Giveaway: Pascha Chocolate

Pascha’s mission is “to make the purest, safest chocolate without any allergenic ingredients.” Not only have they accomplished that, they have also managed to create chocolate products that taste delightful.

Pascha is also organic which makes it a home run in my book and comes in 3 flavors including Cacao, Cacao with goldenberries, and Cacao with cocoa nibs. And with a choice between 55%, 70%, and 85% cacao, you will inevitably get loads of healthy antioxidants from healthy dark chocolate.

Here are some ideas for how to use dark chocolate; just click on the link below and you will be taken to a healthy chocolate recipe:-Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Brownies
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

I am giving away five 3.5 ounce Pascha chocolate bars (one of each flavor depicted above) to three chocolate loving winners today (that’s over one pound of chocolate to each winner). To be entered just leave a comment below letting me know how you would use this delicious organic chocolate in one of my recipes. Three winners will be selected at random today August 19th at 2pm MDT.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winners of the Pascha Chocolate giveaway were Skip, Calliope, and Caroline. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Jessica says

    Yum! Those chocolate bars would be the perfect grated chocolate topping for your banana creme pie! Or chopped into bits to use in chocolate chip scones! Or chocolate bits in dairy free ice cream! There are so many delicious options :)

  2. says

    I am addicted to the chocolate zucchini bread and your brownies are a close second. I think I’d chop up the chocolate and put it in the zucchini bread and make it extra chocolaty.

  3. Kate K says

    Elana this is just awesome! Chocolate mousse being one of my favorite things in the world, that would be my first recipe to try this fabulous chocolate out on. :)

  4. says

    My all-time favorite chocolate treat from your recipes are the macadamia nut crunches…I hear them calling my naaaammmmeee!!!!!!!!

  5. Christy says

    If you broke up a bar of chocolate into chunks, and added them to the muesli scones, they would be lovely. I used to work at a bakery, and we made chocolate, cherry scones. I think this would be very similar!

  6. Nydia Soto says

    I will baking Chocolate Chip Cookies using your recipe from The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and some Power Bars from your website for my husband – who recently lost 20lbs.

  7. ShazInNV says

    I would chop the chocolate to use in your amazing almond flour chocolate chip cookies. They are the best!

  8. Renee says

    Although I would likely save at least 1/4 of that pound to consume by itself, I would definitely love to use it for zucchini or banana bread, or your beautiful Chocolate mousse!

  9. Kristina Antolin Davies says

    I love chocolate! I also appreciate all the hard work and creativity Elana puts into her website.

  10. Karly says

    In the brownies of course! (Brownies are my favourite dessert, and I absolutely love dark chocolate). Muffins are another of my favourite recipes. Chocolate can make everything better, really

  11. says

    With this chocolate, I would make all the cookie recipes on my paleo/primal Pinterest board that have chocolate. Which is probably all of them.

  12. Kristy Caudle says

    Me please! Yummy! My daughter had a nut allergy and these yummy chocolates would make our day! :-)

  13. Katie says

    Ooops forgot to say that I would bake them in your chocolate chip cookie recipe and maybe even share some with my hubby :).

  14. Cyndi DeSantis says

    I would love to make your primal chocolate chip cookies for my family. I would love to win free chocolate!

  15. Karen says

    I’d like to try the chocolate in your peanut butter cookies that are made with almond flour. I tried the recipe out a few weeks ago and loved it so much I had to go buy more almond flour (3 pds more!) and agave to make more. I’m new to exploring dark chocolate and have found that quality and ingredients definitely determines my enjoyment of it and would enjoy trying out this brand.

  16. Kathryn S says

    Thanks for the chance! Definitely try this chocolate in your chocolate chip cookie recipe~

  17. Agrien says

    Any one if those recipes sounds good for Shabbat. But probably the cookies, for the grandson. lol

  18. Skip says

    I’m new to Paleo eating, but haven’t had any chocolate in over two weeks. It would be nice to have some now.

