gluten free pancakes

Pancakes Revisited

These gluten free, grain free and dairy free pancakes are a healthy breakfast treat.

The feedback pertaining to the Pancake and Flapjack recipes on my website has been interesting to watch.

Many people have loved and had great success with these recipes and many have had trouble with them as well.  Since these 2 recipes seemed to be more troublesome then most, I decided to re-work them in this post.

Pancakes Revisited
Serves: 12 pancakes
  1. In a vitamix, combine eggs, agave and vanilla and blend on high until smooth
  2. Add almond flour, salt and baking soda and blend again to incorporate dry ingredients into batter
  3. Let batter sit for 15-20 minutes to thicken up
  4. Warm grapeseed oil in a large skillet over medium heat
  5. Ladle pancake batter onto skillet
  6. Pancakes will form little bubbles, when bubbles open, flip pancakes over and cook other side
  7. Remove from heat to a plate
  8. Repeat process with remaining batter, adding more oil to skillet as needed
I used a cast iron skillet to make these pancakes

Here’s a comment from a helpful reader:

I had problems, like other comments have mentioned, that the flapjacks weren’t firm enough to flip.  I used the almond flour at room temperature (I had been storing it in the refrigerator but after reading that you don’t I tried that).  I also had to cook them a lot longer than a normal pancake is cooked. It took about 3-4 minutes for the first side and 2-3 for the second side, but it is well worth the wait! Hopefully this will help others who are having problems with this!

gluten free flapjack recipe

Some of you have asked for a lower GI alternative to maple syrup –my boys are really enjoying Sohgave’s agave based “maple” syrup, which I have found to be quite tasty as well.

I am thrilled to let you all know that as I was reading the New York Times Book Review last weekend, I saw that the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook is #10 on their best seller list.  Way to go Ree!

In media news I had the pleasure yesterday of being interviewed by Dr. Faith of the Faith Middleton show on Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network.  We talked for an hour, yes a full hour about my book and many of the recipes in it.  Dr. Faith is an almond flour evangelist and it was wonderful to be on air with her. Listen to the show

Last but not least, the winner of last weeks Friday Freebie retweet giveaway for a jar of Naturally Nutty Sunflower Butter is Ricki Heller. Congratulations!


  1. Tracey Brown says

    Like others have mentioned, I have had some troubles with the consistency of the batter and found the pancakes difficult to flip. I tried making them again this morning, only to discover that I was out of both honey and agave! I tried making them with coconut sugar instead. Just added 1/4 cup of the coconut sugar to blend with the other liquid ingredients. It worked very well. The batter consistency was good and they were easy to flip. It also made the texture of the finished pancakes better in my opinion. They were delicious!

  2. Lisa says

    Hi Elana! These look wonderful. Do you think I could substitute coconut sugar for the agave nectar in this recipe?



  3. Brandon says

    I did not have agave nectar so I instead boiled water with xylitol to make a syrup. Seemed to work well…until I went to flip them in the pan. They do not hold together at all. Flavor is good though.

  4. says

    Delicacy of flipping is an issue. I followed the original recipe to the “t” and found that the batter was a bit runny -by the time they were solid enough to flip they were starting to burn. So, on the next run I added about 2 TBS. of coconut flour.
    Also, for people with flipping issues I think the size and consistency of the eggs has a lot to do with it. There is a standardized measure for a “large” egg, but the chickens often don’t follow it.
    Also the temperature of the pan is important. Cast iron builds up heat, so if you start at medium it soon gets too hot. I turned it down to medium low. That way the cakes can sit there for a while and not get burned. Unless you are writing and forget you had one more pancake cooking!

  5. Cindy says

    I finally tried these pancakes this morning! My 8 yr old son loved them! Thank you! They tasted great, but I was wondering if I did something wrong, because in the directions, they said that the batter needed to sit for 15-20 minutes to thicken. But after only 10, they were almost too thick. I’m not experienced with gluten free cooking, so is this normal?? I might try the flack jack version next time just to see the difference.

  6. Becky says

    With a few modifications I’ve made a batch that greatly resemble “regular” pancakes. But first know that I generally sub maple syrup for agave and add frozen blueberries, and I apologize for being one of those people who doesn’t measure precisely….with that said…

    The texture of the batter has been difficult for me, and I find that instead of adding a liquid it’s best to just add less almond flour, maybe 25percent less than the recipe calls for. It will resemble traditional pancake batter but a little on the thin side. Doing this actually resulted in me getting more pancakes than usual per batch! My traditional wheat flour pancakes call for a large quantity of baking powder and this effects their flavor. So, after mixing the batter here i added about 2 tsp baking powder to the batter in addition to the baking soda (also I already added blueberries). Let the batter sit a few min. The powder caused the batter to puff up and thicken a bit, making it a good consistency for spooning out.

    Still keep them small and cook them on medium low, watch them carefully since there is a short window of time between too-soft-to-flip and charred, but they are easy to master :).
    Thanks elana for all you do!!!

  7. Kristi says

    Boy, I wasn’t too sure about these when I saw the batter. For some reason, my batter was so thick it was like cookie dough instead of pancake batter! I went back and read through the ingredients again to make sure I hadn’t left anything out, but I had followed everything exactly, no substitutions or improvisations. I had to scoop the batter out of the blender because there was no pouring it! I had to form circles with the spoon because it was so thick. It never bubbled so they were a little on the dark side. I tried one before serving to my kiddos – WOW! These are awesome! We didn’t even need maple syrup or preserves on them! I don’t care how thick the recipe turned out – these will be a repeat Saturday morning staple. Thank you!

  8. Una Baer says

    Just wanted to say, I’ve made these multiple times but today I subbed cashew meal (from Trader Joes) for the almond flour plus used maple syrup (in half the amount as agave) and they came out better than ever. Lighter, fluffier, and just perfectly sweet. I always do at least a double recipe to keep some cooked pancakes in the fridge or freezer, they reheat wonderfully in a microwave or toaster oven or just on a cookie sheet in the oven for a few minutes.

  9. Nancy says

    I just made these and they’re fantastic. I sautéed some walnuts and sliced bananas and it was amazing. I just love all of your recipes, Elana!

  10. Melanie says

    I love this recipe we make them once a week…sometimes for dinner! I use whatever sweetener I have honey, syrup etc thicker works better( I confess once I made them with leftover corn syrup from a pecan pie holiday and it was fantastic!) I use coconut oil to grease pan and never have issues with sticking. We live up at higher altitude than boulder … I wonder if the almond flour available in diff areas is finer? I also do not have a vitamin so I hand whisk and they are great. Add blueberries and its heaven!

  11. Emily says

    Hi there,
    Why does Bob’s Red Mill almond flour not work? I just made the recipe with it and encountered issues with flipping the pancakes. It was the only brand available at my local grocery store.

