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Gluten Free Mother’s Day Recipes

Here’s a recipe round-up for a healthy high protein, gluten free Mother’s Day brunch.  This is a brunch menu that won’t leave you with the dreaded brunch bloat and hangover afterwords.

I haven’t figured out what we’ll be doing for Mother’s Day yet, though I do know that we don’t have any baseball games scheduled so it will be a nice and hopefully fairly lazy day.  Maybe the four of us will take a walk down by the creek.

Usually we plant our garden on Mother’s Day, however this year the entire garden is in already.  We’ve utilized every inch of space in the front and back yards not giving a darn about what people think (in terms of how it looks).  Personally, I think kale and lettuce in the front yard is gorgeous.  Because homegrown food is a beautiful thing!

For more inspiration on growing your own food and information on where our food comes from, check out the blog carnival Food Roots hosted by Shannon over at Nourishing Days.  I love her blog, it is so down to earth and eco-friendly.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Diane from thewholegang.org over on twitter.  She is a gluten-free coach and has a great website with free recipes to boot.  Every Friday Diane has a blogger’s carnival called Friday Food Fix with a secret ingredient.  Last Friday’s ingredient was strawberries and since I have this refreshing recipe for Strawberry Sorbet, I thought I’d participate, even though I’m a little tardy.  Thanks Diane, for organizing a great event!

I hope you all have a fabulous Mother’s Day.  Leave a comment and let us know your plans for this Sunday or better yet what you plan on serving, or being served for Mother’s Day.  What’s your all time favorite Mother’s Day dish?