  19. Taryn says

    I would add Pascha Chocolate melted on top of your Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies! Or add shavings to your Vegan Vanilla Ice cream! Perhaps trying out a Pascha Chocolate dipped Caramel Apple?! Yum! I’d likely just end up eating this wonderful product all on its own,truth be told ha! Who doesn’t love chocolate? So many possibilities here!

  20. Cathy Pettit says

    Looking to add chocolate to our Paleo lifestyle. These sound scrumptious and would love to try em!

  21. Kelly Harris says

    Def the primal chocolate chip cookies! Would love to have great treats for the grandkids!

  22. Sigrid E. Mortensen says

    My first choice would be the Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins, just to use some of the zucchini in my garden, but those Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies look scrumptious, too. Hm, decisions, decisions…. :-)

  23. Stephanie KL says

    I have a chocolate pudding deficit and am craving it. Chocolate pudding would be a high priority upon winning the Pascha Dark Chocolate bars.

  24. Kendra says

    I would add them to your primal chocolate chip cookies today!!!!!!! I am just mixing up a batch!!!!! Xo

  25. Carolin says

    Oooh.. I miss chocolate chip cookies, would definitely use the chocolate in the primal recipe!

  26. Mindy Klement says

    I love chocolate, but have not seen this brand at stores where I live in Austin, TX! I’ll look for it now. I would make the brownies with the chocolate with cocoa nibs and cookies with a mix of 55% and 85% chips (chop up the bar). thanks for the great recipes!!

  27. Leslie says

    I’d use them to make up some chocolate chip scones. That’s such a good recipe, and it’s become a family favorite. :)

  28. Ashlie says

    I am on a bit of a scone kick, I would love to coarsely chop some of the bars and use in place of the drops in the chocolate chip scone recipe in your first book! Yum!

  29. Deborah b. says

    This chocolate doesn’t need a recipe, just a few quiet minutes with a cup of tea :)

  30. Jeannette Jimenez says

    My premature 18-month-old is quite a picky eater. I made your zucchini bread recipe and he just could not stop eating! I’ll use this chocolate to make the chocolate zucchini bread recipe in your blog–I’m sure he will Love it!

  31. Andrea says


    I would make the macadamia caramel nut clusters where the chocolate would really shine as the star of the recipe. Chocolate is one of the few treats I enjoy regularly so I’m always looking for the highest quality product to make each bite really count!



  32. Dimetra Ripley says

    My husband and I are both diabetic. Searching for healthy ways to cook and lower our blood sugar brought me to you and Paleo eating. My husband is a dark chocolate lover. i made him some brownies your flourless nut free from “Paleo Cooking” and loved them! Want to try some almond flour brownies too. Would love some chocolate to continue our research! We are waiting for grandchild number six our first granddaughter! Want to show them how to eat better too! Thanks for all your work. Love your website. Since we have been eating paleo my blood sugar is going down My last A1C was 8.3 down from 10.2 Yikes!

  33. dona says

    I would love to make some chocolate brownies since I am craving chocolate and have not been able to get some good chocolate for so long!!!

  34. Donna Sowter says

    I would make the zucchini muffins, i have recently made your carrot muffins and they were perfection, my husband asked me to marry him again haha. There’s nothing better than a good healthy wholesome muffin to kickstart your day :)

  35. Carolyn says

    I would use the chocolate in your paleo banana bread! I am always making your bread recipes!!

  36. nicole says

    Definitely some chocolate goodness to share with the kiddos for after school snacks since school started this week – maybe a chocolate sweet potato brownie! Yum!

  37. Karen Hollingsworth says

    I would use this delicious chocolate to make one of your desserts – the thin mint cookies!

  38. Caitlin says

    Your chocolate chip cookies are a staple in my house. I would break up these bars for the chips in the cookies.

  39. says

    I’m always looking for a good chocolate bar that I can actually eat…if I don’t end up eating it straight up, they are definitely going into your chocolate chip cookies. :)

  40. Jessica says

    I have made one of your chocolate tart recipes before and it was divine. I’d love to use some of this chocolate for a tart, or maybe a mousse. I’ve been craving chocolate mousse lately. Thanks!