  12. stacy hancock says

    Whoo! my batter was so thick! tried adding small amounts of almond milk, then got over-zealous and added too much(totaled a cup). Then had to add in a 1/4 brown rice flour and 1/4 potato starch, and 1/2 tsp or so of additional baking soda. think from there we just struggled with the temp of the pan. they brown very quickly. i found i had to put my stove to low, flip and squish, and then set aside to cool/finish cooking inside.

    we also have the added difficulty of egg-free. i used 2 tbsp flax and 6 tbsp water to make my egg replacer. oh! and i added cardamon for kicks. really they were good once i got the batter to be workable. i’ll keep working with the base recipe. my kids really don’t care, they’re so pancake deprived they’ll eat anything! i’m the picky pancake eater ;)

  13. says


    I am wondering and looking for a recipe that is gluten-free and vegan pancakes with the following ingredients..

    Almond Milk or Flour?

    I know Mother’s Market uses solely these ingredients and they have EXTREMELY popular pancakes. For an idea, I have spent around or more than $200.00 on their pancakes within 2-months.

    They melt in your mouth.
    Please let me know if you can help me out.
    Thank you.

  14. Kenz says

    These pancakes were good, but I changed some things because they were like paste texture when I mixed them up. So I only used 1 C. Flour, and 3 eggs instead of two. Then I added 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar for something for the baking soda to react with. Greased my skillet with olive oil, they were so fluffy! Hope this helps those who were having issues with it…yum yum I love almond flour.

  15. Lucille Fischer says

    Hi, what could I do to replace the eggs? I am Vegan. Thanks soooo much! Also how do I replace wheat flour in all my recipes with almond flour? Thanks again! :)

  16. schomama says

    Hello Elana,
    I’ve got quite some issues with this recipe. In fact I use the One in your book.
    My batter is always very, very thick, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. To me it seems there is too little liquid for the amount of almond flour.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you very much!

    • Magali says

      Hi! I used 1 tbsp. of Xylitol instead of the Agave nectar, and added 1/3 cup of milk to the recipe and it worked very well.

  17. Erin says

    Just tried these this morning and they were a huge hit…I had no issues…I did use cream and I did leave the blanched almond flour out overnight.

    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  18. Salania says

    I tried this recipe but my batter turned out really thick like a cake batter. I cooked them but I couldn’t get the center done without the outside burning, that was cooking on medium. I did sub the agave for honey. What did I do wrong?

  19. Courtney says

    How come the revisited recipe doesn’t call for arrowroot powder? I made these this morning and they were very watery and burned quickly. I should have read the reviews and let the batter sit for 15 minutes. Even though they were burned they were still good!

  20. Mel says

    I had success with these, though not initially. I started out making one small change: halving the agave and adding some stevia, as I’m watching carbs. The batter was reeeally thick (due in part to reduced agave?), and I was having the burning/raw issue that many have run into. So, I added a few tbsp of almond milk to thin the batter so it would (hopefully) cook through before scorching. This seemed to do the trick, though these babies cook super quick, so keep close watch. I transferred them to a warm oven while finishing up the batch, then enjoyed with some earth balance spread and a little maple syrup. I really enjoyed them (even the burnt ones), and so did my paleo-skeptic husband. I’m looking forward to incorporating these into our usual weekend breakfast rotation. I love this website!

  21. says

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to make the pancakes if you do not have a vitamix? This appliance is beyond my budget at this time and every time I am attracted to a recipe it seems to require a vitamix. Is there no other way? I don’t really have time to experiment with this so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Kenna says

      I make these all the time! I don’t use a blender and hey come out fine. I actually started baking them at 350 instead of dealing with the little cakes. They are delicious both ways. I have them in the oven as I type this…with a few dairy free chocolate chips mixed in. :) Enjoy!

        • says

          I made the pancakes and I used stevia as the sweetener since I do not use agave nectar for these reasons:

          I also used coconut oil in the pan instead of grapeseed oil as coconut tolerates heat really well – tastes great and you can get it inexpensively from TJs. I added unsweetened coconut to the batter as well along with about 1/2 cup of water since the batter was way too thick without it.

          They were pretty darn good and very filling.

          I had most of the batter left over so I added more coconut, stevia and some chocolate chips to it and have some choc chip cookies in the oven right now. I’m sure they are going to taste great!

          I love this almond flour. unlike pancakes made from wheat and sugar – I found that I was full after just 2 small ones and satisfied as well. Wheat, which contains opiates, is highly addictive and the more you eat the more you crave.

          Thanks to Elana for turning me on to this. I MUST stay gluten free as I have Grovers’ disease and even a small amount of gluten will set me off.

  22. Lou says

    I had better luck last time I prepared these pancakes but I made my own almond flour by grinding blanched slivered almond. This time the batter was too thick immediately. I used Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour this time so I suspect the density is apparently different?

  23. Mo says

    I used the Very Vanilla cupcake recipe plus 1 more egg and 1/2 cup coconut water to make waffles. wow. Used baby cakes waffle fingers iron. We are making them again and again.

  24. Wendy Hawthorn says

    I did follow the directions as specified on Pancakes Revisited and I still had some trouble cooking them on the griddle. So, not wanting to waste my batter, I baked them. And they turned out great. I added 1/4 tsp baking powder to the mix and used water instead of vanilla. I baked them at 350 for 10 minutes. They browned beautifully, albeit a bit misshapen. I guess you could use pancake rings if you wanted to. And they taste great! I love the bread recipes and am using the vegan herb cracker recipe a lot. That also is great plain (no herbs) and goes wonderfully with home made Almond butter.

    Thanks Elena!! I am going to buy the cookbook!

  25. K says

    I made these little beauties today for a power breakfast before heading out for a distance run. I have tried several paleo pancake recipes but with limited success. These were wonderful – very hearty, very filling, and perfect! A few IMPORTANT observations.

    #1. Cook on Medium heat –
    #2. Let these babies cook for a long time on the first side (double the time of traditional pancakes). I let them cook until I thought for sure one side was going to be burnt, but they turned out wonderful and delicious. The second side, I cooked just until I could easily slide the spatula under them without separation, a lot shorter.
    #3. Make them small – I used a 1/4 measuring cup filled 3/4 of the way full and spread the batter out a little – they do puff up!
    #3. Don’t rush a good thing – allow yourself enough time for the process – they do turn out when done this way!

  26. GF Mommy says

    Thanks for the great recipe! I used a handheld mixer since I do not have a Vitamix and I was happy with the way the batter turned out. Also I used Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour (I bought it before I saw that Elana does not recommend this brand). I could feel small granules of the almond flour, but it didn’t bother me or my 3 and 4 year old kiddos. They LOVED these pancakes and wanted seconds.

    I also cooked these on an electric griddle with coconut oil. I heated it to 325 degrees (ranges from 200-400) and it was too hot. They were burning before they were ready to be turned. Backed it down to 300 and had success. Served with Sohgave Maple Flavor Agave Syrup. Yum. Will definitely be making these again. :)

  27. Jessica M. says

    I found this batter turned out very thick. I’m wondering if something went wrong for me. I even some milk to thin it. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Jessica M. says

      I should add I used a Blendtec instead of a Vitamix and found the batter too thick. Wondering if that could be why.

