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Gluten Free Candy Lists for Halloween

My son and some of the other boys from the neighborhood in their “Go Green” cheerleading uniforms.

I’m posting links to some gluten free candy lists for parents who might be digging through piles of Halloween candy right about now.

My children are still out trick-or-treating and I’m sure they will eat quite a lot of candy tonight, though I have a whole table full of organic turkey, lettuce, strawberries and raspberries sitting here for them.  Thankfully, every time they’ve come home for a pit stop they (and all of their friends) have filled up on the real food I put out for them.

Later tonight I will buy as much of their candy from them as they wish to sell –I pay them 10 cents for every piece they give up, and then I give that candy to some poor soul.  My children will eat their fair share as well and then they’ll tire of it and give the rest away.

I especially like to let my boys partake in the rituals of Halloween since both of them are gluten free and are required to sit out (or eat something separate) when it comes to cake at birthday parties, blue cupcakes at the end of baseball season, etc.

The other day my older son was chatting with me about his school Halloween party that was to take place later in the week.  I asked him if I could make some treats for the party and he nonchalantly responded, “no, Mom, there’ll be a bunch of fruit plates, I’ll be fine.”  Wow, was all I could think, the boy still not only likes fruit, he thinks of it as a treat –hooray!

Anyway, tonight, like the rest of America, my children will eat some candy.  And I’ll make sure it’s gluten free.  Here are some of the gluten free candy lists that lists that I’ll be referencing:

As always, these lists are only for guidance as product formulations can change; for definite information about products, contact manufacturers directly.

Happy Halloween, from the cheerleaders!