  41. Rachel says

    I would use these by breaking up in pieces and using them in your chocolate brownie recipe. Yum! I think I may even melt and drizzle on top.

  42. Jennifer says

    Would definitely use this chocolate to make your brownies! My mouth is watering just thinking about them! Mmm

  43. Terisa says

    Oh I love chocolate. I need some too to reduce gardening stress. Hmm if the nasty gopher hasn’t eaten all the zucchini I will use the chocolate to make your chocolate chip zucchini muffins and if the gopher ate the zucchini again before I could pick them, I will try making your chocolate mousse. By the way know any good ways to get rid of bothersome gophers from an organic garden? ;)

  44. Lauren says

    I would use them in place of the chocolate chips in your Primal Chocolate Chip Cookies! One of my staple recipes!

  45. Megan R. says

    I would probably eat them as-is to calm frayed nerves after a loooong day with 2 toddler boys.

  46. Celina Green says

    Well, assuming that it would actually make it long enough in my house to use it in a recipe, I’d probably chunk it up to use in your paleo chocolate chip cookies!

  47. Teresa says

    I will use the chocolate to dunk coconut macaroons like the strawberries covered with chocolate.

  48. Angela Batsford-Mermans says

    Yes please!! Perfect for some chocolate brownies made with almond butter.

  49. Jessica G says

    I would make the zucchini muffins with the chocolate. And likely the chocolate chip cookies, too. I love your recipes!

  50. Nina Browder says

    Like you, Elana, I have MS. I also try to be carb free and dairy free. My son is allergic to dairy products and my daughter-in-law is celiac. So you can see that family dinners are a challenge, to say the least. It is usually my job at Christmas to make the desserts for our family feast. In the past I have made wonderful desserts that most of us are unable to eat now. It is my goal this Christmas to make several desserts that are carb and dairy free. I have tried many of the recipes on your website and find them wonderful. As everyone loves chocolate, the healthy chocolate you are offering will be a welcome addition to my recipes. The only problem I can see is making the chocolate bars last until Christmas!! :)

  51. Lisa says

    I would use this chocolate to add to your delicious snickerdoodle cookie recipe. They are delicious the way they are but would want to try them with some Pascha chocolate chunks!

  52. sarah f says

    I would be sooooo honored if i won! I most certainly would fist whip up some of you delicious brownies and use the chocolate to add extra chocolaty chunks… it would be divine

  53. Thu Lesher says

    I have recently “gone paleo” and would LOVE to try your girl scout cookie/candy recipes!

  54. says

    First I would make chocolate mousse and I would save the rest to make your amazing frosting for my daughters 4th birthday in Oct. We love your recipes and dark chocolate.

  55. Michelle M. says

    I would continue to make your wonderful treats for my family. They have no idea how I am changing their diets (lol)..deelish!.

  56. Jani says

    I would add chocolate pieces to the banana walnut muffins. There’s nothing I love better than a banana chocolate nut muffin/bread with my coffee in the morning!

  57. says

    Oooh me and my daughter would love to try these. :) my little girl loves her dark chocolate, it’s about the only treat she likes… she doesnt like any other sweet things a sides from fruits and nut butters. hehe

  58. says

    We’re addicted to your brownies in our house, so I’d definitely be using some chocolate for that! If there’s any left over, I might just eat it. ;-)

  59. Ashley Rose says

    I’m on a crazy hypo-allergenic diet right now and using your website a ton for recipes. Some “good for me” chocolate would be such a treat!

  60. says

    I would love to try the Pasha chocolate in any of your recipes, but I love the idea of combining the healthy protein and fiber of almond butter with rich dark chocolate chunks in your brownie recipe.
    I am a chocoholic and gluten-free, and this sounds wonderful!

  61. Linda DuBois says

    I would make mini chips with the chocolate and use it in your eggless macaroons! Yum!

  62. Stef says

    The # of recipes are endless..don’t even know where to start! Can’t wait ti try this amazing chocolate!