  28. Angela Smith says

    Just tried your pancake recipe and love it! I got so wrapped up in them I forgot about my bacon on the plate………amazing………..i didnt have any Agave Nectar on hand so I used 1/4 cup on honey and added coconut water to get the right consistency………….NICE

  29. Anne K. says

    I am new to the Paleo/Gluten free diets, and recently found your website. Thank you for all your research.

    I just mixed up these pancakes, but find the batter to be extremely thick. Is there a liquid missing? Some of the comments mention water, but there is no water in the list of ingredients.

    I would appreciate any help on this.



  30. Georgiana says

    HI Elana, I noticed that eggs were in almost off of your recipes. Are eggs necessary to make almond flour work? My hub is allergic to eggs…and I am trying to find a way to make this work.

  31. Lisa says

    I have tried these pancakes several times and my batter is extremely thick and there is no way there can be bubbles before the bottom burns. I have even turned down the heat. Also, I triple the recipe and only get 20 pancakes or so. Can I add water to thin out the batter?

  32. Chris says

    I made them in the vitamix, with some flax subbed for the flour. Added cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. I also added milk to thin the batter. We’re not dairy free. I used a small ice cream scoop to drop the batter on cast iron for silver dollar pancakes, and put blueberries in while they were cooking. Making the same today. This 15 minutes of waiting is torture but they are so worth it!! Thanks Elana!!

  33. kathleen says

    The gf Almond Flour Cookbook is on sale in the UK :) I’m trying to convert the weights in the recipes to ounces. How many ounces are there in a cup please? Any chance you could give English measurements as well, please?

  34. says

    I made these again but with eggs now that we can have them versus using a flax/chia egg replacer. And oh my! They were even more delish!!!

    With the chia/flax egg replacer they were very runny so I had to bake them. This time time I baked them not because they were too thin/thick – the consistency was lovely! but because I had no time to stand in front of the stove :) Dd and I walloped them ALL at one sitting!

    I shall be making and freezing these for snack stand bys!

    THANK YOU!!!

  35. Ines says

    I made these pancakes this morning and added a splash of unsweetened organic almond milk, and honestly, these are the best pancakes I’ve ever had. They turned out really fluffy and moist. The first one stuck to the pan, but the rest were fine from there, and I wasn’t using a cast iron skillet.
    Another incredible recipe, Elana.

  36. Lynn-Marie says

    I was looking for a different breakfast this morning, and decided to make these again. I had an overripe banana sitting on the counter next to the blender where I was mixing the ingredients and thought “why not?” I put the small banana (probably the equivalent of 1/2 large banana) in the mix and wow! I sure was happy with the outcome. The batter was very thick and I used my spatula to spread it to normal pancake thickness but they cooked perfectly – even, easy to turn, and delicious! LOVING this website and all it has inspired!

  37. Mariah says

    I tried these today and failed. i wasted flour that is not cheap, and now have an upset little girl who is recently GF and really wanted pancakes.

    Can you please add tips for those who do not own, and never will own, a $$$ piece of equipment like a Vitamix? If I would have known that my kitchen aid would not have cut, I never would have wasted the agave and flour.

    • says

      Hi Mariah, I have no food processor or blender at home, and I also can’t afford to buy lots of specialist ingredients. I make European-style thin pancakes pretty much every week, with a very simple recipe. It’s on my blog. Hope you manage to make some pancakes for your daughter tomorrow (Pancake Tuesday!).

      • Susana says

        Thanks Lisa! I live in Australia I have a hand mixer What is a Vitamix? I surely will try your recipe tomorrow I can have only a litle bit of egg!

    • Wendy says


      I did follow the directions as specified on Pancakes Revisited and I still had some trouble cooking them on the griddle. So, not wanting to waste my batter, I baked them. And they turned out great. I had halved the recipe to try it out and used water instead of vanilla. I also added 1/4 tsp baking powder. I mixed it in my $39 Magic Bullet and that blended them just fine. I did let the batter sit for 15 minutes as well. I baked them at 350 for 10 minutes. They browned beautifully, albeit a bit misshapen. I guess you could use pancake rings if you wanted to. And they taste great, light and fluffy.

      If you want to save some money on Almond Flour you can also make your own. I use blanched, slivered almonds from my local bulk store and grind small amounts at a time (1/3 cup) in my Magic Bullet until it is a fine powder. Then I sift it into a container. Any larger bits left over I toast in the oven and use on top of toffee when I make it.

      Hope that helps.



  38. Odile says

    My daughter, and two of her friends tried to make these pancakes. The batter turned out so thick they couldn’t make them. They used a hand held blender, and that was definitely not enough blending. Also, when one part had browned nicely, the other parts weren’t ready yet so it turned out rather burnt. They read a comment about using an iron waffle maker and tried it. They were already good, but now they were even better! Though some failed, the taste was always amazing.

  39. Alison says

    FYI, you don’t have to wait the 15 minutes for the mix to “thicken” if you use an immersion blender instead of the vitamix. Using the vitamix I am sure blends everything to almost liquid. But using the immersion blender made the batter close to wheat flour consistancy (a little thick though).

    Also, I cooked on medium/high and although both sides came out looking burnt, it tasted fine. Thanks for the recipe!

  40. Tara M says

    I am new to your site.

    This recipe is indeed challenging, but worth it. I was hesitant knowing how costly almond flour is, but after burning the first 3 that were not silver dollar sized, i found a size for the pancake and temperature for the cast iron that worked. They are darker than most pancakes but that doesn’t deter from taste. My kids loved them! i am just making the switch from GF to almond flour for more of my baking. THANK YOU for making this transition a breeze!

    Busy home schooling and healthy eating mama!

  41. Chris G says

    I find it interesting that people have issues both with the batter either being too runny or too thick. I wonder what the variable is that causes this.

    I just made these for the first time and I had the latter problem — the batter was too thick and to manage. I added 2T of water and it thinned it up a bit. I still think I should have added a little more (I like the almond milk idea someone used above!) as they were still a little tricky to spoon out and were pretty thick.

    I starte them out over medium heat. They were not too hard to flip but they did brown up a bit too much. Ate them with a little bit of maple syrup and some free-range eggs and bacon on the side. Very good and I will keep trying to perfect this recipe!

  42. Co Putman says

    Has anyone had any luck making a gluten-free pancake that is also egg-free? Adding an egg substitute such as Energy egg substitue or flaxmeal gel adds another dimension of difficulty. (Also needs to be dairy-free, but that is an easy substiution with rice milk or almond milk). Any ideas welcome.
    Thank you.
    P.S. I have had good luck with french toast….using gluten-free/egg-free/dairy-free bread and soaking in rice milk, then cooking.

