair well with a variety of fruits as well as caramel and chocolate.

All over the South, pecans are traditionally caramelized into the famous praline treat Pecan Pie. Pecans can can be also used in a variety of savory recipes, including my Spinach Salad with Cherries . You may also likePaleo Pecan Tart Crust, German Chocolate Cake, Apricot Power Bars, and Cinnamon Pecan Brittle.

Like walnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, pecans are full of the plant sterols recently touted for their cholesterol lowering ability and possible benefit to those at risk for heart disease.