  63. says

    I use your cupcake book all the time (as recently as Saturday), so I would definitely use the chocolate in a cupcake recipe–maybe as little chunks in the Cookie Surprise Cupcakes, which I have made three or four times.

  64. Casandra says

    I’d love to win so I can use the dark chocolate to make your delicious Paleo Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints – yum!!!

  65. says

    I would definitely use these chocolates in your brownies, assuming my husband didn’t eat the 85% samples before I got to cooking up a batch. When he went Paleo following a diabetes diagnosis, your recipes became key to helping him stay interested in food. He’s lost a ton of weight and is healthy without diabetes drugs. We’re loving your Paleo Cooking cookbook, too. I just finished a slice of the blueberry coffeecake, made with homegrown blueberries & strawberries as well as foraged blackberries. (and butter). Thank you!

  66. Christine D. says

    Hmmmm, it would be a toss up, brownies or chocolate chip cookies – ummm probably both!!! Would love to try these!

  67. daiisy says

    finishing up my first whole30 this week. dark chocolate is first on my list of things I’ve missed! does “eat them by the handful” count as a way to “use” them if i win them?

  68. Melissa Palmer says

    I love chocolate! Given my extremely limited diet (leaky gut), quality chocolate is my only real indulgence – and even then in painfully small amounts. Please send chocolate! :-)

  69. Stacy says

    I love you and chocolate!!! I would love to try this with your peppermint patty recipe! YUM!!!

  70. DamselflyDiary says

    I am pretty sure my husband would require me to chop it up and use it in the banana chocolate chip cake recipe he is currently obsessed with!

  71. Sandee M says

    We love chocolate, especially dark chocolate! I would love to add these to your Paleo chocolate chip cookies.

  72. sb says

    Chocolate is my all-time favorite food! I’d def use this chocolate in the zucchini chocolate-chip muffins!

  73. Margaret Mitchell says

    Wow, I think with this chocolate I’d go on a roll and try out all of your chocolate mousse recipes – in one cooking session!

  74. says

    I absolutely LOVE chocolate and love Elana’s recipes! We would use Pascha chocolate to make your chocolate frosting and as chunks in your almond butter brownies- My absolute favorite gluten free/dairy free chocolate dessert recipe of all times!

  75. LIsa says

    Yum! I would use the 85%, crumble it up, and use it in your paleo chocolate chip cookies! IF there was any left over, I’d melt it down for your chocolate sorbet. :)

  76. Michele says

    This is dreamy! Given the overgrown zucchini sitting on my counter, I think chocolate zucchini bread is a no-brainer.

  77. Kristin M says

    I would love to try these chocolates!!! I would add them to your Banana Bread recipe! Delicious!

  78. Nellie says

    I love dark chocolate, my new favourite cocoa pick me up is cocoa nibs, I add them to smoothies frozen yogourt, cookies mmmmmmmmmm. This chocolate looks divine.

  79. Robin says

    I love your site and all you do to bring nutrition info to the world. I’ll find a great recipe for one of the networks to promote your special site.

  80. Ciara R says

    Your brownies are SO amazing. Add in a bar of chocolate to melt on top…mmm. I definitely would love that! (;

  81. Liz N. says

    I would use these babies in your Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Nice chunks of chocolate would be such a delightful update! YUM!

  82. Merle says

    There is no question, I’d make the Chocolate Mousse for myself – because I just adore pudding-like textures and for my husband I’d make the Chocolate Brownies, bc he LOVES brownies and I’d make the Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins bc zucchini is one of the few veggies he likes and to incorporate it into a dessert – well, I’d win a prize!

  83. cindy says

    Btw, I would use this in your incredible brownie recipe I make frequently for my paleo resistant family!

  84. Katy says

    Choc. chip cookies. I make your recipe so often I could use more chocolate since I run out often. Thanks

  85. Geralyn says

    I would use it for your chocolate brownie recipe. When I made them before, my husband said it was my best healthy recipe yet!!