    • says

      If you read my reply to Georgiana’s comment below, there are two links that might interest you. One is for a modified version of Elana’s yummy pancakes that is gluten, dairy, egg, and refined sugar free, and the other is for a gluten, dairy, egg, and refined sugar free pancake made with pure oats. :) Both kinds of pancakes have received rave reviews from anyone I’ve made them for. I hope you enjoy them! :)

  43. says

    I can’t flip them either :( The batter looked fine. This is the 2nd time I am trying them.

    But this time round I was determined not to waste the flour plus they were too tasty to just dump them :) So I baked them in the oven at 180C for 40 minutes and they are DELICIOUS!!! My allergic dd can’t stop smiling when she tasted them.

    Now I am just wondering if I can freeze them…Yums!!! This is the 2nd recipe I have made from your site and I am so grateful for all the work you put into this.

    I am so tempted to make your breads but we are allergic to eggs and your recipes use too much eggs for the egg replacer to be used :( But thanks again!

  44. says

    I just made these this morning and they worked perfectly…..but……..We are on the Gaps diet so I had to make some changes as agave is not Gaps legal and I am trying to reduce my 2 yr old from the sugars in general (even natural ones). So the changes I made were…..

    1) Instead of the 1/4cup agave I substituted 1 tbl raw honey (ok, now since I did this my batter was really, really thick so I…)

    2)added an additional egg

    3)added 3-4 tbl almond milk (nut milk) until it had pancake batter consistency

    The pancakes bubbled perfectly, flipped just fine and turned out great! Just like perfect pancakes. We cooked ours in coconut oil for added benefits.

  45. Kristen says

    I substituted 1/4 agave for 1/4 coconut milk (not light) & they were perfect! You can always add back the sweetness when they are done because hey, they are pancakes after all.

  46. Sabrina says

    I have made these pancakes countless times for my kids and also had trouble with them initially.
    Here are a few tips and modifications that work well.

    1. I find the batter to be a little on the runny side so I add about half a tablespoon of coconut flour to it.

    2. I let it sit for ten minutes to thicken slightly.

    3. I use coconut flour to cook the pancakes and to prevent them from sticking, one has to be generous with the oil. I use about a tablespoon or more for cooking 5 pancakes. Then I add more for successive batches.

    4. I use an 11 inch cast iron pan that I preheat with no oil. Then I add the cocout oil, wait a minute and add the pancake batter. If your pan is not hot enough, your pancakes will stick.

    5. Lower the heat as soon as you pour the batter. Otherwise they will burn before cooking all the way through.

    I hope this helps.


  47. Dizzy says

    I have been making these often as my go to breakfast “carb” (either these or a small sweet potato, and sausage or bacon). I have been trying to go ketonic and have a primarily fat and protein based-diet.

    Unfortunately I have been burning them often though in my cast iron skillet. Today I swapped the blanched almond flour for TJ’s whole almond flour, since I was too lazy to grind my own (if you grind your own from TJ’s blanched almonds it’s only $5 a lb.) For some reason it stuck together better and burned a little less.

    I also recommend using a good animal fat instead of veg (was using either grapeseed or coconut oil, and it usually burned faster). I like ghee, grassfed tallow, or duck fat if I can find it!

    Thanks again for this recipe!

  48. Victoria Bell says

    Hi Elana,

    Does this recipe require any water? I made them the other day and had to add water because the batter was so thick.

  49. April G says

    I am in love with these pancakes! I adapted them slightly to combine what was posted here and what is in the Gluten-Free cookbook. Mine were too thick… then too thin the next time I made them… then I had problems flipping! Finally, I found something to work for me. I use my Vitamix to blend and add ingredients as instructed, liquid then dry. After adding salt, baking soda and flour, I then add 1/4 cup of almond milk and it makes them the perfect consistency without waiting. I also use a griddle not a pan and the grapeseed oil is a must. I sometimes make these 2-3 times a week! My kids LOVE pancakes, and I’m so happy to give them these. Thank you!

  50. marcus says

    last year i was diagnosed with Crohns, and im sure you have heard the diet plans for Crohns patients and eating along the SCD diet…but i’ve been making your pancakes now for a couple months and i really enjoy them, however i found them to be heavy/dense, so i thought i’d reserve one egg white from the recipe and whip it up then fold into the batter. Believe or not the pancakes came out somewhat airier and still had the same taste….not sure how many have tried this but it worked for me and i just thought i share…again thank you so much for sharing you recipes :)

  51. Crystal says

    This recipe is wonderful! My two children loved them! For whatever reason, my batter came out VERY thick-so I added almond milk-to the consistency I normally used to use-it worked awesome! The pancakes were very light and airy-I think I’ll add some milk to Elanas bread recipe too.

  52. Sandy says

    These are lovely. I just had them for dinner. Indeed, I also added a bit of water, but I omitted the agave nectar as I have fructose malabsorption. I also added some cinnamon and instead of syrup I thawed out some frozen strawberries and chopped them, added just a hint of sugar and topped with them. OMG, like strawberry shortcake pancakes.

  53. says

    Hi Elana. We are huge pancake fans in our house. When I first learned a few years ago that my son and I had to avoid gluten (among other foods), my first few attempts using gluten-free pancake recipes resulted in pancakes that either tasted like grass or were hard enough to use as weapons! I was thrilled to find your website and cookbook — since then, my son asks for pancakes every Saturday morning! (I’ve also tried many of your other recipes, to rave reviews from everyone!)

    We also need to avoid eggs and sweeteners, so I’ve been working on a modified version of your pancake recipe to suit our family’s needs. These new pancakes are really delicious, too, and perfect for anyone who can’t have gluten, dairy, eggs, or sweeteners other than fruit. I thought I’d share it here for your other readers who may be in the same situation we are.

    Thanks for all of your hard work in providing delicious recipes for those of us on modified diets — we really appreciate it!

    • A says

      Thanks so much for posting this. My son is a Will too :) We love Elana’s pancakes but recently found out we can’t do eggs either. So happy to find your recipe. Love that there is no added sugar as well. Can’t wait to try them!!

  54. Vanessa says

    I have been making these pan cakes for my gapsdiet breakfast. I have to sub honey for the agave to make it work with my specific diet. I have found this makes the batter a bit too dry. So I also added about a half cup of water to the blend. I was also having a hard time with flipping them and burning them. My solution was to cook them in the oven at 350 for about 13 mins on a silicone baking mat. No flipping or burning occured. Hope this helps! Thank you so for all your work on this blog. It has really helped keep the pleasure in eating for me.

  55. nico says

    I made your pacncakes with the book recipe and they were fine for a desert but too sweet to use as a main course. In France, where I come from, we make sour pancakes (known as galettes or crepes) with ham, cheese, smoked slamon or even an egg cooking on top of the pancake. Do you have an alternative recipe which could be used to make a bigger, thinner, non sweeet tasting pancake ?

