Agave Nectar

agave nectar

For several years I researched delicious, healthy alternatives to sugar that held up well in the baking process yet did not substantially raise my glycemic index levels.

My favorite brand of agave is Madhava. According to Nekutli/Colibree, its manufacturer, the glycemic index of their product is under 40, well below the GI of sugar. Another reason why I use Madhava is due to their high standards, processes and the type of agave plant they harvest. Amidst all the controversy surrounding agave these days it’s good to know that the company you buy from is willing to defend their product.

In all of my recipes, I use light USDA certified organic agave nectar. As opposed to dark or amber, light agave has a more neutral flavor and resembles sugar most closely in taste when added to baked goods.

To save money, I purchase my agave nectar by the gallon. Ordering agave by the gallon will dramatically cut costs on this product; if you do so purchase a pump for the gallon size container. Whatever you do, avoid buying small containers of agave! They are far more expensive than the gallon size available in many health food stores. Purchase Agave Nectar from