Ice Cream Sandwich

If you are looking for a cooling treat during this hot spell, try this Gluten Free Ice Cream Sandwich recipe, made with my Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream.  The boys and I made it the other day and they couldn’t get enough of them!

Ice Cream Sandwich

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  • Scoop ice cream
  • Place between two chocolate chip cookies
  • Serve
Prep Time 10 mins
Total Time 10 mins
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Here’s a quick video I made some time ago on how to make my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Now that it is July, we are deep into baseball.  We just finished a huge baseball weekend with my older son’s team taking the All Star District Tournament (they now move onto the State Championships in 2 weeks) and my younger son’s team making a huge come back yesterday in the consolation round of his tournament, which continues every night this week, as long as the team keeps on winning.

What are your favorite dishes to make now that we are in July?  Are you eating lots of fruits, greens, desserts?  I ate a lot of super fresh cherries last night after we arrived home from our baseball double header yesterday.  They were some of the best cherries I’ve ever devoured –tart, sweet and almost crunchy.


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  1. wow, i just made your cashew ice cream recipe with a few changes: soaked the cashews in 1 c of warm water, cooled down completely, and blended with: 1/4 c maple syrup, tbsp alcohol-based gluten free vanilla extract, 4 scoops KAL brand stevia (since maple is less sweet than agave), drizzle blackstrap molasses (for flavor depth and richness), large pinch sea salt, 1/4 tsp xanthan gum. blended in my osterizer until liquefied, refrigerated until chilled, and processed in the ice cream maker. killer! now i have the rest in a air-tight containter in the freezer, i’m hoping that this will not harden to rock-like consistency like all of my other vegan ice cream experiments. i would also like to note that my partner, who can and regularly does eat premium dairy ice cream, thought this was superb as well! the only note i have is that it has a strange texture when it melts.
    thanks for the recipe, i had been wavering on several cashew ice cream recipes and decided to try yours first. i doubt i’ll try the others.

  2. Your ice cream cookies look fantastic, especially with all this hot weather we are having. I enjoyed the video and will give the cookies a try as soon as the weather cools and I actually want to turn on the oven.

  3. Hi Elana.

    I love your recipes and all that i’ve tested turned out great. However, although I wanted to test this cookies, here in Portugal, there’s no grapeseed oil for sale. Do you think that instead that I could use sunflower oil?

    Thank You **

    • Rita,

      Check out Elana’s FAQ page for info on substitutions — there are just too many possibilities so she can’t answer all of these : ) But the forums are an excellent resource and I highly recommend posting your substitution questions there; everyone is friendly and helpful. I can tell you that grapeseed oil doesn’t taste right to me or the people I serve these treats to, and I frequently use coconut oil, sometimes butter, and various other kinds of oils and combinations in all the recipes, and have NEVER been disappointed with any of those substitutions. I would think sunflower oil would be just perfect. Give it a try — I am certain you will love them regardless of which oil you choose : )

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  4. Wowee. I have been meaning to do Ice Cream Sandwiches this summer, and better get started before we run out of hot months (which shouldn’t be any time soon). However, I suspect these would be good on a cool evening during the winter, too.

  5. Your Chocolate Chip cookies are my favorite!!!

    I brought them to a BBQ (mostly so that I could have a sweet treat to eat for myself while there), but I used whipped cream cheese with vanilla and Stevia for the middle. Everyone gobbled them up!

    Here’s a tip for the cookies: Swap out some of the agave (or maple syrup, etc) for molasses (like 1/2 of it) and you’ll get that authentic CC Cookie flavor!

    Great idea with the ice-cream Elana! I have my ice-cream maker’s ‘bucket’ chilling in my freezer now and I think some Vanilla Coconut-Milk/ Cream Ice-cream will be perfect with these!

  6. Elana, you’ve transformed my cooking..with almond flour. Last summer I made a plum cake with almond flour – disaster. It looked good but tasted horrible….anyway, I’ve since discovered you and have made 3-4 things from your blog every week, for the last 3 weeks.

    How come you don’t use baking powder though? I don’t like the taste of baking soda – I can taste the tiniest amounts and so I sub baking powder instead and it works beautifully. Your gluten free bread 2.0, worked amazingly well this weekend, with part chestnut flour and baking powder.

    We are eating loads of cherries and peaches at the moment!

    Thank you, Elana. Thank you

  7. I’ve been wanting to make some of your gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, but it has been to hot & humid.
    The first “cool” day we get, I’ll be tossing a batch in the oven and then making some ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

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