  56. sj says

    Agave syrup is as unhealthy for the body as corn syrup is because of the processing at high heat w/ solvents. Weston Price information. Should be using xylitol

  57. George Forester says

    Pancake comments.
    Using Trader Joe’s Almond Flour. Added 1 T olive oil, 1 T milk to make batter thinner. No Agave.
    Should add 1/4 t baking powder (will try this next time).
    Cook on hot skillet, 1-2 min per side. Use butter on skillet; you suggest grapeseed oil, but I find that oil forms a very hard varnish on the skillet and is very hard to remove (I had never used grape seed oil until you recommended it as it has a high burning point, but I don’t use it any more and have gone back to butter and olive oil, butter mostly as it is easy to clean up from my stainless steel (multi layered) skillet.)

    Very delicious! Thanks so much for your recipes, they have given me a new spurt on cooking. Also used your Almond Power Bars recipe as a basis for a pie crust – works great (a little tedious spreading it around in the pie plate).

  58. says

    I found your site looking for a gluten free pancake recipe. we tried this one and everyone LOVED it! They were so good I didn’t even need to put anything on them!

    Thanks for a great recipe!

  59. ledalyn says

    I am pleased to see this recipe reworked and will definitely try it. I tried these exactly as written from the cookbook 3 different times and had the slow to cook, can’t turn, ended up burnt problem each time. The final time I took the remaining batter and plugged in my waffle iron. Bingo – perfect waffles. Since then I have been making waffles almost every morning. So good! I make a batch of the batter and keep it in the fridge. The waffles cook so quickly that it is faster than making toast would be. The batter thickens significantly in the fridge, so by the second day I thin it with a little water and it works great.

  60. Becky D says

    I attempted to make this recipe this morning – and my batter was more like a stiff cookie dough. No way was I going to be able to “ladle” it into the skillet. I ended up putting in 1/2 cup of whole milk to make it loose enough to ladle at all, and I still had to do some “smooshing” to get them flat enough to be called pancakes.
    THEN – I went and looked at the older recipe, using dairy…and I was even more confused. That recipe calls for 3 cups of almond flour, but also 1/2 cup of cream, 8 eggs, and melted butter. Lots more liquid in that one, and all that extra liquid is missing in this recipe. Going by that recipe, this one should have 1/4 cup of liquid, 4 eggs, and 1/4 cup of liquid fat. Plus, the agave is the same for a recipe that is half the amount. (I’m okay with that – less sweet.)
    I think next time I’ll try the dairy recipe – that looks much more like a pancake recipe.
    This one was okay at best…and only after playing with it.

  61. says

    Using the recipe above, and blending with a regular blender, yielded an extremely thick batter. It was too thick for pancakes. I read through most of the comments here to see if I missed anything. I also googled “gluten free pancakes” to compare the recipe here to others and came across Elana’s recipe posted on That recipe was exactly the same, but included 1/2 cup of water.

    Adding the 1/2 cup of water did the trick! We made both pancakes and waffles, and the waffles were favored over the pancakes.

    I am so very excited about these! Now I just need to get one of those long flat pans so I can cook up a bunch to refrigerate/freeze for my teens to grab on the go.

    Link to the recipe on –

    • Michelle says

      Thanks for posting the recipe. My batter was really thick, and I think the extra 1/2 cup of liquid would be perfect. Even with these being more like doughy English muffins, they were our favorite gluten-free/paleo pancakes. I used Trader Joe’s almond meal and subbed 1 T honey + 3 T unsweetened almond milk + 12 drops NuNaturals stevia for the 1/4 cup agave. The sweetness was perfect. With a little tweaking, this will be my go-to pancake recipe.

  62. Kelly Collins says

    I’m in Minnesota and I tried these for the first time today. We loved them! I did have to add around 1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut milk because the batter was way too thick for some reason – but it worked great. I also top mine with warmed homemade apple sauce instead of syrup – it’s wonderful!

  63. Andrea says

    I did not have any trouble with the Pancake recipe in the Almond Flour Cookbook at all but I decided to try the “revised” version just in case it was a bit easier…this recipe did not work for me. I noticed that the 1/4 cup of water and 1 T. of arrowroot was omitted in the revised recipe and my batter was WAY too thick, I had to throw the entire batch away as they burned on my griddle (boo hoo!). But I remixed with the recipe in the cookbook and they worked beautifully again. I use an electric griddle heated to 300 degrees and heavily coat it with the grapeseed oil using a papertowel…I love using the griddle because I can make all 12 pancakes in one patch!

  64. Mellanie says

    Just tried these tonight and they are delicious! I never had any trouble with turning them or having them fall apart either; I cooked on medium heat. I substituted honey (1 Tbsp) and water mixed together to make 1/2 cup of liquid for the agave since I didn’t have any! The batter was too thick with only a 1/4 cup of liquid, so I increased it to 1/2. I also used 1 tsp of pure vanilla rather than a Tbsp, and there was still plenty of vanilla flavor. These are great! Thanks Elana!


  65. Lisa says

    I figured out on my own to the silver dollar size and high cook on my own, and only after a few trial runs lol of course had i looked at the new recipe sooner i wouldn’t have need to go through those trial runs X-). glad i look at the updated version cause i wouldn’t have thought to let it sit for a bit. Thanks for tips!!!!

    Recently grain free

  66. Darcie says

    The batter came out really thick for me and was the color of brown sugar. I added some almond milk and canola oil and made them into muffins instead. Very yummy, even had a buttery taste.

  67. Tracy Rekart says

    On the flapjack recipe it includes a 1/2 cup of water. Yet on this recipe it does not. I think the 1/2 cup of something is essential to get batter. Did you forget to include the water in the recipe or was this itentional?

  68. Jenna says

    I added a few drops of Toffee Nut flavored Stevia to the batter and it was so delicious! My first batch also burned right away so I turned the heat down for the second batch and they came out beautifully golden! I used 1 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour so they were naturally sweetened and so yummy! The batter was a bit thick but I probably could have just added some water to thin it out. Great recipe!!

  69. Sarah Carter says

    I love pancakes and miss them being on a wheat free diet. I recently discovered a great alternative – ricotta pancakes. I found a recipe and have made some modifications to make it GF and healthier

    Ricotta Pancakes

    Serving size – 4 pancakes

    6 tablespoons all-purpose gluten free flour
    4 teaspoons sugar or stevia
    2 teaspoon baking powder
    2 egg whites
    1 cup ricotta cheese
    lemon zest
    4 ounces fresh blueberries
    dash of vanilla extract

    In a bowl, combine flour, sugar, and baking powder and mix together. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites (with a whisk) then add to the bowl with the dry ingredients and then add the ricotta cheese. Blend well. Gently fold in blueberries and add lemon zest and vanilla extract.

