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Hot Cocoa

There was a distinct chill in the air last night which lead me to put on slippers and make a cup of gluten free, dairy free hot chocolate.  This quick and easy beverage can be simply made from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Hot Cocoa
  1. Place cashews and (room temperature) water in a vitamix; puree on high until completely smooth and no lumps of cashew remain
  2. Blend in cacao, agave, stevia and vanilla
  3. Divide cacao mixture evenly between 2 mugs
  4. Top off each mug with ½ cup boiling water
  5. Serve

My younger son and his friend Kai were my taste testers for today’s hot chocolate.  I make sure to test the recipes that I post on someone besides myself, often making each one several times.

Here’s what they had to say, “It tasted really good with the stevia.”  Initially I had a mere 10 drops of stevia in the recipe, however the boys said it was not quite sweet enough, so I doubled up to make it taste more like regular hot chocolate by adding 10 more drops, resulting in the 20 drops you see in the recipe above.

On another note, while this site is still a well kept secret, my recipes are often reviewed by others online, generally in a positive tone.  Today I saw this review of my simple bread.  While it was nice that the review was honest (I always appreciate the feedback) the tone wasn’t something to which I’m accustomed.

I would have to agree though that my recipes are not for those looking to save on food costs (see Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma for more on that).  They are very filling (making many more servings than average dishes) and far more nutritious.

How do you view food?  What priority does it take in your life?  Leave a comment and let us know.