dark chocolate drops chips

I used to bake exclusively with Dagoba Chocodrops 73% cacao (as pictured above). However, Dagoba reformulated their product adding dairy; to accommodate those with dairy allergies I now also use Los Rios 75% Single Origin Organic Chocolate Drops From Ecuador.

When my recipes call for dark chocolate chips, I now recommend using either Dagoba Chocodrops (73% cacao) or Republica Del Cacao 75% Los Rios Chocolate Drops. I use organic dark chocolate because it has a higher cocoa content and less sugar than semi-sweet or milk chocolate.

Because the percentages of coco butter and powder vary product-to-product and brand-to-brand, it is important to use chocolate that is 68%-75% cacao in my recipes.

You can purchase the Los Rios 75% Chocolate Drops from Amazon.

If you wish to stick with Dagoba you can purchase 8 ounce bags of Dagoba Chocodrops (73% cacao) at Amazon or