    Pour about 1/4 cup batter onto hot griddle or fry pan for each pancake. Take a spatchala and the back of a spoon to spread the batter into a thinner, rounder pancake right. Make sure your griddle is heated thoroughly and maintain a medium heat.Since this batter is a bit heavier and thicker, they need to cook a little more slowly than other pancakes. It could take several minutes on each side. You will have to cut one pancake in half to test and see how long it takes to cook through in your pan. I covered my pan with a lid to keep the heat in to help them cook. They should be golden brown when served. Eat right away. Delicious!

  70. Cathy says

    I wanted to try the pancakes,so I dried the leftover pulp after making almond milk and then realized I only had half a cup! And since I promised my 4 year old pancakes for breakfast I improvised a little.I used dried coconut which I ground into meal and added in with the dried almond pulp. About 1 cup coconut, half a cup almond.I added the other ingredients and a pinch of almond milk because the batter went a little dry on me.And they came out AMAZING!!! Thank you for the great recipe:-)

  71. Kelley says

    Really great recipe! A little sweet for our taste, I think next time I’ll leave out the agave altogether (or maybe try 1/8c.). I also used syrup so the combo of sweet pancakes and sweet syrup was probably the issue… but you can’t NOT have syrup on pancakes, right?!?

    First batch I cooked on high as suggested in the revision at the top of the recipe… they really burned! So ‘low and slow’ turned out to be the solution for me… no higher than 275-300 degrees on my griddle. I also found that if I turned them as I would on a ‘regular’ pancake (waiting for the bubbles to form and pop), it was too late. I turned them when they were still a little runny in the middle but holding together on the outside rim… perfect! :)

    I had a lot of batter left over so I’m hoping it holds up in the fridge for a couple of days!

  72. elisabeth says

    I just made these this morning. The taste was nice, but I also burnt the whole batch (started at med/high heat, then tried all the way down to low heat). My pancake batter is brown, the color of brown sugar. The photo here is a light color. Why is my batter so dark? I also used a kitchen aid mixer. My batter was very thick and now I realize alot of people added water to thin. I guess the vitamix makes the batter thinner. I’ll try adding some water next time.

  73. katie b says


    Just a heads up. I ordered the 25# bag of almond flour from Lucy’s Kitchen Shop and not only did it really make my family Gluten-sick somethin’ fierce—-it made the other Celiac family I baked some goodies for sick too! Just so you know. The Honeyville almond flour seemed to be just fine for us. We were enjoying Pancakes, Lemon Bars and the Fig Newtons until our Celiac symptoms returned with a vengeance within 1 day of eating everything.

  74. Michele says

    These pancakes are delicious!

    To cut down on sugar, I substituted the agave with organic plain whole milk European style yogurt (from Trader Joe’s) & a few drops of liquid stevia. Aside from that substitution, I made them according to this recipe – the first batch was delicious, but a little too heavy for me (my son loved them). I thinned it out with more yogurt and some butter, and fluffed it up with a little extra baking soda for the next few rounds of pancakes. These were lighter and still just as delicious. My son really digs the vanilla flavor. He is really pleased to finally have a replacement for the Nourishing Traditions wheat pancakes I used to make (and I am pleased to have a naughty-tasting breakfast which doesn’t raise my blood sugar). Thank you so much!

    • Linda says

      I did something similar (adding yogurt) as I don’t keep agave on hand as I’m doing the low carb “way of eating” (WOE) and didn’t want the added carbs of agave or honey.

      So instead of agave, I added in 2 T. of truvia (equates to 1/4 c of sugar) and 6oz of high protein plain greek yogurt. I also added in 1 or 2 T of dried shredded coconut (unsweetened) as I’m a coconut nut and like the texture it adds, but the first batch was quite thick. My other half said they tasted great anyways but they were hard to dollop out onto the skillet, they didn’t form well, and I didn’t get the tell tale bubbles that you want with pancakes.I also had to press on them to get the insides to cook.

      So I added some unsweetened soy milk to the batter to thin it back out (and added in about 1/8 t. soda to compensate for the added liquid). Second group was easier to manage, formed great bubbles, turned easy, tasty, browned perfectly.

      I know I really changed things up for my WOE, but with these edits, this is a keeper for us.

      I made this with a bowl & whisk but I figure next time I’ll use my cuisinart and just whip them up fast (and double the batch!). Next time I also might take the 2 eggs and convert to 4 egg whites and maybe 1 T. of flax to reduce the egg fat while keeping the egg binding.

  75. Kari Morgan says

    When i made the revisted recipe this morning, I found the batter very thick (even thicker after letting it rest)…I compared it to the recipe in the Almond Flour Cookbook and noted that there was no water (1/4 cup in the cookbook). I had to add the water to thin them out a bit. Not sure what happened, but they ended up being very tasty!

  76. drea says

    I just made the pancakes (revisited recipe) this morning.
    and ran into some problems. I followed the recipe with one exception, I substituted coconut oil for the grapeseed oil.
    (my almond meal was stored in the cubboard)

    They started burning well before they bubbled so I had to flip them over before I saw any bubbles. But they were already burnt by the time I flipped them.

    I tried lowering and raising the heat but they still never bubbled. I tried flipping them while they were still brown but they were hard to flip until they had been on that first side for a few minutes and were already burnt.

    thinking the batter might be too thick I added some milk but then they cooked very quickly.

    why are they not bubbling?
    how can I avoid burning them?
    I am on the east coast so maybe that is a factor as others have mentioned.



    • Joy says

      Craving pancakes, I tried again to make some this snowy morning. However, I found I had to had a lot of water ’cause nothing was moving in my vitamix. I can’t flip them over and if I do, they are partially burnt and raw inside. I have added some garbanzo flour to see if it helps. I don’t use eggs and used Egg Replacer. Can someone please help I am craving pancakes and have bought this bag of almond flour which I would like use successfully! Thanks.

      • jessica says

        Hmmm… I actually just made these this morning and they turned out great!

        Besides the egg replacer, are you using all the other ingredients Elana indicates in the list?

        I’m guessing it might have to do with not using eggs or maybe another ingredient you are substituting for?

        I wonder if someone in the forums might have an idea?

        • Joy says

          I don’t use agave nectar, so I added more water – it was still very dry. I ended up pouring the batter into a muffin pan and baking it. Still no results. Have to find a way to make gluten-free, vegan pancakes. Thanks.

  77. Julia says

    I had a little trouble with the flapjack recipe off of your site, but I made the one out of your cookbook and they turned out perpect. I thought it might have been the arrowroot powder that helped. My daughter loves these with homemade strawberry syrup!

  78. says

    I have sadly discovered an intolerance to almonds–after years of pounding them daily. For some reason I just don’t digest them, and I’m not sure why. Almonds are a big loss when you’re grain free!

    So I used your recipe above, but substituted half macadamia nuts and half roasted pecans. I simply ground them on the “grind grain” function of my vitamix equivalent, called a Blend Tec. They got a little buttery on the bottom of the mixer, but I used that portion anyway and went forth with the pancake recipe, also substituting honey for agave at half the portion you suggest. They were amazing, fantastic, gorgeous and really tasty pancakes. Incredibly filling, too.

