Flaxseed Meal

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are grown in both gold and brown varieties and come from pods that grow on a low plant with pretty purple flowers.

The great thing about flax seeds is that unlike nuts, flax seeds are unlikely to cause allergies. This wonderfully nutty tasting seed is rich in cancer-fighting lignans, fiber and healthy fats.

The easiest way to incorporate flax into your diet is to eat the seeds freshly ground.

Though you may often see whole seeds in commercially made breads and pastries, there is some argument that whole, unadulterated seeds cannot be processed by the human body for any health benefit. Using a simple coffee grinder can accomplish the task of making the numerous nutrients from flax seeds bioavailable.

If you do purchase pre-ground flax meal, make sure it is stored at freezer temperatures (at both point of purchase and at home) as freezing flax seeds protects the valuable oils in them from turning rancid. I use ground flax seeds in my Paleo Porridge recipe and my Bran Muffins.