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Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are looking for a cooling treat during this hot spell, try this Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich recipe, made with my Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream.  The boys and I made it the other day and they couldn’t get enough of them!

Ice Cream Sandwich
  1. Scoop ice cream
  2. Place between two chocolate chip cookies
  3. Serve

Here’s a quick video I made some time ago on how to make my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now that it is July, we are deep into baseball.  We just finished a huge baseball weekend with my older son’s team taking the All Star District Tournament (they now move onto the State Championships in 2 weeks) and my younger son’s team making a huge come back yesterday in the consolation round of his tournament, which continues every night this week, as long as the team keeps on winning.

What are your favorite dishes to make now that we are in July?  Are you eating lots of fruits, greens, desserts?  I ate a lot of super fresh cherries last night after we arrived home from our baseball double header yesterday.  They were some of the best cherries I’ve ever devoured –tart, sweet and almost crunchy.