    Jenny Epstein Kessem
    Boulder, CO

  79. says

    these are perfect!! one of the girls I at work (I am a personal chef) is always wanting pancakes but I have never found a good recipe! She is going to be so excited when I make these!

    • Cathy says

      My blender worked fine, it was just a little too stiff to do pancakes. Maybe adding water would help. But, as I suggested, putting the batter in the waffle iron works like a charm … got some cooking right now.

  80. Cathy says

    I made these this morning … I don’t have a vitamix so I just used my blender and that may have made the difference. The batter was so thick that there was no way to make a pancake — I burned the first three (ate them anyway to experience the flavor). Since there was still plenty of batter, I decided to try it in the waffle iron — awesome! I had to whip up a second batch because my kids scarfed down the first four out of the iron.
    Thanks for the great recipe … any tips on getting the batter to work better in a regular blender would be appreciated. Maybe just add water?

    • katie h says

      Hi Cathy, I don’t have a Vitamix either and our blender isn’t very powerful so I used a food processor and that worked quite well. Don’t know if you have one but if you do, I recommend giving it a try…

  81. Christine says

    Good morning from northern Canada! I am fairly new to this GF world and am thrilled that there are sites such as yours to help educate and guide us newbies. We have tried several of your recipes off your website and have been very happy with all of them, albeit we have had to modify slightly as some items are not available where we live.

    I tried a slightly modified version of this recipe this morning – and it was FANTASTIC! My husband and I are on a detox cleansing right now so no sugar or sweeteners are allowed for 12 days. So, instead of the agave, I substituted the same amount of pureed baked apple and added enough water to smooth the batter out for some good ‘movement’ in my regular old blender. I also tossed in some extra ground flax seed that I had staring at me on the counter.

    I cooked them the same as I would my old pancake recipe – electric skillet at 400 degrees and NO OIL. The pan has a stainless steel base that is naturally non-stick (no coating on the pan). At this temp, the bottom sears and pulls away from the pan naturally when the pancake is cooked enough to flip without burning. I also put the lid on the pan while they were cooking to help circulate the heat within the pan. When we opened up the lid to see how they were doing…. WOW what a great smell!

    We gobbled them back topped with mixed frozen berries and more of the baked apples I had made this morning. YUM YUM YUM!

    The plan now is to make another batch to freeze. These will make a quick and delicious breakfast throughout the week.

    Best and healthy wishes to you all!

  82. says

    Hi! I know Almond flour is the flour of choice here – and I love it best! But is Pecan Flour a good substitute? Has anyone ever tried this?

    As well – are there any problems overloading with nuts? I have discovered that I can’t really handle any grains at all – even non gluten ones seem to do funky things to both my blood sugar and my guts. So I basically eat chicken, fish, nuts – a lot.., tons of veggies and a little fruit. I guess I am worried about fat content….is this a problem I should be concerned with?


  83. Carrie says

    Thanks so much for sharing the fine products of your hard work. I attempted these new “modified” pancakes this morning. I didn’t have agave, so I subbed half honey, half real maple and used unblanched almond flour. The resulting batter was far too thick, and thickened more upon standing. So I added a cup (or so?) of coconut milk (the drink, rather than the cream) and it worked PERFECTLY. Again, maybe it is an east coast thing? But I’ll try it again, to the letter when my gallon of agave comes!

    • Mindy H. says

      I am so glad you suggested the coconut milk! I had the same problem..they were sooooooo thick…I couldn’t get the batter off the spoon, nor off my fingers. I’ll try this next time–thanks!

  84. Joan Oldale-LaPoint says

    Hey Elana –

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for awhile now, and congrats on the success of your book! Your post on the pancakes is timely for me. I’ve made more failed GF pancakes and had one too many morning meltdown over failed breakfast than I care to admit. I have multiple allergies and sensitivities, eggs being on the bad list. So before I try these:

    1. Can these be made w/ either egg replacer or flax seed?

    2. Do you have to use a vita mix? I don’t have one, but do have a regular blender and a regular food processor, as well as a kitchen aid mixer.

  85. says

    I also had difficulty setting and flipping with the last recipe. I increased the almond flour and decreased the water, as mentioned in my previous comments for that recipe, and had better luck. This morning, using this recipe, I added 2 tablespoons of Grapeseed oil to the batter as well as using it on a seasoned cast iron skillet and had no difficulty flipping. As Elana mentioned, keep them small as they are somewhat fragile. The only other change I might make to the next batch is to decrease the salt to 1/4 tsp. since they seemed a bit saltier than I like pancakes to be. I do love the flavor of these, hot or cold. I don’t even have the need to add any syrup or honey. They are just that good!

  86. Jayne says

    Just buy Pam’s Baking mix, the best. I have 6 different types of “flours” and additives just to make a baking flour, I no longer have to mess with those.

  87. says

    Hi Elana,
    I tried the pancake recipe from the book. This must be a third recipe. It is slightly different than the one printed above as it has 1/4 cup water and 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder also.

    I had trouble with that recipe. I don’t stock agave, so tried a mix of sorghum syrup and honey. I know it isn’t fair to judge a recipe when you don’t follow it exactly. Never the less, the pancakes burned right away. From the sugars in the syrup and honey I am sure.

    I did have great success when I used 1/2 cup water and on agave, syrup or honey. A very simple solution. Picture perfect pancakes, easy to flip, easy to eat.

    I used a KitchenAid blender too, not a Vitamix.

    And we have fruit sauce instead of syrup. Often that is pureed raspberries from our garden. Or a blueberry sauce.

    • says


      I make them without any sweetener as well, and they turn out better and don’t stick or burn. We put fruit compote, maple syrup or honey on top, which is plenty sweet enough.

      • says

        We had trouble with our pancakes burning too — but I assumed it was because there is no fat (butter or oil) in the pancakes themselves. I never thought of removing the sugar. I think we’ll give that a try! Thanks for posting the idea!

    • says

      I tried these yesterday but since I didn’t have agave I used honey. The batter was too thick to mix so I added water. Then they burned. I will try your suggestion to omit sweetener and just add water. They were still tasty, at least the ones I didn’t burn. But they were sweeter than I normally expect pancakes to be. Still, yum!

  88. katie h says

    I was also one of the people who had trouble making these the first time and was so excited to see your “revisited” version, Elana! Thanks so much and I look forward to trying them again…

    p.s. If you ever do a class or take your book tour to Michigan, I’ll be there!!

  89. says

    Thanks Elana for all your recipes!
    I will definitely try these out tomorrow morning for my family.
    Your almond cookies are a staple in our house-and my favorites are with goji berries, walnuts and dark chocolate chips.
    I too am trying to navigate the gluten free world and your recipes are of great help.
    Carrie Adair(Calgary, ALberta Canada)

  90. Christina says

    I first made the pancake recipe which turned out great! I actually divided the recipe in half also since it’s just me and my boyfriend, and we still had left overs! I also made them all the size of regular pancakes instead of silver dollars and had no problems. I then later tried the flapjack recipe (since I was out of cream) and it was a disaster :( they would not flip at all…I compared the recipes and thought perhaps it was due to the water in the flapjack recipes? I’ve made the original pancake recipe several times since and have had no problems. I’d love to try this new version though since we don’t carry cream too often in our house. I also just received Elana’s cookbook and can’t wait to try out all the fun new recipes! I was excited to see so much new stuff! Thanks again for all your hard work Elana!

  91. Megan says

    These look delicious and one thing we miss a lot since going GF are great pancakes. To further complicate matters we now have a family member who seems unable to eat eggs or any dairy.

    Has anyone tried these with egg replacer and if so which form works best?

    • Joy says

      I tried the recipe with flaxseeds and coconut milk since I am a vegan, but it didn’t work – couldn’t flip them over. The batter was delicious -similar to the taste of cookie dough, just added bluberries and water and made it into a smoothie since I wasn’t successful with the pancakes. Would love to know if anyone else was successful with an egg replacer. Thanks.

      • Tabitha Teeter says

        I was able to turn mine after letting them cook 3 minutes on the first side, but I had to use a thin/delicate spatula and they didn’t all work out.

        For the vegan version that you can’t turn, would it be really weird to bake them on parchment paper? Don’t know if you could safely flip them, but at least they might stay in one piece for cooking and eating. I haven’t experimented with this particular recipe, but some other GF sticky recipes have worked out on parchment. I’m thinking of trying this for sandwich thins (you know, like the gluten version that people pay extra money for because they are 100 calories?). I often don’t feel like making bread just for me. Only 7 month old and I are having grain issues.

        • katalicst7 says

          I made these using the standard flax substitution (1 T flax, 3 T water for each egg) and they came out great. First batch was not working out so well, but second time around I lowered my heat (I know Elana specifically said not to, but maybe for the egg-free version it’s different. I found my pancakes were burning before I could flip them) and made the pancakes as small as I could (it was hard, the batter was SUPER THICK!)

  92. Magess says

    Hiya. I only recently found your site and look forward to trying recipes. I was wondering if you’ve ever experimented with teff flour for gluten-free baking? I made pancakes with it a few weeks ago without much trouble, and a batch of brownies that no one even realized weren’t standard white flour brownies.

  93. says

    If you’re in a hurry or too lazy to make homemade (I fall in this category), Maple Grove Farms makes a great boxed all natural gluten free pancake & waffle mix. You just have to add milk, eggs and oil. I usally make a batch and then freeze the leftovers individually in seran wrap. When my schedule allows, I will definitely have to try your recipe. Thank you!

    • Marie says

      Another really good pre-made version is by Namaste. I was amazed at how light & fluffy their waffles were. And they’re GFCF (gluten- & dairy-free)! Don’t worry Elana, I live for your recipes, & I’ve devoured your cookbook! My favorite recipe is the vanilla cupcake.

      • Susana says

        Can I have the vainilla cake recipe pleaaaaaaaase! I cant have choc/citrus/coconut/eggs/fruits…THANKS

  94. Theresa Watson says

    Who cares — they taste so darn good I don’t care if they are round, folded over, I have even eaten them broken up. The leftovers are great kept in the refrigerator and eaten cold — tastes like a soft butter cookie. Thanks Elana!

    • Jamie says

      haha. I remember my dad made scrambled pancakes once. We were kind of scared to eat them, but we finally did. :)

  95. says

    I also have never been able to get them to work. I had been thinking it was an East Coast Issue, but I will try again with the suggestions. I also store my flour in the fridge, so perhaps it will be better room temp. I’ll report back if I get it to work.

    • Ali says

      Hi Hannah, I also live on the east coast. We make her dairy version and it works fantastic. I also store my AF in the fridge and only let the portion I am going to be using sit on the counter a minute or so before working with it. If you can have dairy, I highly recommend them. Also, I use raw honey in place of agave.

      In my house, we also use the pancakes for sandwich bread! They make amazing tuna sandwiches.

      • Becky says

        Thanks for the great idea of using the pancakes as sandwich bread! I often make a large batch of these and freeze them for quick weekday breakfasts, but now we’ll use them for sandwiches as well. Thanks!

          • Katie says

            I have made these on a Sunday and kept the leftover batter in the fridge for a few days for quick weekday meals. I haven’t tried freezing the actual batter but think it would ruin the consistency… maybe make the entire batch and freeze the already made pancakes for a quick re-heat. That works well too!

          • Risa says

            I make triple batches of pancakes once a week. I let them cool completely on wire racks, then store them in large ziplock backs or containers. We just pop them in the toaster for reheat. :) pancakes last about 5 -7 days in fridge.

          • Jennapher says

            Oooo.. I’m going to do that.. popping them in the toaster is so simple :D I can’t wait to make a batch when I get home

            BTW Elana I’m so happy you revisited the recipe i used to have a big problem with them falling apart and now not only are they delicious but they hold together and even have a bit of a frech toast taste and OMG I have been craving stuffed french toast!! Grrr.. I wish this workday was over… I WANT STUFFED FRENCH.. err Pancakes? lol

      • Kirsten says

        Thank you so much for your idea of using the pancakes for the sandwich bread. My mom found out that she is gluten intolerant and it has been very challenging finding things that we can cook. Now that I found this website my mom and I are going to be making a lot of amazing recipes. Thank you so much.

      • Kat says

        Thanks for the raw honey tip as my body does not handle agave…makes me sick to my stomach. Do you replace with same amount of raw honey as recipe has for agave?

  96. says

    Yep, I’m one of those who have had issues with the pancakes so thank you for revisiting these. One of the questions I have is about the pancakes sticking to the pan. What kind of pan do you use for these (and everything else for that matter) and have you ever had problems with grapeseed oil and everything sticking to the pan?

    • Zia says

      Elana, I’m thinking that cream needs to be added to this recipe? I used half and half – just kept adding until batter seemed “right”. How much should I have used?

      • says

        Yep, I think that surely that now the liquid is missing from this version? Adding a “splosh” of anything, almond milk, coconut milk, even water, improves the texture. Delicious and simple.

      • Sandra says

        I had to add half and half till I felt the batter seemed “right”. They sure were good tho. Family really liked them. Will make them again.

      • says

        when I first started using this recipe, I was mixing it in a bowl by hand and found that I would need to add milk (of some sort). But when I used the blender or food processor – no milk needed. You need to get the eggs all fluffy. That becomes your liquid. Since I have learned that trick, I have stopped using any milk of any sort in all of my pancake recipes.

  97. Deb says

    I just tried these pancakes this morning ~DELICIOUS!!
    Thank you Elana for all your hard work perfecting all these recipes. Your blueberry muffins are in the oven right now. I can’t wait to try them.

    Thanks again!


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